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Poems - Overthrows

Light Ebbs

day and
light the ebbs
drool of bitten snow
shawn bird squint
paw pined spike
blinked ice
hardens crystal jaw
raw limbless gaunted
frozen gown
sepia glisten
pinched heavy wrench
of heavy curtain
scowerer of bite trench
fractured glint
hollow of sorrow drawn
bruise by
false track
swept trails
paws of the winter we can't follow.

Grieving is a Winter

grief lies inside a winter
scorn rain ice
shark raged
swoop ferocious
angled glide
colds the currents
of spies jagged rags
repentant river banks clad by
cealed scythe
frowning shadows
englassed dye
weepless colour
dry grim
scraped culprit flowers


tear skies
fissure lightning
break baking earth's
vapour thunder
base spear
skew the pounding
rush the
stake hurtling
the narrow
the lance-braking.

The Day of Heaven Sets

like its sun dissolving into skies
the warm splattering of evening
flows cooler lighter
where Sussex tills its harvests
seated astride
bails of hay spread
drawn woven welding
skies meet
tides this gentle island
like tide glides
running-out from warm
as mildly


how waves slap onto the beach
toppling the seas
hurdling every charge
hoisting sprays
eruptions shower
wake cloak
days shortened
blown cross the wind
the rinsing tomorrow
chiseled contours
like tidal currents
grimaced gulled
rip of skies
life of breathe bows
before distant glow
pulling tearing
winters closer

Washing Line

figure line
suit the wind
swing vivacity
all your contours
grip sun live
sign the limbs
stretch full dreams
dance out shadow
cast the line speak
don't shrink the sail lifeless
or steepen the wrung
but claw at the taut embrace
and sing with the winds tongue

Gulls Belonging Without Purpose

skimming gulls
dare peck
breaking-in waves
squawking rasping sands
shingle hesitant
flight hapless beaks
crammed voice and shell
crack skull whelk
mallet pebbled beach drop dive
tangling with seaweeds
drift ashores
reclaim seas from tides
wait winter
linger like rain wing
oblique prodding
feathered litter
disguised with purpose
claw caws tides
clung landed

Suburbia Poured Away

heave your branches
claw the slatted screen
awake the
crack mortar jagged
wind -beat of pulse
membrane transparent
lift of sun
can't sink
pallid dry
of season
before light is poured away

Blue Skies

blue skies
breaking above
cloud of waves
lap coral
leaf breathe
shadow sun swell
night rainbow
surfs current
swim reefs constellations
that slow fish
of 'stay'.


a yew tree shields my vision
windows smudge
cloud of burst
breaks on slates
roofs the hills knot
hurrying flees wrinkled waders
wreathed in leaves
grubby brown gaunt
greed stalked
felled frontiers stubble
plains the cloud limbs
rooted buried rage
storming clench
clasps of fury choked
winds veined branches
bleed the
blade-flaying echoes
thrash foliage of skies
felled feared
nights collisions


i've taught
I've fought
to disparage slights
of lesser carriage
bossed wantons lost
drum diaries sprung
barbed by wires
fierce sore-sighted
pinned down by lines
blanks that catch light
blighted torch ignited
that poems the flies lost
might of flame
the wild kite of hums
rasp of mast
sails between the pasts
and now where I've alighted.


losts looks rubble
heat dust suffocate metallic
sick and fear panic daze
desperations craved
clutchings afraid

continents tear
terror grief
hopes grave
prayers not solace
aren't spared
passed shadows
under concrete teeth bared
how little is the life
in whom we once shared?


dusk lights
candle star wise
infinity spark
flame of wickless respite
brighter shiver
Mirror torch
holy spires
unlike shadow day
burnt in incense
day hope
night pray
undim steadfast
break upon the
sparks ray
unlimited to stray


daylight ebbs false
snows bitten
bird print
paw pine freezed
blink ice
harden jaws
limbless gaunt
gown trees
cruel the sepia seeps
listing path
the fool
after the snow


are the wrinkles
storm and ambition
great corruptor
specks of time
ammunition of dust
doesn't share
when you run
from people
running out of time
views the steeple
of idol sculpted mutters
febrile soul
sifted to a rabble by
some forager of people
under the graves
beneath the morgue
cornered in caves

Sky Sun Wrinkle

sky the sun wrinkle
soft vengence
hush blackbird
flush in swept
deepened the stun
seize the mosaic
course the emerald
vault of turquoise
debris the
blemish light
gorse cut sunk sepia slunk
awaits moon presses
half-lit skies west shift
dazed cloud race
wind host
frowning shadows
unsure pour
pursue heavens guides
along unfamiliar
currents of nightfall
wearing such cloud
too close to twilight
where nights razored
flags echoes the punish beaten skies
bruised by edges
raiding clouds
and sharpened dark
freezes age
lines of swollen towpath
colourless puddles of
shrinking time
lightscape of chorus fellon
spirits the turn the shell
when slope swells
the treasured well.


in my years
under oak beams
that crossed ceilings
I have held slate roof
by dreams taught by
winds rain
of slanting hills
deranged by aching fern
moss and my years that come
curling night into its shadow
neon the brush wing
like bones of silence
wrought or wrung


if words describe my face
not shade or shadow
but colours hues
relentless dawn of purpled blue
prowling hunter red-yellowed
late eager stalker
then in words
that craft african
jewels mined of centuries
of bold black gold
the psalm of found memory
to us that dye of sound by verse
that ancient love of
the vocal wrinkles without curse
older than rain that
feeds the grain
of patient confidence
that is the root of the very sun
without a whisper.

Teme Valley Downstream

emptied fields
winds tree
that listen quiver
rivers leaves
cascade of twists
fallen on
ice-wax flint
lower the valleys
in hand skinned land
slain flow
drift the slain
leanings dawns
the tail of suffocate
lists grinds resists


i love painful
the memory musterer
more cannot love again
for I have the still
of love


given memories are our cost
the vat skew
day tightens our toil
lit by vine foil
sun will be the tongue
that flawlesses the pitch
the claw of the pigmeny eyes
then merriments dulcit
stars the reach
rhyme of grazing song
songs the squinting moon
to mirrors grape
unsteadied gape
grapples fallen late
tall lights of seasoned blurr
is always stalked by halloes curr.


window drips tapping
contours of ground
sibilant mapping
rain tributeries
hiding animals of sound
filling drains and
drowned guttter
flooded rising
gushing load
rain-paint on facial
freezes mutter wheel spraying
splay tarmac goad
fray of hurried
rash hoarse scurries
fleet of fury
troddens rain wrack
torn raw soil
gorge of startled choke
ground slurry
punctured welding
scrambled shriek
grunts maimed flood
groans tired of mud
blurting arteries
belchings of road


dumb like hidden
a secret
daubed drum lurid
towering roar
flingings of strum
shake bare the
spill of birdless skies
retchings shriek
of rain glue
spared gore
and glared
splattered daube
sponge opened pores
cringe beneath
the clatter forge

Too Dark for Shadows

shadows of rain
canopies fumed dust
press windows flat
sludge crust sucked
the crest flaking
night groan
blind it to grope the dark
shapeless the contours
limbless the mining
lifeless the dust
restless the haunt where
shadow loses its ghost
to drain
and empty the gaunt
cold the curse
where lies drop and die
speechless the corners of the word
of ink
spilt endless


a cold a freeze
a wind that
scarred splice
grasp clasp sins
of penslip-off
hunched blight
bites every
written bin

Rain 2

from a fissure crack
tear skies
break summer stench
like vapour streams humidity
pounded upon plunder
horizon rebounding base
octave burst
planted stretched
wrenching branch-gallows
rake of roots skying rage
sickened gaping quilt
unfeeded scale
even pall beads of web
are iced by tentacles
that stall sun blind
fools polish
angry flies
glistened prized
gaup galled
in the veined
brute shall fall before
my name


poems the wish
mortals the foil of
pollutions crop jaded
feeds the mast
hoists the braille
....sucking human souls
into a pit fall
remorseless in recoil
facing down but alone
contortions as their last
act the belonging contrives
disfigured gargoyles
to ward-off the unclearing lost
that they couldn't survive

