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The Arconstone surely beats Kryptonite?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

S- No way! R- Every way! S- There's got to be more to feminism than hoofing a ball around endlessly R- Sure! Women kick each other off the park too S- I thought you said that men are feminists of today? R- Why not? Let them suffer too. Past the bloody thing! S- You seem to be wearing a convenience badge today? R- How lazy of you to think that! S- You mean that this is a spin-off from trenchent 1980s anger non-management of full-throttled fems separatist stuff!? R- I thought you said one of your University fems said women can't play football because it was too macho and aggressive? S- Hard as nails and soft as congenial putty- anything that could be used against integration R- 'Offside ref! S- A lot of young men sacrificed for Feminism in the 80s. Many lost out ! R- More fool them! S- Men couldn't have a hair out of place ideologically in those days R- 'Are you refereeing the same match linesman?!' S- 'The much vaunted 'cultural gender revolution' R- Rubbish Keeper! S- Women's version of the female gaze R- Hot on the spot Gemma! S- Go to VAR ref! R- Red or white? S- Both! R- Roses are red violets are blue too much drinking/thinking will control you! S- Brie or Milton? R- Hang -on there ref! She didn't touch her! S- She's playing well! Your daughter? R- The lanky one? Oh yes ,over there. S- The ref has got to do something about that number 9 R- Why? So she's playing dirty! Isn't it about time women were seen as giving not just as good as they get but giving more than they get? S- Bollocks referee! R- That's a dive ref! Book her! S- Griselda Pollock, Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth 2nd, made for an odd compilation in the 80s don't you think? R- Feminism,post feminism and pre feminism? S- Penalty! R- She has no idea coach! Get her off! S- That's your daughter you are insulting! R- I have total faith in her not to be too sensitive! S- She's lighting -up a cigarette! R- Told you! That's my girl! S- Isn't she 6 years old? R- Thank God it's only a fag! S- Good going Randall! Nice motherhood right there! R- It's her grand mother that does the discipline thing, I do the other stuff! S- And where is her grandmama today? R- Watching this at number 10.She's likely to be taking her afternoon shower and has the PM assessing the game for her. S- The PM is what?! R- The PM would have made a good ref, but an awful politician! Too much kindness and not enough spite!

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