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Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

How about Trump's administration's political Landscape? America is now divided by party political conflict, yet the US is in a position of strength as well as anxiety, of mutual suspicion and through mutual enmity, mutual affirmation. Here's the rub : a lot of people are angry at Trump but they are no longer scared of him . This is the major salient political migration of Trump's administration whilst it has been Trump who has had to battle against the perceived encroachment of institutional power on his aspirational Presidency. Trump the businessman often comes to the fore rather than Trump the politician, often testing the waters of alliances and global investments has been his pitch, especially on the road to the presidency. He has relished being both hero and villain, and has cultivated both 'the friend and the foe' image to pursue his agenda of anti-Big fish fish ! He wants to be known as the hire and fire President who attracts loyal support from most of his advisers, who he then sacks to show maverick strength and ability to not be tied down to loyalties and being in someone's political debt ! He knows that sacking big wigs plays well with his blue-collar vote who want to see a blue-collar President without 'loyalty scruples'. Saint or Robin Hood he is not, but a contemporary version of Hilary Mantel's Thomas Moore he eagerly puts to the sword ! His ruthlessness is electoral blue-collar gold dust and basks in the narrative of anti-privileged domestic war where heads have to roll ! Democrats believe he is behaving like another monarch, but isn't he even more rigorous in his hiring and firing of his fellow Republicans than he is towards the Democrats ?! No doubt he shares the anger at Congressional politicians enjoying their fiffdom as any one frustrated at political deadlock that stifled the previous Obama administration. Besides he sees himself as a self-appointed trouble-shooter without the trappings of being a professional politician ! Yes he also hates the middle-men at best Hollywood actors and at worst parasites indulging in Republican bashing !!

So no boy-scout routine has also made maverick the contempt for condescending politicians eating burgers at a baseball game with their groomed for success families ready for a photo opportunity and for another re-election by buzz words and autographs and kissing babies etc His view is that he owns the baseball franchise to expose political careerism at the taxpayers expense ! Indeed, Trump was a contrast to Obama and deliberately gained favour by appealing to Americans that they wanted a blow-out at high speed without brakes and with a full tank of fuel to ensure their road movie would end-up in a glorious shoot-out ! They didn't vote for moderation they voted for Trump who was a blast !And yet still Hillary Clinton thought she'd do mum's apple-pie America !!?? Trump became self-made rich 'Rude boy' who brazened-out unflinchingly when ever he was politically incorrect, and it made Trump more than just another actor, or part of another family firm because he 'owned the industry !' Indeed, he acted like he could hire and fire history by twitter !? Forget the press, he re-routed and by-passed doffing of the cap politics and augmented an age of division in his electoral favour !

And yet this next presidential race will have let the eventual Democrat candidate fail by chasing popularity by over-reaction from Hillary and overcompensation red-meat angry loud and in your face against Trump !!?? It will be the first anti-Presidential motorcade race that will encourage public disorder by demonstration without having an American military spending billions in military wars to justify it ! Where is the Democrats' Vietnam this time ? No war in the Middle-East actually says .................where is Trump's Achilles heel? Where is his loud uncouth policy disasters ? You could almost resent the guy at being more a carrot than a stick?! Indeed, what does Trump the 'racist and mysogynist' do ? He prioritizes African American men's increase in employment at the top of his economic achievements, and then he downplays Harvey Weinstein's political links to the Democrats in favour of showing loyalty to Weinstein's female victims? So are we looking at Mr quick learner, a more nuanced Trump in this next Presidential race ? If he's more savvy than Democrats thought they may be holding a small firearm to Trump's riffle with telescopic sights, where Trump can pick Democrats off at will? Is this cause for huge alarm or grudging respect to an opponent who has evolved more than any other Republican front runner, whilst still being the blue-collar good craic?!!


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