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Does Britain suffer from structural minorityism?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Does Britain suffer from structural minorityism or has it just got a temporary virus of minorityitous?

Britain has an insatiable appetite and politically consumerist hunger for sub-division that is doing more harm than good. Claims for especial underdog status has become an innocent excuse to fragment reform or long-term change. We are obsessed with discrimination, positive or negative, left or right, middle or extreme and have found a way to make minority status a stigmatized section of Britain. In a world dominated by Trump the faux pas has become the new 'speaking bluntly', and the vast sections of life becoming the new bete noir of splintered minorities.

Generally 'Minorities' are seen as victims in life but recently have been metaphorically hacked into by Politically Correct(PC) people in Britain. A further layer of misappropriation and the victim in Britain has become abandoned and stigmatized by its over-politicization from extremists exploiting well intended PC people for an alternative agenda. However there is a further blight on minorities, and that its traditional supporters are no longer backing a cause that has often become a frankenstein of the genuine original cause. This is not therefore a simple matter of loyalties changing, but a liberalization of stigma that's doing vast damage to people who need support often who are in dire circumstances.

What do you say to the traditionalist who fears an Anglican church burying his cast-iron beliefs for women priest's and bishops, let alone the rush to engage school kids in religious sponsored schools over homosexuality, the issues of transgender, 6 year old's suffering from depression and being medicated etc Can't we deal with education in schools first?! These are not just minority issues they are real people who are being intimidated by Political Health and Safety and marginalized by ' fait accompli society' that imbibes the 'discrimination 4 course meal' that exacerbates the problem. PC is not the future it is an epidemic. Elephants and rhino's fear man poaching, but man needs protection from himself. This snowballing of being voyeurs over structural minorityism inhabits the same narrative of minorityitous that disables British politics today.

So while Corbyn battles for control in his own collection of in-fighters he ducks Brexit and offers Britain tabloid policies of 4 new holidays. Is it any wonder that P.M May personifies direct representation of the 'female minority' in Parliament? Talk about stealing a march on her Labour rival. Where Corbyn is more Ken Loach than traditional Labour May is more California 'live and let live' pro minority inclusiveness in contrast to Trump, seen by the Left as Count Dracula. Tough against 'ever so humble' ways to see Brexit, May will win both the 'majority vote', and the 'minority vote' in Britain. She'll watch at the spectacle of Britain's Left nose-diving down into more PC just to save their 'ideological integrity'. Labour has become the Hinterland of power betraying generations of potential leaders in its own party and beyond, and it has abnegated its responsibility to protect those who are the underdogs seen as 'losers' excluded and unwhittingly sacrificed by those who can only ideologically self-indulge. If that is true then the first thing Labour can do is to stop blaming Bevan, Bevin, Wilson, Blair and Brown, regardless of their unpopularity in the party, and recognize that PC sub-dividing for ideological purity has led to the suspicion that the 'Left' are like locusts when they claim to be bees pollinating. Labour isn't just not working it is losing.

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