Morning Day

combustion engines hover
like the distance in all its rush-hour
metal orb simmers in the blue scream
alarm clock cracks open the mourning day
steel s the drips from the tap
boils triangular bag like
perforated disorder clinging
to the slab of minds
locked in deranged sleep
breakfast chimes on mobile phone
mouth slop biting crackle
the first chewed verbiage
a post-shredded through
the abandoned cap=flap
of bills like refuse crapping on
razored fights chin
nips and cuts
tepid ceal
greyed black
like toothpaste on
sore dentistry
just swallow the lurking fumes
of coffee and cigarette as it
wastes across table quivering
silver-marked cutleries
sifting through spoons
of lumps of blunt bread soaked
in strands of light cradling
waste-rust industrially levelled
keys dig into door
twisting like middle-age
dropped clumsily sketching the road marks
screeching rush propelling alongside
the bus of fluorescent
buzzing in low gears
not cured of lurid floss
spreads thick the painted adverts
that curb crawl
the packed glum of closed faces
bar the squelch of standard graded
cosmetics and chews
gum and rattle
the anxious piano finger
of social exclusion disconnects
and the boarding of the shift of day
that morning slams shut on
longings that are spewed-out
trailing in dark dreams
without filtering the exhausted pipe
consuming heartless the suck
that rages in choking
relentless recoil.


burn graceless
pitiless thorn
squander your vengeful claw
inflame-boil your spiral drift
and gasp thankless
at your unforgiving flaw


sun blistered trace
burns horizons and bone-days
short humids the wheeze
asthmatic boiled
deserts of coil
under the brim
of blurred words
echoed curt
silenced side
those shadow clamps
chase the curse
the air we brush
rounds the waves
without the graves thirst


pure forbidden trance
reap stoke pains
teeth glitter chant

raw fire-lance
deep choke stains
flickers askance

pyre tall soft silent
smoke flame rains
winters the highlands

of coarse slants
feigns all that has past
without recourse to chance


the smokers cough
rattles throttled
lung ignitions
cowers glower
the strut of
milk cart wake
strewn amongst perches and
peers factories
attack life-fear
mutt-packed rush staccato
mail thud
mats years
dumps human mained
spilt that spill City
huddles of shunting cold
tired crossings of gaping rust
jagged rutt human chasing
a jaded led stuck wasting.

Heaven Sets

heaven's steps
warms dry skies lace
healed scar lights
cooled seat where straw bales
the strap of gentled isle
rhyme glide beat
glowing fate mild
upon each eye of the wheat
like foil spins
blink of
right heart
depart board
kind the light
across the fade


hands cupped
to catch the rain-chase
the lines of palms
pouring gentle heaven
into a clasp
of ebbing fingers
grasping rain clouds
of fists clenched
thunder knuckled
trip-wired lash
raking lightning
drains from ones grip
rips torn whip

In Reverse

sun rising west
of running backwards skies
tidals reverse
my head dusks the dawns
words rubbed-out
writes rust the
raved sludge
blighted slight
recall grained
the pocket empty
out of not in lane

Towards the Tunnel of the Night

trees peer at my window
searching fruit gasp
to crease the suns overripe
baffled beneath entranced
by wings silhouetted
skim stroke of summer
brush remains of trailing lights
senses dusk pour
open thirst
tusk the shimmer
glimmerings of night

The Night

face the shrouded
wind nets
fish-billow the sun
venom all cloud
bitten out of sky
the suck star beads
trapped in
windowed moon
marooned the
dark the shadow
nights the cosmos

Saved by the Morning

eye of day piercing light blinds
the burns through
clouds that skulk away the
blast moon
rinsed by ripples
circled by tides of
swoops for man drowning
in stars splinter
ashored dawn spared
driftwood senses
revive matching
salt that winds taste
of seaweed gripping sands white
horizons squeezed lush
light feeding west scatters
spray mornings
upon brow
creasing that lenses the day


brush the stars
unravel waves moon
wash rock-tide
in pebbles tow
builder dune
of split loom
luna crystal flitter
slide the unloosened ajar

From Tangiers

the south to Marrakech
dark by days wane
desert cold corridors
unlevel steep
jostled sweet cigarettes
candles the dance
vigour sing drink
honour streams
memory strains
begins to speak


early in step
white the path
of gentle motionless
unlocks its pierced rim
the leaflesses
simple slow
winters low
burdened skies
bruised hesitant
inhaling moon hawk
pierced eyes far
beyond the dust
of trickle heavens
freezed husk
late are footsteps
solitary gust

On A Bender

who stalk you
make you still you
of commotion will and skill
pulled over
on the hard shoulder
tapped by
rapped knuckles don't atone
leave left them
luckless lame
names too
bob and bereave
come up for airs never cup
the same the name
the when
the whole and full
light the spark
ponder darkflight lights
armed wrestled ruin
rued rue wrought
in my dreams
that deem
the need
to plead
for freedom too
wild the offence amend
the healing mend the brick and mortar
grey and young
sting or be stung
its a deal
its done
never time to flea but be flung
always rhyme to be sprung
without a crumb
just words
the stump of a tongue
meander evasions
without a pun


sea breakers glint
vie for skies that pierce torrential
its blades narrowing sharpening
like talons ripping
by scythe conquest
a full lethal
rage beast
pillage master
of untainted
avian beheads
cast torn
silver squark
rasping rake
peak bleaks
trough crush
curse louds
trust throttles
thrust broken
burst wreak
puss cavity
the bloodied brush
flouter of redemptions


flame claw
skeleton light
sinking flesh
off-shadows eye
tied mouth decay dried
lips night
limbs folded
drops of memory
seep useless embers
draws the drowse
sever skewed
days lever
lost today

Morning Day

combustion hoverers
like distant craw scrapes
the rasp distances
stale rush scowls the
wrought orb
spikes of blue
ceiling stacked
yelps alarms
nitrogen scars
clocks cracks open
morning the day of steel
vent boiling kettles the triangular
perforated clinging
slabs the mind
deranger of wake sleep

breakfast chimes-on
mobilled grown
cackling chrome mouth
fuel-bitten crackle
thirst chewed verbiage
shredded through letterbox
bills crapping-on
refuse doormat
razor fights chin
nips cuts buried underfrown
tepid water seals
cast of refraction
greying mirror
toothpastes of
stain dents the
vents of yellow dentistry

just swallow lurk fumes
coffee cigarette
cross tables
quivering spoons sift
lumps the blunt bread
soaks strands peels
light viced in slatted

keys dig into door
twisting its middle-aged
dropped clumsily
scratch car sketches screech
road of markings
drawn flourescent bus
painted adverts curb-crawl
packed glum of closed faces
boarding shift
morning slams shut on
slog silent carnage

longings bled-out
trail dark dreams
unfiltering schemes
exhaust the phlegm-rust
poisoning choke
remorseless recoil
bullets boiling sepia crave
churn-gas tyranny of road
morning-collect eyes
bulging dashboard note
stolen grained hands still
grip wheel hose-pipe
severed bleedings
petrol on tap
anonymous lay-by
towed-away from
tomorrows sorrow
goads the day


unraveller sees
greens winters
stack timber cross
with rafter split
cargo spilt
lake raked
by january in flood
landslide fever
mounds ribbed
by puddles watery sky
lit pebbled
path of shadows
stale ink clouds
days menace twists
rain tipped tuned strum
rusting the gnarl
barbed-wire breacher of dunes
hang shred storms
fleshly flailing strung helpless claw
rasped by shattered shingle
gasps on shore


I see you through the
eyes heart but defenceless code
beyond the me that I have
and like the contours of day
I love you more than
always I love you
Beyond memories part
that slips reason
the escapes- measurer
in more ways than treasons feather
to live, to lie
wear sin and climb skies
without being sought
but not spared
unharnessed rigours without tether

Mirror 2

curves absence
still the light
give tomorrow its
dreaming flight

Among Clouds

cloud drive
last wings
burn feathers shaped
tuned hoverer spanning motionless....
steep winds
dive-up silence
ragged brutal beauty kills
that feed the raged rank
that squark choking
shrills cursed of
shrouded mercy
tallons the gasps
meadow of blooded
a scavenger mountains
carcass bitten flesh of sky
raw heave
ravenous endless croak
sore devourer
rigours the savaged
ravaged spike
skewed creche gores on
a heartless graveyard
a quenched vulgar a


where rivers mine
the clear seas
and crescent tears of night
ladens the shore
mists creak
the joins of daybreak
fuelled sun filled
flood of cloudless
chained float
dips light
the rainless

Years and Days

nine gived stooping
oak beams the heat of blackened door clung
blinking embers of burn
charcoal paws and kindling covers
wretched pile steepened bridged
gauged blank no
roses and golden sour
grape plumned wild
strawberry summer
lane that droop furrowed
lung devils finger
at wrestled hazelnut
grazed hawthorn clocks
turns seasons time-licked
peers unpunctual the crow
bleat amble snow
dazed shelter
cattle valley storms
crave corners
each-day weather
coastal tide
roars light wrinkle
harvests the spin chores
corn that engines the light of stray
to night shield yew crisp of dawn


tides rebound inspired
spell moon
treads on wet sand
that sinks and
dries its path lalloes
feet-off tempting sensual seas...
ridden oceans
trail illuminations...
retreat manshore ashore
penned spies churn grate
breaking slice the fall
spitting autumn hapless
hovered beyond the sun beneath the
clothes of mans tides
inlet hazards gleaned
clenched cold waterers
floundering currents
a depth shallow
for shadows drowned slide
will rake the
choking slant
of the sliding

