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"Human and Natures Extremes - Black"

My latest series of drawings originate from nature's destructive course and wildlife's carnivorous nature, to the carnage left in the wake of global recession and its impact on the individual, but economically, socially and psychologically.


These are storms of the heart and head especially.  Here, black inks depicts slime spewing out of a torn, jagged, ripped envelope (normally a means of communication), and represents a wounded, tortured and savaged society cannibalising itself.


Fearsome dinosaur-like animals join an envelope to another envelope, set at acute angles intruding on each other.  Sometimes these distorted and nightmarish scenarios distort poisonously the oeuvre of portraiture, barely contained in red and black backgrounds and are death like, sometimes purple, yet are almost noble in their distended occasional reference to Christian persecution and death.

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