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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Failure of Deterrent is a Darwinian characteristic that drives change that we'd prefer not to have to accommodate. It is not through logic and rational behaviour but through the arbitrary or the random that society evolves. So why is it such a inter-generational 'app' that slices up society into conflict more than most of the 20th century obsession with class warfare today ? Welcome to the debate(?) or is that the antipathy from the youth of today towards us grey's or silver couch-potatoes who have 'stock-pilled 'Climate Change negligence who have almost destroyed their futures by vandalizing

Darwin always survives by generational mutual disgust; recently 'they were sure' the Gulf wars were cynical imperialism ' that 'the suits couldn't see for looking'. Here's how it is explained :' if you weren't an anarchist aged 19, you didn't have a heart ! But if you weren't a Tory by the age of 40 you did not have a mind'. But what if the process is reversed? Or what happens when it is the middle-aged who are angry and Tory? How ? What if justice and fairness isn't possible in this life but the 'Truth' is? Truth is anything but delusional. But does Truth become corrupt by zealously seeking it or by taking it from another party ? Darwin suggested a pattern of behaviour which is about the survival of the fittest and not necessarily about symmetry or rational thought which could render Liberalism and Socialism dysfunctional by its agitating for 'fairness' or ' justice' which may or may not relate to public or personal morality at all ? Surely it is ones social scientific duty to report and analyse this isn't it ? Isn't there more than just a 'chance encounter' with ethical values if we defended the right to justify the moral argument of 'waking-up to smell the coffee' of an economy and a society based upon pragmatism that materialistically underwrites our lives from head to toe, blue collar to white collar to the hard boiled board of Director class to the marginalized and the damaged ? Wouldn't you be angry if you children were told fiction demanded by peer-group pressure' or were attracted to lofty heights of 'black or white' concrete versions of life ,or 'with us or without us' set the moral exclusion zone based upon a 'monopoly of the truth'? You don't have to come from the punk era to feel that truth is an anger that never leaves you !

Here's a question : What do we do when climate change is not just reverseable but is reversed? What did we do when the Cold War was over? What did we do when everyone could vote ? What did we do when we had 2 women Prime Ministers and a leader of the SNP, the DUP and the Liberal Democrats who were all women ? The answer ? : we rely on Darwinian DNA to trash it by a self-inflicted social economic or military conflict that may well 'change our environment' or society without us being able to control the circumstances or the fallout and blow-back of the consequences. Should we ever reward such a primal collision? Or have we just got to come to terms with our human capacity to over charge our counter-intuitive zeal, our human gamble, or what Bertrand Russell called the most powerful human instinct to engage in our self-destructive need to damage? It is the force of nature, our human destiny to re-live cocking it up not just through history but through our own personal micro-climates that we derive the fervour of spreading the human infection of self-deception that ends-up in a dust-up beyond our control. Any measure of guilt can be disguised as inability to convince others to defend our contemporary deterrent (a healthy balance of humankind and its relationship with the Climate), but we must first convince ourselves that guilt doesn't have to be a good thing. Just don't forget that whilst you will be working until your 70s, as will your parents. your kids will be baby-sat' by their great grandparents, the very white haired 'irresponsible climate destroyers' that will come to your rescue !

So do we still want to put a metaphorical 'political bullet' in their brains ? Or can we forgive them for their free child care of our kids ? This sounds so petty an after thought, but isn't it so tangental that it could be true ? Politics is not a pet...or is it ? No, it is a predatorial animal that consumes all !This is where it shouldn't get personal but it will ! Political poodles reveling at 'playing God' in the comfort of their own 'indisputability and University credentials bathing in non-conformist credibility shouldn't sicken us but make us laugh ! Stay in your comfort zone isn't about how society works! You can come out now! It's safe !It's all over ! Well it is if you parents and grandparents and great grand parents have to fund it. Ode to be angry about 'prankville' University ! But isn't it just a shedding of ones skin rather than a full blown political self-exorcism that takes place afterwards ? Even if 'we' have moved further down non-domesticity and straight into Painting ? Absolutely ! We can accomodate our generation that brought down the Berlin Wall, got rid of Apartheid, ended the Soviet Union by the 'velvet revolution' and closed a chapter on the 'Nuclear arms race' whilst re-uniting Europe. Therefore perhaps our fate is to preserve these achievements rather than to turn it all on its head?! But why be hindered or even throttled by nostalgia ? Our generation of bald, grey's and white heads of hair have a message or a warning to the next generation that they can not be masters of history with full mastery over their fate when evolution cares little for them or their promise land of 'fairness' and 'justice' - that is unfortunately the only truth that we have to master, yet it is just another truth that the human psyche thinks it can get the better of !


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