Heat and Skies

later country
pathway shimmer
embedded yield
heats listless in
constant immobilizing hum
sash of horizon rim
of silken gust
darkens in throat
thunder in stench
gut close
the rainless drench
brood shroud
distant envelope
clouds hushed loud

The Hollies

mauve silt
spilt moments of leaf
plunged skied
lightning of piercing caress
cold the mud spilt
clinging the trail
fault-lines translucent
brailles of pettled stampede
crusts the bark rust
creaking mail


tranced skies
lava tallons
spout horizon
jagged slice
rake trail
clouds-wrestle choke
crescents wrinkled
sweat witter
hoarse night curdles
stains print
glint of flight


night ragged
split of light
skies splinters
moons teeth gnaw
the gull cannibelisor
of the oceans gore
currents of evolution spawn
spurn of festering spill
stored stash wriggle
tides the scalp beaches
ride cold rip of
asthsmatic cclaw
grained skip shirkerier
cough lungs night
ghost sky
drowner of shadow
lates stray.


poplars steeper
the closer heavens
stars silence cascade
upon skies beyond
clears and dispels
night doubt
steams of the universe
upon hours of breathe
rebounding moons
its forest path ahead
of the cloth of south downs....
is no endless lot
no freeze begot
the night crept day
winters the knot
dawn vast
gasp of pollinator
suns the silken layers
gathering frayed
night the quicksand wests
the crownless blade

Like Snow Too Late For November

time darts languishing
grim and gemmed
pixillated blizzarded
shroud-prancing effortless wrestle
white speck feathered
winters the spires and knuckles
branches of flail whirrs
the braille of mannas
soft invasion
spares not the gathering
grip of its blank shield
furtives the careless sleep
circled vultures the ice gust jaw
claws ridged sharp
dragged rip split-pours
pallid ghost fleeting
blinds us the distance
between differences brief blink
blisterer of horizons
falls the loose petals
that breathing mist perfumes
that can not hear nor
december walled costume
the tug of spite
bitter the taste of winters might
like snow too late for a november


heavens steps
warmth of dry faces
heals scar lights
cools the straw
bails peat
straps the gentled isle
that rhyme glide beat
glowing fate mild deceit
upon each eye of the wheat
that like foil spins
blink of
right heart melodies
brave of light

Night Seas

nights of overlapping
charges the seas
misdirect and foreign
the oppositor that
lands their shadows
schemes their dreaming shallows
fools rolled darkness
run the sky blade
into the moon-gallows

With Paint

gasp quiet ruffled
the beguiling chariots chore
split spent the spirit
flirt languid inflection
shaded intolerant the
mirrored-brush skimming
silver harmony devoured
lick tones bone split textures
leave paint to fierce
the spear-drained doubt
that make wounds-shell
hush the well
sink the light art.

Broken Teeth in City Malls

cigarette butts in bins
bloodied nose in brawls
polluted minds and body sins
broken teeth in City malls
spare the bones
swallow the misdirect
for the devil is a drinker
poison master curser

Glazing of Sun

clouds soak scatter
sudden muck
of rain-day seams
shifting shapeless
night sliding mud sludge
that dragged winter boneless
that empied rock
full colourless glaze
that sullens the grey crusts
rusts the belching
clay turning
spilt slop
slash of
nocturnal venom
stir stern the blaze

Do Not Die Do Not Forget

fly leaveless sun
hang of rootless
flee clouds
unstep that set
fail hazards debt
drudge the cry
suspicious the crow
hardy the loan
fail the lie
hardy loan die in row
fail hazards

A Seascape

the tide of a thousand wings
break the ocean
ebbing the sun-drop
shallows in the dusk
steepen abandoned gusts
fractured the woven lips
dark of migration nights
the moon's sickled rasp
hungry the solitudes
fishes caved
carved in waves

Grazing of the Sun

clouds soak skies
before squeezing rains
days seams
shapeless at night cold lean
shadows the beneath
before bare fields
sliding the mud
dragged winter
emptied all slopes
roots the breath breathing between branch
plants the colourless grazing sun
thirst swamps have begun


squinting blinking
of something of
urgent lies
under a different guise.

Winter on Clunbury Hill

snow crosses dawn presses
the sloping surface
winters sinking valleys
drifting in contours
of day december
clings to winds
frozen impassable the descent of its winter
cloud grips gravity
blizzards ice spike horizontal
burials Clunbury hill
glacial batters time
day powerful
beautiful the hostile remnant
landscape the severed adorn
horizons the spranged all shudder

I Caress Your Words

when I conceal in moments
the nights that are alone
dark I my torn love
caress your words
that are wounds of your beauty
that opened past
that I can not lead


gasping blinded
bends of cavities
choke burner
linger rasp
lit corner

Art and its Litter

seas bloated with the
slick of winter have
made flightless the
cold huddle of gail and gull
wade the wet sands
stalking empty
shell hunger
grains of mist
greyed by seas
coil wing
the curve
surf the wooden spires
the only split
rains clings
of sleet tides the freezing
seaweed the litter
chewed waves of plastic
rot silence
its shadow


cowering winds darkened cloud
hurtling towards battered
ripping through the mud fields
raking privet
terrified skies sting
flesh trees
sheltering naked branch
thrash the forgotten
storm-winters stake
shook gore
gash horizons
the debris flight
pile flake of weightless


a tear from stars
wind racing
shifting splinter board the sea
carve simplicity
flight alight seagull
gentle regal skies
white sculptural grace weights the shapes trace
among glum grim
steep gravity
wrung-out lungs
flout chained
never given

Remember to do

cored values
taught a sport
to shoot a man
running down his land
without sound
survival affray
guns will have their way
friends lost left to shove it
the don'ts have trust
hearts aren't red
they are rust
cant be counted on it
relied upon
peril day
say or pay
i'm clear
set apart
from dereliction depiction
that fiction
the mission
of this position
sets the Somme colony
and every briton
is smitten
dye cast
song and past
of this portion
of morgue asylum
corporal or general
slain or seminal
bets the final word
collectors of winnings
whilst doing herd
worlds relapsing
the deal is done
dont wait for Christmas
for your loved one
across and a grave
braves list how
life is craven
when its a gift
summarily dismissed
without a haven


court of sun
burnt tight
hands fierced
of dry
vasts the spin
fear-judged infection
the scatter of dust
taunts the raked
severes the brush
bars the gate


is the undelivered
junk the fool-mail
drunk in rain vanity
upon stained pavings stone
doored promised
or verse pounderer
the scavenger
joiner the commas
uneventful splice
in its stead
splayed mocker
false forager
bloodied grate of vice
harbinger of letters
croaked its ill advice?


i listen the showers rain window
plucking-out mortars stitch
burning cloud jewels
that flickers drop
juts taste
lept sun fleshly cut
drizzle footsteps
slumped muddled
intruder stalled
paint the
stripping pane
wearing the strut


share me
your laughter
remind me such joy
taught about love
faces of no tears
furrow no slight
only give grain
and glare
at the careless spotlight


In the neon of my brush
the wings and bones
will not chisel but
will stack
silent wraps
of nectar
flake like debris
from droplets
upon slate

Summers Name

from fissure lightning
that tear through
up rip of break on summer
the heat knife
torn by earth
vapours the
streams humidity
bound down thunder
growl route
flesh pound
quench drape
engreened feed
height fallen
drown sun of
beneath the drink
warmed silent
hand of loom hushing
shrine croft
craft of silk shine
of clouds that melt heat
breathe rapping
strain untamed
flesh summers
foolish guest
too softened the name


day rememberer
begin in the spring sun
sway lush the green fields
that weaving cloud
waft of deepen spires indigo
the fill buds
blossom shape
to dance the sun
whirl of west
fleet of rested whimsy
to verse a night
to dispute the shadows purse


above beams of night
chissells ceilings of stone
on tiled roof
rain waters the proof
of spared plunge-down
slates centuries
skin of wild splinters
that ploughing valleys glacial
marauded marches rut winters
the skywards broke


night dim end
rootless ember
gardens star
wollow beacon
wells of distance
darks the stars silencers
stills song coil
moon shroud
lamenting dawn
pulls free the cloud-leers
beyond the trail


rudder skies
wrap night in wings
crossed scars
star flask the
waft of imperilled pleasure
sail life and disease
with torch and feather
without hunting
or sparing yourself the fees


blurred curve of the wind
tentacles the rain
clings nip gloveless hand
peeled glistenings
growl silence
its ancient gist

