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Having turned the representational function of the work literally ‘on its head’, you immediately feel that you can’t comprehend such a clumsy attempt to add a bit of the oblique. But it does serve as a demonstration that the moment you strain to understand the recycled lines of news and the press coverage, you feel a compulsion to handle and rotate back the work? How can a 2D work so frustrate and irritate so? Is this its only value? You may feel cheated by some clumsy trick, all too cumbersome and too obvious….but I’m hoping people will understand the comment it’s making about the lazy, superficial and derivative nature of most contemporary conceptual art…2D work on canvas can also be a stunt, rather than stunted. Who cares if it won’t change the Artistic British weather?

  • Should new acrylics be allotted the same status as traditional oils?

  • Are painters as snobbish towards contemporary art as contemporary artists are towards painters?

  • Is the website’s prominence already closing exhibition spaces?

  • Is it likely that a renaissance of exhibition space will only happen when it is as fashion conscious as the ‘new unfashionable’?

  • Is painting being suppressed today, to inflate the contemporary and culturally ‘Safe’ works of established names?

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