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National popular myths

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

National popular myths

- Would Prescott, Blair and Brown have manipulated us Brits into counter-intuitive knee-jerk reaction to justify war in Iraq? Or were they stupid in trying to play by the book? Lies are only believable if they are totally untrue;Indeed, there was a good reason to stop Saddham polluting the middle-east and forming an alliance with IS to attack us or blackmail us. If Blair had been angry and not self-righteous New Labour would still be in power,able to make 'ripping up the rule book' of ideology a friendly political offering to Macron. Bollocks!

However, France defied an angry President Bush by not invading Iraq, but still got bombed for French readiness to speak their mind and justify the self same free press and individualism that led to the rejection of that invasion..... How does that work? This is the positive side of French resistance to conform that helped America get its independence, the same dynamism that intellectually isn't just rigorous it's combative in seeking out the truth, not to boast but to offer to the rest of the world. This is the country that values liberty eguality and fraternity, because it had experienced modern popular revolution first in which huge suffering took place, yet still can see past Napolean and his ego to cherish what France had undergone in spite of a bloodbath taking place. Yet the French believe they are the only ones to truly know the threat of an Anglo-Saxon Atlantic agenda, mocked and fed upon by the English who sometimes wind-up the French as a badge of honour,; vive la difference becomes as frivolous and as disgraceful as any French Anglo-phobe. here's another cliche:

An English man's castle involves believing that the inevitable contraction of colonnial influence was perpetuated by the English having to defend against Nazi Germany alone, before USSR and USA involvement.. In this process Britain had to offer India etc independence for fighting for the British just to save Europe etc, of which , according to Chirac France wasn't just the epi-centre but actually the sole manifestation of. So , this is British resentment, it won with its allies the wars in Europe and the Cold War, but lost the war against isolating decline. In other words Britons feel that they got short-changed by the rest of Europe. Isn't this resentment in the British pysche the motivating factor for Brexit?

It's not immigration of the former Eastern bloc countries of the EU, in terms of quantative terms, but the emigration of those who have worked hard , oftendoing 2 or 3 jobs, living cheaply with 10 or 12 others in a small flat for two years, and then taking their 'winnings' back home to a 'virgin domestic economy and build a successful business without having to 'pay back historically for their British experience. Why should they owe Britain anything? Britons have been manipulated by parrallel sories of NHS tourism or People trafficking etc Some Brexiteers believe that Britain is a soft touch for a inconsistant brain drain that leads to social and economis pressures.etc which haven't been teased-out to truly comprehend what over-sensitivities Brits have, made worse by unprincipled journalism amongst the British media.

Britain has been relying upon the US/UK special relationship for its limited take on domestic public -sector cover in the USA, and doesn't realize that it has imported its US genuine fear of firstly being too attractive a country economically for great social improvement and personal advancement, and secondly, that 'The Mexican border' is a frontier keeping out the over commitment of 'state sector universal coverage' and dependency culture that America remembers was all to well and all too destructive an experience in the Great Depression'.

Brexiteers want Britain to be first for Britons and first for those who are ready to commit to Britain in the long term. Is that another misunderstanding of Brexit that Brexit is democratically voted for but universally applicable to all Britons whether they like it or not. Perhaps some of the Left don't quite know what their policy should be/ Brexit or not? No one knows and a majority of Brits don't care. Labour are even more unpopular than Boris, and Euro non anglo-phobes are more unpopular than Britain's song in the Eurovision Song contest.

What do you think? Or is thinking too difficult for you?

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