Eyes Blinking

i see seagulls wings
rock shine
spray alight
flicker salt
worn wrinkled
sheltered blink
storm dims-bitten-talk
sinner spring
loosen waves silt mongering
cascade seeping rift
between the tide slip


soaring breeze
glider between fractions
sky between briddled ways
blackberry climbs
chantries ridge
terra cottered bridge
blanched raker
circle like flint beacon
to budded bell chimes

The March Easter Sun

a sun
once a magnet to winter
lights gloss-fallen heaven
of cloud that no longer scrapes its trail
metallic iced cringed
rippled the skim
blue=span goldening wing
hover blossom
springs the peel of tender sun
stills the pallour wry
and gentles the din

Days Meander

meander the scarred mist
and engine trails flays
scalpel sinews the flesh
mosaics the bleeding
stripped canopy glints
the solar dreaming
impailled glimmer
baselessly drifts
unquilted sifting
rifts the torn clings
to the alliance of the dawn
taunting time to be re-born

Days Meander 2

meander the mist
and engine trails flays
scalpel sinews the flesh
mosaics the bleeding
stripped canopy glints
winters glance
reigns all that has past
with resource to chance.


between salt-blistering
curve of sea currents or
tides that thirst
like wave languishing
beaches the sun quivers
like ripples of sand flame
scorching oceans porous
shallows sun lies drowning

it burns like stings
wincing the high cloud
wrinkling unravelling zephyrs
that spilt silken levels
yet where does sun lie drowning
but before the pounding sisyphean task....
sun chokes on morals reason
eternal repeat gasps
hounded flounders rasp
fate is not drowned
but floating in bloated masks
limp cadaverors
lists poisoned
scuttles fists the
relentless devotion

Grieving is a Winter

grieving inside a winter
like raining dark no
longer guides us along
familiar currents of nightfall
jagged river banks
scythe the frowning shadows
as glass puddles weep colourless
the loneliness of shrinking time
that lights never permits
those centurions skies spectre
the braced blizzards crowd
twilights and sickens
razored forests scream-flayed
bark echoes the winds
to fumble encryptions overload
punish the beaten skies
poison on our tow-path-lugging
scarred broken
lands hidden hunters
and fallen lies
shielding our gasps
letting bodies rot
that armour creaking frost
sore run-through chewed hollowed

Poems - Enforcing the Follow-On


Glisten the waves
paint of kites' circle
blood blue aerial crop
of dangling azzure
in tourquoised plots
colliding marine steam
glow heat rising rubble of
sun scored skimmer
shimmer pointalisstic
hum beak shallow
sky-furrowed fight-drift
horizoned sorrow
skin rift the tugged clock
the shaded cliff
click-shell that light bounces
puncturing rift
the swell of flight pounces
on calm spent and care lent
warning the foot paces bare.

Light Ebbs

Day and
light the ebbs
drool of bitten snow
shawn bird squint
paw pined spike
blinked ice
hardens jaw
raw limbless gaunt
frozen gown
sepia glisten
pinched heavy wrench
of heavy curtain
scowerer of snow
fractured glint
hollow of sorrow drawn
bruise of
false track
swept trail
the winter we can't follow


Mist the stray
gnook the shallow
smelten crooked the stain
grunt of valley streaming
dank the paw print of flow
risen precipice clasp
above seam dust
below columns of tiring crawl
cloaked sprawl
silent lung and the
canaries – the
aren't drawn
breaking – in – life
that strayed scrawl
creaks the lip of hollies
fumed brawl
upon strain of ink.


The smoker's cough
rattles throttled
lung ignition
cowers lowered
the strut of
milk cart wake
strewn amongst perches and wrench
that peers factories
to attack life-fear
the fugitive
mutt-packed rush staccato
mail thud
mats years
dump human mains
that spill-city
huddles of shunting cold
tired crossings of gaping rust
jagged rutt human chasing
a jaded led stuck wasting.

Glazing of Sun

Clouds soak scatter
sodden muck
of rain-day seams
shifting shapeless
night sliding mud sludge
that dragged winter boneless
that emptied rock
full colourless glaze
that sullens the grey rust-belching
clay turning
nocturnal venom burning
stern the blaze

Grieving is a Winter

Grief lies inside a winter
shawn rain ice shark of swoop
ferocious longer glide
forlorn current
of spies jagged rags
repentant river banks clad by scythe
frowned by shadows
englassed dye
weepless colour-dry.

Heaven Sets

Heaven's steps
warms dry skies lace
healed scar lights
cooled seat where strawed bails peat
the strap of genfled isle
rhyme glide beat
glowing fate mild
upon each eye of the wheat
like foil spins
blink of
right heart malodies
board the
kind of light.

Cadivorous Spent

Between the blistered
eyes salt sea currents
the tidal thirst
of languished beach
suns upon quivers
a rippled slant
scorn porous shallow
surf drowning
flounder burns
like stings
cloud wince wrinkling
unravelling zephyrs
split silken
broken sun lies drowning
drunken sisyphean
the flasks' choked gasp
a flake fated
bloated mastless flouts
a cadaverous gloat
lost atonements last.


Trance stoke
grief lit
flame raw
stained snow track
slowed fire
taunt smoke
wain of winter
wave of
life litters
cloak sitter
repoacher spitter.

In Reverse

Sun rising west
of running November
tidal purse – the reverse
terse the dust words
rubbed unwritten
uneven smudged bitten
recoil of ink trudge
lost to contrition.

Morning Row

Eye of day piercing light blinds the singed brow
clouds skulking away from the shroud
of moon rinsed by ripples of dawn
sport of circling tides swoop drown-dangling
star splinter that driftwood fault
that wind tastes
avian seaweeded sift and glower
squeezed paths push light cut
between the slight bruise of night
scour spray of dawning
burrowed the creasing flow
that the morning tide must tow.


Gist listing
that blurred word
of overgrown echo
skew epic of silence heap
drip-lit hollow
chased by oil and air
the greed slur
current and spill bite
recoiling tomorrow's curr
and yesterday's gripe.

Nocturnal Flight

Nocturnal web
foam of moonlight
mist the stars
hang-night the thread
dangled the wind stir
glistened sky bled
shun the lamp
don't catch the sprite
watch that stitch
that sows the night.

The Night

Dim armour shroud
shredded film like
winds boarded
last sun in venom
creaking in its lamp
like speared furnace weakened pierce
bellow heaver
bitten wheeze
clawing roar
felled stars that bead
the draining moon
savaged sun that
cut untethered night
like sharpened
slungshot torn through flight.

Eyes Blinking

Icy seagull's wing
hunting rock crack
strain and flight
salt-worn grimace
stunned wrinkled
of all storm grime
foiled shelter blinding
wings shored scower
ground gulled lips
bite graves
of shriek gravel
the pebbled waves
gore and crave
eyes blinking unravel.

Indian Summer

Yellow blinks
blue torch swoop
vallies of lanes and hedges
skimmer the tip of the fruit
hawthorn the ledge
carve late flicker
fields roam fertile
aerobatic shield
readied for the cask
the full root of rhyme mirrors
of devonian flask
canopies herb the days
over-hang the parched
browning fans
the hushed wheaze
coastal's the flight
branches of ocean
shadows of sight
grains the twilight
currents seasons
the rules of sap
spray the thread, contours the map
footprints the stars
gape the trawling ocean
song the sparkle live the bars
pour sea shanty potion
and down the jars!


Estuary of the mussel
shoals rippling carve
sucking tides
inhaling skies
slide streams
of tug pulse
swans, the hussle gulls
kings of fissures pause
the gauze of tarrents yeast
gentles the sun flick
crossed eddies
slop of shore bank crust
steering flow clouds
hug distant down's rug
chug of languid lick
fate along curved in
watered tug.

Hands to Mouth

Blurred wind
tentacles the rain
trails stream
nip gloveless hand
and mouth contain
the splatter land
the honest pain.

Figure Seascape

Dusk off canvas
where flesh lurks
lenses brush
plume and plunged
into lithe serpentine
beyond the line bristle
of cold figure
pressed shove
and dark
the blunted lost spark.

