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Ideologically Inert

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Labour's electoral failure recently(nationwide and internally) is systematically based upon a fixation with the 1945-50 Labour government. This sacred cow has been milked by Labour's opponents as much as the swear word 'Blair' has been to send Labour into further failure at the ballot box. Yet still the Labour remain ideologically inert as much as the grandees like Sir Stafford Cripps are eulogized so his grandnephew(grandson?) Peter Mandelson is villified because of association with Blair. This aristocracy of Labour cannot come to terms with itself let alone admonish Corbyn for his complements of the record of Fidel Castro rather than rejoicing in his passing. Perhaps the problem is that Labour wants to bury itself in nineteenth century socialism whilst showing the public its less militant side in the 45-50 government. Labour works? Retro-Dickensianism is as much 'fake nostalgia' as Downton Abbey is accurate a social documentary of Britain, then , now or in the future. Labour's obsession is with Labour being the ultimate consumer in Britain for Britain, when in actual fact Labour is a failed PR stunt gone wrong.The only way they can restore some pride is to personify itself as being politically fed to the pack of wolves. Hey, don't claim to be the victim here when Labour want to perpetually rework the myth of the 45-59 Atleeisms. Corbyn ain't stupid, he's looking for the long-term re-emergence of global socialism which will be served up as another tasty morsel once Sovietism has been forgotten. Long play Corbyn will treat you better than the British electorate will, it can't get any worse!

However, even buzz words like the NHS will not bring back the 45-50 government from the dead. Some Labour grandees think they can preserve the body of 45-50 or, Labour will need a miracle of political inheritance to explain Labour and its grandees deference to Mr Atlee and his cohorts. 'Just let it go Labour' will also not work as reverse psychology to the electorate. Sorry Labour, but you're stuffed and you're running out of friends.

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