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Can Art be Corrupted?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Can Art be corrupted by those who prefer bankable rather than post Picasso creativity? Do we have to challenge the unholy alliance of 'staged rebellion' and all its Left-wing orthodoxy, and market neo-liberalism in the Art market? Yes! Instead of maintaining the status quo, engage, dialogue, confront and don't let the market be seen as an Art one trick pony. Make Artist's and the Art circus accountable, make relevant their failings and make Art for the individual for all of society not just the individual few. The value of collectors to Artists is crucial, the influence of speculators to Artists is damaging. You can demand a national legitimate investment to support great Art, without having to nationalize Art Institutions, just as you can privately support the advancement of a individual philanthropic collection.Don't let the bright lights of the fairground of Art make you a 'fun' worshiper or an uptight Brit.

The 'Right' needs to be worked harder, and its potential to liberate those who have to secretly enjoy abstract Paintings, or post Verdi opera's, or those who passionately believe in the power and eternal originality of modernism. I think that only this element of Art can endure. So, is this a 'cultural capital' which opens up new creative values of freedom because it seems to have outlasted its modernism departmentalisation , its ism restricted up to the 1960's? This isn't retro, it's metro.Be angry at the need to 'march' against Artistic apathy and ignorance and give up ideas of short=term. Welcome 3 decades of obscurity and create your own Artistic freedom.

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