Gulls Belonging Without Purpose

Skimming gulls
daring peck barely
wave ledge
tipped squawking
rasp emptied shingled fledge
hesitant shrilled
by diving hapless peek
pluck of crammed shell
struck crack scull
welk and mallet fell
boneyard of pebbled skip
tangled kelp
sulk skim
tides well
guilty tether
standed reek
prodding feather
shredded stain
rain beached
strange sever
rift of flight
path from grain


A year night
knows all of tomorrow
all of before
like a spire or kite wired
beyond the juggle
of secrets like tears askew
from the spinning wheeled
welder of the spark
boulder of light bolt
bright spell nib tonight
brush with the jolt of delight.


Blue skies breaking
the sheltered waves
guilded tide
quilted lap of coral
hushes of sun swell
pools of reef surf
ski the current long
moon slim
swun dimming
flight ripped floor
flare's the light.


Daylight rivers
the forager off and low
clear seas peer
crescent the sand
laddened glow sky
filled glint chain
eye to ear
call haunt
and even
the seer
can gaunt.


For the heart is the guide
sounded in scale strut
offence disease blame
fools the sense reign
for in not having learnt
the shape of pain
stolen is the teacher
of pleasures strain.


When rememberer's begun
stooped sun barley'd story
glove-woven swaying
lush fate deepened
the flood-field skies
anchored westwards rise too late
to stave-off shadow's guise
felled words gate.

Passing you Buy

Yew shields
winter stalker
rains in cloud
slate grey moss roots
hills knot
painful whispering valley's
hiss hurled leaves
stained by wrinkled rot
drop grubby brown
blowing greed
dive stubble plain across cloud limb
root rage storms
clasps fury choking
winds veined bleeding form
blades flayed echoes
rain thrash its folliage clings
to sky felled where
day is feared the night cleaver
that glacial
that encrusted lever
where no gentle mercy
survives the fever of darkness blade.


River the banks
swoopin feather
swell the swollen skulk
ryhme wake the turned spirits
walked season's
gaup at time


If words describe my face
not shade not shadow
nor contours hue
purple blue, brown yellow
crisp words I hear
mist in words I seek
I can see beyond words ink
to liberties speak
that are free like the
Nile of blank creases inside my hand
held firm amidst my palm sway
shaking the hands of words
that grip us voiced loud
that craft African jewel
that ever shield
the us
of bold gold-black palm
the psalm of found memory
and sound of verse
that ancients retold the gold-
that quench of thirst
of that shining burst music:
Africa re-told


Fists clenched in thunder
knuckles bite anger
coarsed lightning
the hands cuffed
to catch the cupped net
set gentle heaven torrents
to fleet the mask
fallen ebbed in silence
web, ungrateful grip
that rain the clouds rip.


Flint,the jaw of war currents
gripping night cruel
thresh jewelled gut
garrot crush
the wielding shield
untamed by rain
tail torn
bleeding grain.

Rain 2

Rain, the trip-wire
barbed lightning
fork fissured tearing
earth raked flesh
slicing vapour violent
bare magnet of thunder rap
learing into humidities trap
skin knuckles flayed, flared
tallons of branches
unquenched curved drapings hung
damp beaded rung
tentacles blood the water
giving no quarter slipped.

Only Snow That Falls Can Melt

Snow churn
petals of raked
flake scarred bleak the gauge puncture
fleeting reak
wreck deep
skies wheeled
forage disappearing
crest bleaches
paved shelf whisper
into torn rasp
hoarse grip
of bark crystal ladder
long felled wind toil
raw graveyards
scour imperilled coil
that melts the fire.


Reef ripped gull lure
Gill caracass greened-bobbing murked stacked
slit timber cargo's creak
flooding lever
ageing land tides of shelf
skulking mounts of ripping-slinters
sliding-torn paddled lights sinking shredded skin
beneath the bruise of pebbled
where shadows grated groan the scaled ink that menaced taut
glands of rain-tipped scurge untuned hinge
strum rusting gnarl barbed cascading wrung
collapsing-hung the capsizing flesh flailed upon caws raw
of rasped heckle in scattered storm's jail
like shingled roar
masked spindled
between its jaw
sails upon its claw.


Are the wrinkles
of the storm an ambitioner
the great corruptor – sprayer?
Cropped grime grimace
running – out of people
and steeples to totter
marbled cabler
time emptier
the ungripped
climber of the spine
the disabler of the rhyme.

A Desert of Mine

Spinning sun court
burnt portal
shaft trapped seam
hands unwrapped by fierce grip
dry wraught receeding
rasp fought
vast glee
ripple of fever – wrinkle
fear leer
infection spear
blast thin
desert vie
the lie
the weak
die in the same feat
blist rake crisp
blood of swollen courage
skewered lure
dust – bite
heat of bloated split
spit peels
worn through scorn
swelled scorpion
dwell troll of the dice
jaundiced bill
crops the slop
that shrill the price


It's the grit snow freezing
sands of winter's bend
wasting ice brakes wheezing
dead-ends of sludge broken
rake seizing
reed of ice
axe plummeting
heist anger
clashing bone
pounding groans
below the morgue
the guts wrought of
slain settled flake
ribs myred rid
of wintered steel
all graveyards
by cities


In silence talking
words hear the little I know
and the little I offer
of what remains to grow.

Towards the Tunnel of Light

Tree pry's at my window sun
as fruit crease
the sunset trance
baffled by the swing
of silhouetted stroke
that light shaft brush trail
dusk that pours open even the shale-slide
colours the shiver
pigments the thirst
tunnel-cones the burst
blighted core
torn from the cursed.

Do Not Die Do Not Forget

Fly leaveless sun
half diet
hanging rootless
flee clouds that set
fail hazards debt
drudge the cry
suspicious crow
hardy loan
die in tow.


Tear skies
fissure lightning
break baking earth
vapour thunder
base speared
skew pounding
rushing the fate
hurtling the narrow lance
to pierce and suffocate.


Burner fray
wilt shortened
night breathe like
humid asthma
boiling the summer's
raw the
solar addict the
gagged to the furnace.


Thrown dart
gasp river grope
strocken saucer
skim peel rip
touch roll the sun
below evening flint
pips of flash spark
claw graze
pleating gulp
mirror choked
slink silk
buried in silt
swallowed Jonah
never to wilt.

Winter on Clunbury Hill

Snow-crosses of racked dawn
presses sloping
stump of wraught skate
slunk sink vallies
burial contours
clung winds
descent ghost's
cloud gravity's powder
cement falls
pricked rip of ice
spike ridged caves Clunbury
hills the brute glacial
battering day powerless
in headless speak
horizon of severs
shudder the flesh stiffened
snap inside the gaunt hollow-shadow stake of tomorrow.

Morning Day

Combustion engine hover
like the distant rush hour
metalled in orb shimmer
in the beaten blue sky skinned artex
alarm kicks clock cracks – open the morning day
steel that drips tap
boils triangular bag like
perforated disorder cling
to the slab of minds
locked-in deranged wake-sleep
breakfast of chimes phone crimes
riddled crackled mouth bites upon
cackled thirst
first chewed verbiage
post-shredded letterbox belches
forced-fed bills the refuse crapping-on
dormat grazed delays
razored fights chin
nips, cuts tepid droplets devour sealed
spit on greying mirror
from sour blocks of toothpaste
stained by old dentistry's
shallow lurking fumes of
coffee and cigarette as it
waste's across table clothe quivering stalking petals
fake silvered sieved shifting
lumps of blunt crust soaked
in strands of light blink
shafts industrial schrapnel and
rust keys dig into passenger door
twisting like middle-age
dropped clumsily spat
-out of glove box window screams
car scrapes road marks flay
rat over the bus 'fluroscence day'
forced grinding with painted adverts the curb crawl
the packed glum of closed faces
boarding the shift of
morning slams shut on
longings that are spewed out creaking memory
trailing the swallow-dark fumed streams
without filtering
the exhausted human spoil
choking over reason in recoil.


Wheels lock writhe
cog brakes
judder mind-screams
skid raw
slid wheels flaked rubber
fray fleshed
worn wrack twist
bone of blood fist
ink thud dark
raid the heart of the nib
choke the spluttered past
shed the spilt bid
pour for the last.

Washing Line

Figure sweep
swift the wind
swing hollow
the colours leap
cast the out-line
rip the deep
wrestle the grip
hook the bite
weight to tip
thrash net
to crush the sprite.


Swollen flotsam
exhausted assunder
belching rageless
crooked fist of cold
soddened paper
bleached of its pry
scalled raw beach
groans hidden borders
wore its lye.

Two Dark Shadows

Shadow rains
mind's fumed
dust pressed
window ghost
dress of night
prying hollowskin glass
flat lined breathe
walled guest
cured stretch

Mountains of Cloud

Burnt mountain
perilous cling
digested wrung
cold-silent the
sihouettes wrestling
wrinkled grating coarse
blemish forced
depressed crammed centuries
sudden lined broke
collapse and career
cloud rear
coursing down
skeletal in shroud's of fear.


