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Stephen Hornsby-Smith

I noticed that Saul Berensen in 'Homeland' said that Brexit was influenced by the Russians or was that Carrie Matheson single-handedly affect the result ? Well, if you want to punish someone do you interfere or let people or let them devour each other? If so I would have thought that spreading rumours backed-up by the new weapon of choice, withdrawal is the carbon friendly non-interference interference??!! However, what we do know is that the City of London will benefit from more direct trade and investment from all the 'Warsaw pact' countries as well as those Eastern Europeans who now lean towards NATO. What a triumph to potentially bring ex-Soviet but now mutually hostile countries together by 'trade' in the most cosmopolitan City in the world!!!!?! But let us not forget that ,though trade barriers are coming down nationalist frontiers are going up! But that does not mean that national domestic trade will inevitably lead to nationalism elsewhere! Nationalism may be just restricted to a regional European issue belonging to 'Eastern Europe', given its recent Cold War history. Or is that a question for the Scots?

As for an excuse for 'SNP Independence', rather than Scottish Independence, Brexit will be an SNP ticket to another 'once in a lifetime vote', but one based upon excluding England and not one that promotes Scotland. Will other 'Celtic nations' be surprised if Scottish Gaelic is replaced by 'Burns Scottish accent' because a majority of Gaelic speakers in Scotland are Roman Catholics? The Presbytarian Scottish Church might encourage Catholics to take-up the Latin Mass as proof of over loyalty to an 'out-dated Papist minority' in Scotland? No chance !! Scotland is still divided but it is also sophisticated today! Now imagine how the Nigerian Catholic community in Nigeria may react to a return to a European language based Latin mass !!! Surely this is an opportunity to relinquish any residual ideas of colonial discrimination even especially if the Latin Mass is preferred hypothetically by the Vatican!!?!! What an opportunity that has fallen into our laps!!?!! How best to prove and condemn any past notorious division by colour and ethnicity in Christianity by opening-up a debate over the imposition of a beautiful but 'retired' Latin Mass just to enfranchise and uplift and move forward together!!

Smart moves are also been a part of pro-Latin mas English Catholics who want to counter their unrealistic cause with opening-up another front concerning a reopening of the debate about Vatican II. Hang-on, I thought we'd accepted Vatican II? So do people want to create an unresolved exit from Vatican II?Perhaps Vatican II promised more laiety participation on the liturgy and introduced domestic 'vernacular' to augment the health of the Church from top to bottom, but isn't its legacy more pronounced in rival churches of whom some are far more Liberal or ecumenical than in Catholic Church? But isn't that going over the top? Where is the data here? Where's the factual evidence to support this?

But how does one not contradict oneself when voting Brexit and then lobby for a foreign language to be sung and spoken in English R.C Churches like Latin? Furthermore, how does one vote Remain yet demand the exclusion of a European language like Latin in R.C Masses? Are you bragging of being a European or not? Or do you not accept an ambivalence to the issue of Brexit ? Well, I've just proved that Remain or Brexit is manifestly a compromising vote either way! So Why is everybody so 'certain'? Perhaps if we had a German, French, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish series of masses, wouldn't the Eastern European and Scandinavian demand we spoke and sung in their native language? But that's absurd notwithstanding the huge undertaking it would mean but because the political correct brigade would still not be happy with masses that are, by languages,' over-European centric?? But how about inside European languages? How about R.C masses in Cornish or Southern Welsh not Northern Welsh.?. This is just so too easy to ridicule, and it is almost beyond any serious credentials!!! If you want to prevent discrimination by exclusion with egalitarianism don't you end-up by being so universal that you lose your own identity lost in a 'swamp' of others? Such overkill could lead to mutual fear of a residual prejudice??!! Why empower the wrong people by trying to please everybody by 'over-simplification'?

There are some who say that EU is dying a death of being a superstate unable to forge ahead and take decisions because it will always be too big a 'Corporation', and too unwieldy to sanction action that may compromise or obstruct a specific nation state, whose domestic electorate will not agree with. Could Brussels become a permanent log-jam of disparate needs? The EU can't even balance its own agenda with the UK let alone its other fundamental problem of membership for Islamic Turkey. I would have thought that Brexit is a piece of cake compared with finding a narrative to explain why Turkey is not a EU member. Perhaps Tur-exit or not Tur exit is the question? Try explaining that to the Americans who want a loyal Islamic country in the EU !!

