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Hitler was both a dinosaur and a hideous modern cult of evil

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The greatest foe Hitler made was a combination of an eccentric British elderly politician, the heroic survival of the Jewish people despite the Holocaust, and the last but greatest act of a terminally divided British Empire who pulled together to defeat Nazi Germany in full knowledge that it would end-up in the destruction of the very Empire millions of British colonials would give their lives to protect. In short, the greatest war-time leader , the greatest survival of our epoch and the greatest Empire the world has ever seen, all sacrificed by a combination of counter-intuitive reflex to endure and monumental military planning took on the Nazi threat head-on and were victorious !!! Their actions of true noble sacrifice we should never forget and that should bring us together albeit in a very different but thriving prosperous landscape of international freedom.

Hitler's attempt to re-design or re-birth Germany as 'noble-birth' entitlement to racial superiority to justify global slavery and or annihilation was ironically (subconsciously at least?)derived from a concept of the Old Testament 'Chosen people' that the Aryan race was 'meant by destiny' to displace. By annexation, imposition or slaughter this was more terrifying than a simple 'rip-off' but was fueled on hatred and mechanized violence the very ammunition of anger that afflicted the 1930s and 1940s.

Where would Hitler find such a demographic of a community, a religion, a culture, a people inspired by its social diversity as represented at every social tier in Germany, yet who maintained a self-sufficient and ethnically unique and ancestrally pure people bonded by millennia of history in a self-contained community? Hitler had to move fast to replace the Jewish ethnic purity with an Imposition of Aryan superman at the top of his racial tree. He wanted a 1,000 year Third Reich in order to purify Aryan superiority; but did he mean that the German people were not racially pure and it would take a thousand year Third Reich to 'stabilize racial Aryan destiny'? It seems to me that the Jews tended to marry within their community, so was Hitler so self-evidently mistaken in blaming the Jews for Germanic racial impurity by his own reasoning as well as wanting to disguise the fact that Germany was geographically relatively a newly formed 'Germany' of many ethnic backgrounds who must have been responsible for inter-marrying and making Hitler's Aryan race impure and not the Jews!! Too right he required the jack-boot to 'impose his destiny' rather than expose his corrupt belief system. Perhaps Hitler feared the growing popularity of Zionism would reveal the flaws in his argument and possibly beat him in the battlefield? A 'Hebrew military' could have destroyed Hitler's cut-price, tacky, Kitsch, vulgar, second rate repro of racial superiority just as many urbane German Jews were walking examples evidencing business and cultural brains that were more aesthetically sophisticated than the 'losers, chavs, oiks and hooligans who were promoted by Hitler to indulge greed, envy and violence at people and communities who were their betters !

It is however true that Germanic racial 'eclecticism' was a world away from the myth of nihilism (Aryan racial superiority), so Hitler needed an act of superhuman excess to brutalize and dehumanize to tear human history apart. His dystopia required a re-wiring of the brain by mass brainwashing where rhetoric would lead to passionate worship of war and deification of the 'Fuhrer'. Nietzche had enthused about issues of destiny and was contemptuous of all forms of democracy, which stood in the way of violence as progress. Perhaps Hitler feared the victimization of the Aryan myth by these normative social progress,fair elections and individual freedoms as consumers more than he feared Communism? Hatred doesn't do tolerance does it ! Surely he didn't just want to aggrandize the Nazi held territories in military expansionism but he thought a war against moderation and clemency justified his terrorism against a civilian population too. He manufactured the lunacy of the SS, the Gestapo and pressed his ideological button, his tank rolling over the dreams and peaceful aspirations of the global internationalism. We must recall that such peaceful internationalism and moderation which Hitler saw as pathetically weak had to fight the Cold War against a Soviet aggressor on its own following Hitler's and Germany's descent into Nazi havoc and tragic destruction. Hitler had proved that freedom came at the price of his destruction, and that a 'tolerant weakling' resisted 'monumental cathartic Nazi heroic aggression' but in doing so bequeathed a Europe wide trauma of rubble and tears.

How a mindset devalued centuries of social evolution must have needed him to abstract himself from guilt and moral responsibility whilst claiming he was the 'scalpel of Aryan master-race technology is only understandable to the world of deviance that only psychology can unravel. Narcissistic terror was indeed a cruel devaluation of humankind that should be consigned to the past, but there are others who have terror as a means to impose religious dictate even today. We can only hope that my German friend Katherine can one day be proud of her nations defense forces without having to feel national shame from a generation of evil that happened in her homeland in her backyard that she can't forgive or forget and refuses to euphemise. Hitler would have hated her and hunt her down, but for me she is the mark of a true German.


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