Dumb in hidden clasp
secrete daubed strum
sky the tower before
pounding the run
rum that flinching wind
shake stare the grill
birdless skies may ignore you
but claim in daubed your will.

Rootless Hands

Night dim end
rootless hands
the stars-sink into
distance beneath
the silence of coiling linger spiral
where moon reached-down the stubb
to put out what was left of intent
lost-shrunk bossed by doubt went.


Like the sides of love
wisdom dims its corners
its point of curse
its darkened course
but its complexion
bares the crowded din
unbowed free brawl of sin
conceit age
the unsaddled will
unseat fill
ice fire
life spring is thin.


Rudder the skies
wrap the night
cross your scar-path
make feral stars
full blown sail
the rudder tail
thrash the oar
cut the anchor
bury the rake and pull on the claw

Art and its Litter

Seas bloated with the
slick of winter have
made flightless the
cold huddle of gail and gull
wade through wet sands
stalking shells
last hungry grains
of mist greyed
seas clenched
waves wound
sharpened strange
the curved slice
breaking wood spires
beneath the split
that rain clings tide
marauded shore
gasp shingle-wrap
seaweeded litter crack
chews crust of plastics the wave
rotting skewered
strewn upon the page
spills rebuke
sapping remains
dunes wrenching
brute of all ink savage
stilled prey
on the root.

Autumn Skies

Beaded cloud of prey
taut locked stuck steep
venomed fog-dusk, ribbed creeper
scavenger's unfurled
sting bait
passing traitor's vengeful gait.

Teme Valley, Downstream

Faceless wind-tree
listen to river's quiver cask
cascade twist into skies
flecks valley's
land the skinned
rain burrows
the stained flow
trucked long fractured dark
shift mirrored pole
stolen pale
wail clump of glow.


If this light frail
fortune stripped of vine
can be the tongue
of merriment
or the eyes of stars
squinting at moon's
steady rail
basking the lighter blurr
grapes the stilled halloes
that ache mornings wince
long-sighted southsayers
shrink the printed
of days silk
the sparkled flint
draught crafted
human tithe of the past


Early step
print erased
white the path
of gentle motionless
'graceful' unfierce time
the chasened gap leaveless
by simple
unburdening skies
swollen hesitant midday's gravity
swoon gleams
the silence
unpierced eye
settling ground
notes of trickled heaven dust
freezed forms late
like fur on low foot prints
hiding empty scent
the scavengers of
careful pines dreamt
that deserted step
out of time spent.


Cowering winds darkened cloud
hurtling battered 'marches'
back-ripping mud
fields raking shards faceless masked privet
hurl skies sting torn
flesh-tree sores skewerer
follorn shelter naked barbed branch
fierce lance of spring
chancerer of storm's winter of sins
in the rake pile of shock horizon
debris the fleeing
flow eruption spite rake torso
limbless howling
ghouls left prowling


Closed twilight
final ridge
razor the echoes
of hammer skies
battered accused edges
raiding blizzard clouds
sharpened dark full of
parading jeer
invades the ledges
rather than
harpoons of fear


Share me with
your laughter
remind me of such grief longings
free from covetting master
of faceless lace
of tears' shadow glance
splinter the bright
fierce spike
of humble pierce
healed without light
a compass of to right


Silence talking
are listening words
that soften the language sight
slow ignition the
mirror calm
to sign the touch of flight


Breakers glint
spire of the skies
pierce torrential eye
talon the ripping cruel
stripping a cything
conquer mule jewelled pillage master
blood cut judder
rotting jagged
ancient blade
flay instinct
coarse of affray


Crowding close
edge of twilights the razors of the ledge
flayn echoes
of punishing beaten skies
gorged grim
the snow ladened cloud
sharpen dark
raided breath
frozen colourless gauping stained
mirror of shrinking time
that splintered choking
that grate gargle that wordless blind

Winter's Sunset

A sun winters
glow plated the skeletal weave
wince the fog dust
glazed impersonator
exhausting foe
shadows the clay
seized slump rotting
gauze on the roe


junk meddler
impailed wrot peddler
rain stained
paving of stone greyer
of the verse pounderer
land-fill scavenger
comma – flint – drool
wagging blunt
ink stalker runt
nib blunt
the shunter of the
prowler after the hunt.


Flame – claw
skeleton rash
sunken mesh
lonely gash
rip to lip
drips night and seep
embers the light
bitter of leap.


Hands cupped
to catch the rain
chase the lines of palms-stretch
into a clasp
of ebbing fingers
that skeletal knuckle
rigged grasp raincloud fist
clenched thunder
buckled lightning
nail of cloud flood
veins the fever shook
shake taut freight
heavy the callouses cut.


Tides' thousand wings
creak beneath oceans beak
cawing claw
shallows of dusk tusk
heaves the glowering
darkened migration
like a night felled
moon of shedding prey
that fishes solitude
coastal bays
thrive craved.

That That Runs Down

That that runs down distance
the loneliness of shrinking time
distances centuries
of skies fast vast
cries marooned as keeper
of blizzards lies
slump caved-twilight
frost screams the
flays echoes numb-wind
fumbling screech
bitten trunk of dawn
repent blooded dim
beat silk skies the tow path
the lugging blistered splinter
that spikes the ice that collides into winter.

Fire Works

Hurl through smoke
skies hang-light autumn scar
glitter soar and twist
cold christened
cold chastened
bright dart
ignite the pierce wizened
dank film dark
kite unsilence worn shadow
flock spiral beams
carved bourball dipped
unfathomed swamp
spark bullet fire
knight teaser stem
fleece of enlightened dream
gore of
stellar gene
delta raver of the stream.


Sun blister
facial shell
burning bone
dazed shrill grazed
jaided frail rust casting line
buried in the trail


veined hand scraper
torn grain of the
growl stalker
spiral your tallows
crack blood spit
bled broken splatter
Claw of the lip
jaw of the silent
feeding the grip.


How waves consume the lap onto
beach toppling
sea hurdling
hoisting spray
being the flux break
day scowering floor
shore ends
blown rake rinsing
unchiselled contour gore's
current grimacing tides
gull rip skies
peel tearing
pulling scrapes
bludgeoned panorama
scope roke
taut in burns
curling hapless
sinew frown drowned in vice ferns


Homage to the weak
end of the lie
when turning the other cheek
becomes turning a blind eye.

War Paint

Quiet stroke
beguiling flint
arched print
shade of glint
brush gentle crane
tone textured learn
the lean wound
opened sink
the paint will strip
inside the grill's brink
beneath its lip
until colour has lost its fill.

Like Snow, Too Late For November

Time darts
wrench hill
gust crystal stagger
beak shard
blinded craw
frost the ladder
talk the creaking
word the flaw.


Scorched palour
receeding rose
syntaxed grove
rake of twin gravity lit
dusk to dirt
smog blurt
of muddied layer
hollow flayer flit
gnawing at its poisoned flaw.


A cold a freezes wind
a tightening of ice-skin
arthritic crack
gathering splice
strangler of pen
recoil the thaw
written bin
is the deafening more.


I breathe
of light distraction between
bridle ways of
horses blink
climbing terra cotta
blanched scaled
bearer of flint
glint mirrors
spark bells of purpled ink
spying ledge above
between the mottled wink.


Window drip taps
fallen contours ground
sibilent in hidden
herdings of sound
filling drains
gruelling spew gutter
gasp floods rising flush
rain painted grain
coarse mutters
wheel spray curse
oil-slicked bark of road
grip goad the hurried
chalk feet scurried
racing trodden
hurled flack beaten
throat punctured thunder
snort gusher
stained blind grind
murk rancid is
upon the leaking rises.

The Hollies

Stilled moment
rain silent
your breath
quake the light
deafened the birdless
winds of the growl
stare at the thunder
rake of the plunder
tear-out the howl!


Window grips tapping
fallen contours grind
sibilant prowling
tributeries vents slide
gnaring animal
shrill of filing drains
gruelling drown-gutters
flushed grains painted waste
braced nip grip tentacles
caustic on trampled flay
under the scurreyed chase
troddened croak
the wheeze flack
the rope of coiled skies by rip throat
thunder soak
drenched disguise
furrowed map
contour rain weaver
fuel drains
blind gush
crushing snort
pained rush spirting
brushes the mud skies.


Stars rapped
cloud brush knuckle
lurid unravels
waves moon rides
wash rocks pebbled
slowed grained
ridge blind
receeding dune
split of crystals
wrung opaque
rippled grace
trapped gravity
colludes without space.