Perhaps we need a global view of the state of the English language to understand what the vernacular of policy-making is bring to our contemporary world. Well there is no denying it, English is the most spoken language (except Mandarin) because America is the one remaining superpower left after the Cold War. But is America an English speaker or an English and Spanish speaker? I think French is no longer that prevalent in the Southern states of the US, but it shows how fast-moving linguistic changes happen in the USA. No doubt however, that the R.C mass on an American channel was always going to go 'Latin' because it reminds Americans that the USA is largely ex-European. Indeed,why wouldn't you want to establish your European roots by appealing to the R.C. heritage of over 2000 years?!! I'm sure most R.C.'s in the USA will refer to the linguistic enlightenment of Verdi's and Mozart's Requiem's that are in Latin and therefore still amazingly culturally relevant to today.

If Latin is a cultural language resonating with high culture,high church conservatism why has the superpower of the USA only a relatively recent contributor to democracy (18th century)? Now that does sound like a Brit enjoying it ! Well architecture in USA is mainly 2,3 centuries old and hardly ancient. and USA history (Not including the First Nations) originates from the Mayflower generation, but crucially the USA was the first most prominent nation state to kick-out an imperial European power and did so as a largely immigrant nation ! So, it isn't just the USA Constitution but the manner in which an immigrant disparate country could modernize by self-transformation that regenerates the USA as an ancient primal social resolution to democracy rather than a 'time-keeping historical point in time' largely European entity. It doesn't surprise me that USA is materially rich compared with the African continent. It doesn't surprise me that America can't match the African ancient history passed vocally down from one generation to the next millenia upon millenia, where the Benin Bronzes predate Renaissance Europe. But what does surprise me is that people often think that America is the only Capitalist free-market country with the primal obligation that invents and creates in a democratic society and without the shadow of history dictating to it. The USA had a head start because it had the secret ingredient of having 'no baggage' and no 'masters' to dillute ones gains in which the 'American Dream' was built upon. But doesn't the debate about Brexit reveal that the British originality and invention 'Triumph' over having to carry a ball and chain of history in its wake??!! Let Triumph be the language of life and love at HQ Britain !

So, whilst Brexit will release the UK from the EU, Turkey is heading in the opposite direction. How is the EU responding? I have never seen so many secularists use 'But the EU is largely Christian' argument . So Islamic Turkey 'couldn't, mustn't fit in'.......??? So is it really worth it Turkey? Should Turkey keep to the Turexit in utero? Emperor Constantine would have preferred Istambol to be the seat of all EU trading nexus,and he might have suggested a relocation of Brussels to this gateway to all global trade in the 21st century? However, trade would become common ground rather than a culturally important language like Latin (even in the 21st century)being used as a weapon to control. Hang-on, is that it? The EU being threatened by anti-Turkish elements secular or not who are spreading the unchristian message to our post Cold War and rejuvenated Eastern Christian Orthodox churches(in or out of the EU zone) to exclude Turkey from the EU?

I spent a year teaching TEFL near Barcelona, and under General Franco's dictatorship until his death in 1975, the only place Catalans could speak their own language without being imprisoned and tortured was at the Nou Camp watching Barca. Most imperialist reactions are based upon prejudice, but with regards to the EU relationship with Turkey has produced quite an unusual narrative that is mutually beneficial. The West are still seen as the bad guys (very important to suspend in permanence the predictable and reassuring narrative), but Turkey self -defines itself as not an Ataturk secular country but a moderate Islamic one. Its identity is sovereign but Capitalist. Turkey provides the moderating voice with its Middle-Eastern neighbours as well as being on high alert to defend itself and its trading partners from IS etc. Turkish leader Erdogan is the bridge between the religious conservatives and the secular institutions of Turkey(the Armed forces); Free markets and Capitalism a la Turkey is the trade that transcends a minor role (like everyone else in the EU) that could be Turkey's within the EU . Isn't it better to be authentically Islamic and proud of Islamic Turkey so that it show-case its moderate Islamic identity to more conservative parts of the Islamic world (you can have this too) like Saudi-Arabia without having the West on your backs??!!! It's also a mutual feather in ones caps to know that the West values Turkish non-secularism because it is independent from both the West and from the bear-pit of the middle-eastern 'civil war' in Syria for example. Brexit could learn quite a lot from the experience of Turkey on this matter. Perhaps Britain could finally shut-out the elephant in the room, namely its grief and guilt at losing its global role within the 20th century? Perhaps the EU might prefer the UK to be the bridge between all of the Americas and the EU? To 'earn' its seat at the UN Security Council? Perhaps the Falkland Islands were fought-over because that outpost of British interest might become the player to Northern and Central as well as to South America !! Oil rich ? That could be a non-sequittor in contrast to how the Americas and free trade will work? The 'UK Gateway'?

Why not ? You decide.

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