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Have we become import Britain and not export Britain? Aren't we an island of self-sustainability 'Dig deep for Britain’ by 'We farm, we fish, we grow' that truly light-up Britons. How can we vote Brexit and then become inactive passive Brexit? Let's be clear only Labour wants to dwell on the Post Traumatic Truss Disorder, but why does it need to rest upon the '12 years of rolling over Labour to have failed those in and out of Government and do nothing more than stretch being out of power? Do we have 'don't make any waves Labour' and 'Trial by Tory' Tories?

Labour cannot claim it is burnt out! But it does have a "We know who we are, we know who we are, we are Labour, we know who we are!". Coupled with no more glitterball's New Labour but "sweet Labour of our time, OH, ho, oh! Things have never been so bad, so bad, so bad!"; even Corbynitus looks less self-defeating than the 'Trustacion on a different planet "! Hell, even Blair looks better than Liz, actually even the 1978/79 Winter of Discontent looks better than Liz! There is no raising Liz-are-us from the career death in the foreseeable future - when someone cocks-up so miserably they write their own narrative without saying a word, a bit like the 'don't talk about Truss Tory political party line' to give some breathing space for her successor. When that happens, you know it's curtains! However, something has happened that is quite extraordinary: the more she is sledged from opponents (within her party and from without) as 'Truss the terrible' the better PM Sunak looks good in comparison!?? That is some scrambling from his team, to turn a liability into an opportunity! So, relief and belief beyond the confines of one's own micro-climate? Or not? you decide!

But notwithstanding those doubts, this is a watershed moment in the multiverse of political stigma! Whereas both the 'Winter of Discontent' (1978/79) and also Blair's bungling and his impact on Iraq, led Labour governments who subsequently lost elections, but PM Sunak may well be different, even unique!!?? Does he really buck the trend? How? Because the public were 'present' as an internal Tory leadership campaign , the public were casting its preferences and 'voting by proxy subliminally' PM Truss, and then were exposed to another Tory election that sacked the Tory leadership for PM Sunak to personify public relief of getting rid of Boris and Truss in one sweep, as well as avoiding any over-election exposure and an 'Election fatigue' that had been so tested by the ins and outs of Brexit and Covid lockdown etc !He has been the fresh-faced victor and not the saboteur within the Tory hierarchy, and the public warm to him because of it! Does he need a completely new agenda and a ‘ready to serve' proven leader already? I'm sure PM Sunak will be given some time to adjust Britain, and his run in with the then PM Johnson may well divide the Tories but not the swinging voters! PM Sunak looks good and at this unique time of battle-weariness of the public who are just recovering from Covid and its consequences, he is the positive refreshing side of Toryism. Isn't it a relief to get a pint of milk and not have to queue-up in another wave of elections?!!!

He is in a perfect position to judge Britain's needs and has a track record of mass furlough during lockdown whilst distinguishing that policy from any non-managerial Keynesianism, by applying new free-thinking methodology fearlessly joined-up regardless of ideological boundaries, but ...........with this economic crisis? We will all be turned over the next 2/3 years and whilst he has our respect for his dignity and rationalistic agency...? He needs 5 years to not just bring the economy round but also win the political debate- but he's got to fight a General Election in 2/3? I'm reminded of Ken Clarke who won our purses and wallets by prudence and sheer flair, only to find that the public would thank him by voting him and his Party out of power in 1997! There is nothing so depressing as not appreciating a significant Chancellor as when his work is appropriated by the opposition and then used to bankroll someone else's agenda - poor old Gordon Brown comes to mind! His blueprint to confront the Credit crunch was rolled-out globally, once he'd proved by keeping his nerve and busting a gut that 'Brownite economics' could future proof and stabilize panic stricken markets! Only an unfortunate slip of the tongue would deny him the global macro managed credit he clearly deserved.

Will Labour then benefit from all the highly motivated, smart, pragmatic, loyal and ready to defend Britain people who will be attracted to Brexit Britain from a highly educated upper-middle privileged social class who will want to be a part of Sunak Britain? The natural Tory-leaning brain-drain of loyal supporters may feel misled by a new status quo and a different manifesto a la Labour?" Brexit therefore is defined as much by the WWCN voters as by those who radiate to do well Britain' as a British advantage and entitlement! Odd marriage of WWCN voters and the wealthy privileged new immigrants and investors in Britain, but in agreement with the highly selective nature and examination of proof of ability to contribute immediately to the family of Britain or not!

But here is the other side of immigration: the implications are that refusal to grant an application for British status will be a validation of the obligation and logic of a redefining of what are contemporary British values and a revision towards a more diversified multi-facetted British indigeneity to facilitate integration and an ethnically universal language for all Britons for all those who want more for their kids 4th 5th generations on from for example the original 'Windrush' community. Why should they still be kept back only to have a further generation of immigrants displacing those who have been here for generations or caught in the same economic trap as their great grandmothers and great grandfathers were!????

People want to enjoy being British and not having to justify their British passport every time families go abroad on their summer holiday or worse- having to explain their 'British status' to their new white neighbours! If it takes a more robust, faster Immigration service to convince outside of Britain and inside of it that being British includes all who were born here and those who are eligible. Being British is about identity and consciousness and reliability and ready to serve experienced glass half full positivity. We may be a little more reserved than others, but just as we have various accents, we have a wide-angled picture of our ever evolving language of Britishness, like a common cause a common identity and a common purpose- even the urbanites and country folk are often stereotyped and We are..."pitted against each other, but share a belief in courage, constancy and potential! Being British is an honour and an affirmation of who we are today and not how Roman we were millennia ago! We are not the sickman of the EU, we are the British Brexit! Just don't give all Remainers any ammo about Brexit! Someone told me “To go back to Remainier "! I voted Remain for loyal reasons towards PM Cameron, but don't belly-ache about it Brexiteers?! It seems to be a stigma that will only lead to 'brittle Britain' and much further misunderstanding. Besides, why should Britain be seen as resentful bitter people being negative and settling old scores? Let's leave the political fly-tipping out of it shall we!?!!? Let's welcome British individualism of 'Turn on, tune in and drop out of the EU’!! We may not be popular, but so what!!??!!


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