Gasping blind
rent the time lungs
burns the
sharpened linger
strings vain
the kite jiggle
beneath the rigged
faster the mast
wind rattle time the past.

Painting, The Words I Lose

As I could hear
as I could see
I painted all anonymity
and I lost my words
like enemies of
my tongue to
brush the paint
against the words I lose.


Rides re-bound
the spun moon cursed marks
tread wet sand
that sinks
dry the halloes feet
raised by fear tricking sensual
beat bitten motioned
that trail luminations wake
retreat shores
penned spies
churning ink grate
the reef sliced drawl
spewn hapless sun-hover
closed beneath the loosened
rows of colliding fret
creeping inlet
cold waterer's
currents scaring
shallows weightless
that stilled whirl
hidden from the ghost of the pearl.


Heat lightning tear
fissure ride rip
break on summer's
heat knife
tip earth stream vapour
cloud amongst humidities shroud
of windless flies
and bound bass downed
lies low root hold skies ground
croak quench gaping feed
heights do fall
brink does like sun stench
covers forewarnings
polished rot
beat crops of haze
drip wing rides
and veined
shaped heat dries.


Beams' strip of night
are long stones beyond
the ledge between edges'
crate of centuries
are peeling skins off winds
and whipping words
with witless nib
still chalkless ink
skribblings grey
strapped to faceless rink


End the rain gentle mercy
sink the silent petals
shut the open clam
stop the bud before it youngers

Among Cloud

A cloud thickening
last wings burning
feathers shaped taut-tuned
spanning motionless....
steepening winds stiffening
greed-dive rips silent cage
unmasked, brutal rage-beauty kills
feeds shrills terror-bleed
shriek helpless agony
unshrouded merciless
the gasp last thirst
scavenged dead ravaged
carcassed of mountain's
gore's the bitter skies
of heave and croak endless devour
it's spiked phlegm
its poisoned sap
that breed flesh upon the pen

If Moon Pressed

Moon pressed
cloud race winds
frowning shadows glide
guild the flows unfamiliar
currents of nightfall
lank lined low
storm crops compressed bellow
dressed can still brew
a cast of languid glow


Stilled banks
swollen breathless
wither the scrape
mud-fear sprung
rake the garish green flake
flung slide
stalking clutter
rid of half-mutter
free the teeming must
dank mist
cut of shame
disdaining rust
cast level winter's spring
swells ringless
cast beyond, before, begin
hollowed from the past
hollow in a glass.

From Tangiers

Familiar day-sight wanes
cold the corridors
of vast last vallies
islands of hospitality
mock dance clap
joy's foil
all dreams
open the tiring memory
the gleaning winge
that caress the last hover.


Dusk lights
candles the star
wise infinity spark
wick of kite shiver
mirror torch
fork speared day shadows
burned carve
alight blind
dim the stroke
fasten the nights void
mast the sails rip
flames tip
passed the rescue lit.

Sky, Sun, Wrinkle

Sky,sun wrinkle
vengeant, wry hush
swept blackbird steepened
stung sea-mosaic coarse
the emerald in turquoise freckle
blemish the debris light
flee skies wrestle-cloud
raced wind hosting
frowning shadows
squint ghost unsure
pours the imperfect pursuit
guides strewn
cast unfamiliar
currents of flight fall
blistered fleece
gaunts the leash.


Listening showers
rain window pluck
the splice rich burning
log-flame the damp ripe cut
in flicker the taste
spire firey the sun slid footsteps
stoops to muscle mud
recoiling the bud
stamping the cold toe from the skin of the blood



Hands cupped
To catch the rain
Chase the lines of palms
Pouring gentle heaven
Into a clasp
Of ebbing fingers
Grasping in raincloud
Of fists clenched
In thunder
continents of knuckles
In lightning

A Seascape

The tide of a thousand wings break the ocean
Of the ebbing sun
Where rock-pools of shallow dusk
Deepen abandoned winds
Fracturing the woven lip
Of a darkened migration of nightfall
Leaving the moon to shape its prey hungry
Fishing the solitude
Beneath waves of silence.

Do Not Die I Forget

Do not die I just regret
That leavesless trees are
Rootedendless skies
Of night winds may
Rain the stain of our demise

Do not die, I forget
The course that
Flocks may fly
In clouds low the
Hazards of snow
All of demise

The Day Of Heaven Sets

Like its sun dissolving into skies
The warm splattering of evening
Flows cooler, lighter
Where Sussex tills harvests
Seated astride
Bails of hay left spreading
Woven welding
That eyes migrate
The meeting of the tides
Sea, this gentle island
Like time glides
the running out of warm
As mildly

In Reverse

Sun rising west
Of running backwards skies
Tidal reverses
....loiters my head of
Dusk dawns
words rubbed -out
writes shunt
raved smudge

Blind eye

Blood shot by staring
Honourably faced
Half-lies remaining
Leaving rot in taste
A cocoon for the meek
Or a homage to lie
In turns of othere cheeks
Without turning a blind eye.

I am a Letter

I am a letter
I scribble
I print
I slant
I loop
I am aletter
Will you write me?

The night

Face the shrouded
Winds net curtains
Billows sun venomed by cloud
Bitten out of sky
Sucked by star beads
Windowed moon
Dark the shadow
Night the cosmos

Gulls belonging without purpose

Skimming gulls
Dare peck
Breaking-in waves
Squawking rasping sands
Shingle hesitant
Flight hapless beaks
Crammed voice and shell
Crack scull whelk
Mallet pebbled beach
Drop dive
Tangling with seaweeds
Drifts ashores
Reclaim seas tides
Wait winter
Linger like rain
Oblique prodding
Feathered litter
Disguised with purpose

Figure in a seascape

The dusk of canvasses flesh
Lurks cornices
Fairs of Autumn light
Shape and lenses
Brush and Figure


A years night
Knows all of tomorrow
All of before
Tonight a lot
And spires
Clogging tears
And fires

Blue skies

Blue skies breaking above
Cloud of waves
Guiding tide fields
Lap coral
Leaf of oak
Breathe shadows of sun swell
Evening of rainbow
Surf reef skies current
moon swim
Fertile the constellations
Bright the star and wash the day

For a Life

Rain gentle mercy
Sink silent late tears
Petals fallen from
Root of sky
Gathers dawn
Greet the
Life buds
Older than Spring


Horizons furnaces
Billowing cloud
A thunder dark
Brute the morning
Spills City huddle
Industrial shunting cold of the 6.30
Lingers tired faced Winter

The smoker's rough
Cough splutters lungs
Into ignition
Herd of milk-cart wake
To colonies of derision
Perched factories
Blazered rung
Blast commuters
Attack life with
Fear and delusion
Pack rush staccato
Drop mail thud
moment years
Lost outside my window.

From Tangiers

The south to Marakesh
Dark by days wane
Desert cold corridors
Abandon last
Sweet cigarettes
Candles the dance
Vigour sing
Drink in Honour meet
Streams prayer
Tiring memory
Begun to speak

The Bends

Daylight stealing
Winter feeling
The night the blight
The sight of life peeling
Skin off the bone
Free wheeling
There's days that intend
Like coming-up to the bends
Like the strife
Of the knife in a back
The cleaver of facts
Their feuding and dealing
When you react
To the lack
Of the knack
That could see you through
Without sound
With out rhythms around
Feeding and needing
Just to get traction
Just a fraction
Too late too early
Had by the hurley burly
That gloom
So soon
No room
To fit
The chance
Counterfeit lanced
The sale is done
Joy-riding for fun
To the contrition
That decay
Of the omission
Frame the claim
Put it into the mouth
Of society
Reckon on no piety
Because if there is a dawn
Or dearth
Or God-given at birth
Remember the glitches
In your mind
The bitch's both
Male and female kind
Who stalk you still
Make you take your will
To find the pill
Of wit and skill
Who bemoan
Then don't atone
Leave them
Bob and weave them
Come up for air
When you need them
My name when
Whole and full
Light the spark
To ponder the flight
The arm wrestle
In my dreams
That deem
The need
To plead
For the freedom too
Wild and offend
To attend
And mend
The bastards
Grey and young
'Sting or be stung'
It's a deal
It's done
Never time to run
Always time to be stung


A tear from stars
Detonated wind fast racing
Splinter on board with sea
Carving simplicity
Flight alight seagull
Gentle regal
Instinctive precipice
Its speed its time
Still alarm piece 
Alone dream
Ignoring mechanical
Circulating Babel
How dolphin
White statue grace
Weight like shapes trace
Among glum
Grim without gravity pinned
Wrung-out lungs
Flout chained
Never given nor
Flew gore remained


The smoker's cough
rattles the lungs of ignition
the milk cart wake
is strewn amongst the perches
above the factories of blazered
attack life with fear and sap
packing the rush staccato.
While mail drops thud on carpet
moments after years lost outside my window
like the billow of human remains
that spills towards the city huddle
where industrial shunting cold of the 6.30
lingers across the tired face of autumn.

