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Ice breaker

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

G- There's a gun trained on your temple,so do exactly what I say! Not really! Nice ice breaker though! Keeps the readership of this 'blurg' not on their toes! S- What grissley business is it that you're in Grissley? G- Are you a 'missing Randall' or a 'Randall's gone missing' type? Oh, by the way, Well done on the Grissley grissley! I like people who take longer as well as those who take to linger! S- Nick -name is it? Griselda your maiden name? or are you a surname that gets needy for idiosyncrasy? What, no story no profit, or is that prophet? G- Plenty of story, plenty of debt. S- Manufacture is enraptured and falsehood is not conjecture it's all the failure you can bring illegally or legally frugally for your clients who are compliant with all your stuff off the green but always chipped into the hole of your troll-ness! G- The world is bored with you and your sort of off-court tantrums and moral ransoms S- What do you know about grass and greens? No, I don't want to know! G- Good boy Stephanie S- Is your silence really silent or just violent? G- Investigative was never my strong suit. S- I spy.. G- ........a lie S- don't pry! S- Don't tell me ? You were recruited aged 11? G- Gave it up at 7 S- Aged 7? G- Well, I didn't want to waste anyone's time. S- You told spooks united that you supported City? G- My dear Painter! You know how 'Art' becomes Art if the Artist says it is, well 'politics is just the same! S- Surprise a disguise! G- My false one Painter, it is my business to not know 'Spooks United'! I walk quietly in the opposite direction S- You won't look in their direction! G- So many directions so little time for deflections! Avoid the ego and don't do the crime and you'll be fine. No fuss , no loss of trust. S- Social production of selective adherence! G- Ego's are best broken into semi-ego's and broken up into... You get the idea? But Bruised ego's are all the rage on the social catwalk right now! S- But you break-up businesses and get them into administration!? G- What the treasury knows is what goes with the flow of cash and splash! S- You are an anti-tax have in Britain! Your punters obviously want to buy large and sell for peanuts! G- The recession is a perfect opportunity for you? S- Does the treasury screw up and then finance your business by quantitative easing? Does our money get ripped-off by you?! G- Smile while I make us all pay for all our mistakes! S- That's not even funny Grissley! G- Rationalise it if you will..Actually I'm asking to see your deductive skills in utter dismay here Stephie? S- You are preying on national debt, and we are funding your debt mongering? G- ..........better than drugs or human trafficking or gun running..well actually the last one isn't so cut and dried.. S- Now you are making me into a model of behaviour!?! G-..." No1 He's not made a pass at me Randall. Thinks he's creative but will settle for being a beer swiller as you said. No! I tried feminism and homophobia and he's not either, just slightly removed from the layers of it! But he did fall for the conspiracy heresy stuff! He's also got the 'no lie thing' too, but he does have a bucket list of must does and must can't be bothered's too! Nor is he dirty speedo's in the cote do something unhealthy de costa blah blah! Do you want a word with him?" S- "You set me up Randall! But it's a fair cop gov!" G- " I've told him already! " 'Who doesn't set people-up is being set down!" S- Listen Randa.. G- ..................... She's busy! S- Is there a secret sign or something going on here..? G- Don't get all masonic chronic on me Painter! S-And your job today? G- Surely you've guessed? To see if Painter plays fakery or principles above loyalty. S-Just delivering a message Painter. Here's my today's job: If you can argue with me without willy-waggling she can trust you! O.K? S- You, she, they..hang-on, her mother wanted to test me or her daughter? Am I not enough criminally active or show no skills in that direction? Test me on the 'romantic thuggery' won't you? G- Too soon! High noon buffoon gloom! S- You tested me on my ability to fail your test? G- I had such high hopes for you to work as one of my minions.. S- You mean you wanted to demote me and bitch to Randall's mother that poor 'ol Randy can't be relied upon to meet someone she can trust? G- You don't realise how significant a part her daughter will have to play? S- Adjustment bollocks! G- People do pay me and mine very well for failure! S- Shit is shit, vomit is vomit and dogs are cats in drag! G- Oh, well I'll remember that! It's going into my memory bank right now! S- I'm looking for the sarcasm there, or did you forget? G- Bank on your memory bank! Trust me and trust Randall, the rest you'll have to digest! Just ta at and keep her away from the altar! And don't ever wear frocks like the last one did! S- Where the frock have you been? And why Dr blood? R- yeah, you're right! She is a bit of a cold.. S- .............................................................fucking influenza! R- Do you really want to see her again? S- Drinks, not brinkwomanship from the dark part of the shadow! R- She does put it quite brass tacks doesn't she? S- After she's manoeuvred you into a favorable position to eat you alive! R- Where did she come from? On the star wars film set. S- I thought she failed peoples businesses R- .. She does indeed feel sorry for testing you so. S- Bullshit! She enjoys it! R- She does make a meal out of getting under every ones skin! I like her for it. S- I was so close to loving her because of hating her without having to think about it! So why didn't you trust me? R- Oh I trust you implicitly! No! You don't trust yourself! That's what Gris does! She get's people to trust or mistrust themselves! S- She's binary but with strings attached! She's able strong and intoxicatingly driven! R-... and she loses money for people, credit crunch or not? S- Ja Ja binks! That's how she lost George Lucky Lucas to run into grissley! R- She's bog-roll, glitter and varnish with syphilis criminal mind vamp! S- Criminal to have so many gifts like that! R- I absolutely am 100% sure she is my favorite criminal! S- She's verbal clap!! R- She deserves to fail more than anyone I know! S- But she is a he right? R- Half way there S- She's a hetero man who wants to be as sympathetic to women as possible. She wants to be a Lesbian! R- Next April he will no longer have anything longer! S- Together at her leisure R- I need a drink S-Pint or slices with tonics and surprises R- Sod you Randall! Meaningless, obvious enigmatic FU Randy? S- you know me 'R'(Mia!).. R- ...................................Yes I know you! 'Drink and stop to not think! Memory is just a slow burn melody to feeling sorry for yourself when you could be drinking instead!' S- You're not so hard to read yourself?! Crisp's Randie pandie? R- How I've missed the crisp of your wit spitting at it - the hard flog! S- A day away from you and I'm not sure whether I'm through with paying or praying or being the prey of , with ,by you! R- Crisps and twirls is what all the girls dream of! S- Did you actually say that to me? Where do you get your stage skills? R- I am the Randall the dismayer of the layer of political correctness! S- And I need to find a wavelength to wrench you from surf girls in Cornwall where you'll appall and fall for someone not your age! R- Cornwall is 'car rage' made manifest! S- The best here confess all to the pint and cheesy unionless R- I can kill at this range with a packet of pork scratchings! S- Swallow your pride Clyde R- Hey! Don't knock what you haven't got ! S- I am pride personified R- You should have to pay-up for being 'personified!' S- OK. Enough of the rough! What do you want from me and why are you so nervous? R- I have news!

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