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Godless reductionism or creationist primitivism?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The Cold War worked on mutual hatred, and was extremely successful in sustaining it. However, the Russian Orthodox church has emerged from being persecuted under the Soviet regime to a great sigh of relief to Russians as well as the West. We have Christianity in common as the main religion in our respective places in the world. Indeed, at Easter we remember that Christ offered everyone salvation if they repented. In fact Christ went out of his way to bring the most stigmatized and the most privileged under his wing as well as preach harmony and humility to all. But was this a social revolution or was it a celebration of spiritual universality?

Perhaps Christ's social teaching isn't a lecture by some social scientist or part-time philosopher but a way of reaching-out to all: the rich who would lose their privileges over the rest of humanity, and the poor would have to give-up their envy, resentment and illiterate ignorance. Christ really did want to heal everyone in heart, mind ,body and soul, and not side with the powerful at someone else's expense.

A few words about the Soviet regime

"God does not exist in Paradise!" was the sort of ideological retard policy under Stalin and his successors.(Do see the film 'Child 44'). I consider the Russian invasion of Afghanistan as the first step towards the end of the Cold War. The Soviet regime had plastered Atheism as policy, replaced Islam with secular prejudice and tried to augment their influence in the region, whilst narrowing the arteries of free global Oil traffic. Yet Soviet punishment of Christianity in the USSR imposed a belief system of its own: it was the white bearded Marx and Engels who flew over the skies of the USSR protecting all atheists below. Paranoia was recycled in the Soviet Union but encrypted as Socialism to the extent where it was being controlled as the supernatural divine intervention of Socialist inevitability.


One has to admire the underground illicit movement of Christianity in the USSR and hope that the Coptic Christians in Egypt won't have to suffer for their Christian beliefs today. We in the West do not torture or persecute, but if we did we would not walk on the other side of the street let alone join in.

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