Grazing Of The Sun

Clouds soak skies
Before Squeezing rain
Day seams
Shapeless at night
Beneath before bare fields
Sliding mud
Dragged through Winter
Emptied all slopes
Roots the trees
Plants the colourless Grazing sun


Hurl through skies
Hang from Autumn star
Soar twist gold bright
Of what darting ignition
Pierce dank smoked film
Darkened smear
Silence worn by shadows'
Fly spiral beams
Carve dimensions of
Fathom's swamp
So spark traces bullets of
fire frozen buds


How waves lap onto beach
Toppling the seas
Hurdling every charge
Hoisting sprays
Eruptions shower
December wake
How days still shorten
Blown cross the wind
The rinsing tomorrow
Chiselled contours
like tidal currents
Gulls rip the skies
Of breath
A life that bows
Before distant glow
Pulling tearing
Winters closer
bludgeoning the

Winter on Clunbury Hill

Snow crosses dawn presses
The sloping surface of Winter
Sinking valleys drifting in contours of day.
December clings to winds
Frozen impassable the discent of
Its winter cloud grips gravity
whilst blizzards ice spike
burial Clunbury hill -
Winter glacialis time
Battering day powerful
Beauty the hostile's remnants
Of a landscape Severed adorn
Horizons spranged all shudder

Saved by the morning

Eye of day piercing light blinds the
Burns through
Clouds that skulk away the
blast of moon
Rinsed by ripples
Circling tides of
Swoops for man drowning
Stars splinter
Ashore dawn spared
Driftwood senses
Revive matching the salt
That wind tastes
Of seaweed gripping sands white
Horizons, squeezed lush
Light feeding west scatters
Spray morning
Upon brow
Creasing flows the lens of day

I caress your words

When I conceal in moments
The nights that are alone in darkness
I, my torn love
I caress your words
That are wounds of your beauty
When I open your heart
Like I have opened my pain

Ever Nearer

The waves bulge
Clouded skies
Of beach comb
Sediment sands
Sifting fossil
And fragment sea
Tipped wings fray
Feather snap
Jaw crest
Bones the pebble crunch
Gung the sea-foam
Of Bobbing gulls
Swells of flotsam
Thunders rage
Waves sibilant currents
Pulse high the tide
Creep-up beaching time
Of groan nearer


Brush the stars
Unravel waves
Moon- a tide
Wash rock
In pebbles sand
Building dune
Tide to split moon from star
Crystal glittering
To brush aside


Gasping blinded
bends off cavity
Lung of heart
Burns of oxygen
Surface linger
Light sinking
The beauty rasp
its cast

Art and its litter

Seas bloated with the
Slick of winter have
Made flightless the
Cold huddle of gail andgull
Wade through wet sands
Stalking empty
In Shell
Hungry grains
Of mist
Greyed by seas
wound up
Shape wing
The curve
Surf the wooden spires
Of beach
The only spit
Of rain clings
Tides freezing
Clouds ashore
Seaweed like litter
Chewed plastic wave
Rotting silence
Strewn a shadow cross
Bareness of beach

Autumn Skies

Spider web
Cloud of prey
Locked heat
Ensnare mist fog dusk shadow
Sky felled hole
Unknown scavenger
Hunted by Winter itself


A yew shields my vision
My window smudges the rain
A cloud burst
Breaks on slate
Roof of hills knot
Whispering valleys
Hurrying flees

Wrinkled wreathed leaves
Seasons grubby brown
Before frontiers
Stubbled plains
Cloud limbs
Rooted burried
Beneath a rage
Storm- the clasp
Fury choked winds
Veined branches bleed
Blade flaying echoes
Rain thrash
Folliage of skies
Felled in day
Feared on night


Fists clenched in thunder
Knuckles white in lightning
Coarse hands cupped
catch stuck
Pour gentle heaven
Grasp ebb
Silent through fingers'
That grip
The rain clouds of skies

Still banks swollen breathless
Fields bare horizons breaking
Unsure heaven
Winter escape
Fearing sprung
Garish imposter
Whimsical chattering
Will turn


Losts looks rubble
Heat dust suffocate metallic stubble
Sick and fear panic daze
Clutchings afraid

Continents tear
Terror grief
Hopes grave
And solace
No longer spared
Passed shadows
Under concrete bla


Sea breakers glint
Vie for skies that pierce torrential winds
Its blades narrowing sharpening
Like talons ripping
Sything its conquered
Full lethal
Wind beast
Pillage master


In silence talking
words hear the little I know
and the little I offer
of what remains.

Towards The Tunnel Of Night

Tree peers at my window
Searching fruit
To crease the sunset
Baffled by the wings
Of its silhouette

Stroke of summer
Brush the remaining trail of light
Senses of dusk pour open burst
The colour
Shimmering of night


Squinting, blinking
Of something of
are urgent
What lies are these

Flailing Winterv

The mists of swooping
Wings immersed linger
Early undress bound palm
Late remember
Seas slick with December
Bare drizzle
Day shovel bleak

London Calling 7th July 2005

With extremist faith
Gutless loss of face
By such murderers appall

Such carnage such waste
Regardless of race
Every Britons'mobile call

But don't judge in haste
No one can replace
But unite, stand-up and be tall

Because in a case
In a public place
There was terror against all!

Washing line

Figure line
Suit the wind
Swing vivacity
All your colours
Grip sun live
Sign the limbs
Stretch full dreams
Dance out shadow
Cast the line deep
Shrink the sail lifeless

Dusk- out

Unables the see
Colours like print
Syntaxed love
Past, moon and sun
Twins chasing
Struggle in dirt and dusk
The layered
The smog-cloud
Willed before,
During and tomorrow


Easing Arun
Estuary from mussel point
Shoals of ripples carve
Sucking tides
Inhale sunning
Kingfisher engines
The pulse
Swans the hustle gulls
Tourist crumb
Snout Tarrents
Mirrored in silence
Of sun flick across
Pale eddies slopping
Crust of gated shore
Banking over
August bail
Slide between hay
Steering the flow
Clouds hug
Distance Downs
The lip of languid reflection


Like the sides of love
Wisdom fills its corners
Its point and its
Darkened applause
But its complexion
Does not bare suited
In silenced night
That crowd the
Din of ambition
Free about youthful
Bearded in conceit

Suburbia poured away

Heave your branches
Claw the slatted screen
Awake the
Crack mortar jagged
Wind-beat of pilse
Membrane transparent
Lift of sun
Can't sink
Pallid dying
Of season
Before light
Is poured away

Painting, the words I lose

As I could hear
As I could see
I painted All Anonymity
And lost my words
Like enemies of my


Early in step
Erased- bathed
White the path
Of gentle motionless
Mock of fierce time
By simple
Slow Winters
Burdened skies
Bruised by hesitant
Gravity midday moon
Gleaming silence
Stalks pierced eyes
Trickled by heaven dust
Late are footsteps


Cowering winds darkened cloud
Hurtling towards battered 'Marches'
Ripping through mud fields
Raking privet
Hurling skies sting
Flesh trees
Shelter naked branch
Forgotten Spring
Storm winter of sins
Pile shook
Corner of spite


Talking is
Listening words
Soft of language
Of sight
Panarama is
Only flight


I'm self-taught
I've fought
To disparage
Failed that carriage
The wanton
The forgotten
Dust this off your diary
Barbed wire
Under fire
Too few rounds
Gall and fright
Queues lost without sight
Torch lighted
Poems like flying
Lost in the act of dying
Of core values
I'm exhausted
Taught the sport
To shoot a man
Without sound
I've exhorted
That I've contorted
Survival affray
Guns will have their way
Friends lost left to shove it
I don't have trust
Hearts aren't red
They're rust
Can't be counted-on-it
Relied upon
Today is peril
Say or pay
I'm clear
Set apart
From the dereliction
Is a fiction
One day
Cursed by some friction
The mission
Of this position
The setting of the Somme
The colonies and Great Briton
Are smitten
The dye is cast
The song and the past
The distortion
Of this portion
A morgue or asylum
Corporal or general
Slain or seminal
Bet's the final word
Worlds relapsing
The deal as done
don't wait for Christmas
For your loved one
A cross and a grave
Brave list
Life craved


Dusk lights
Candle star wise
Infinity spark 
Flame of wickless respite
Bright shiver
Mirror torch
Holy spears spires
Unlike shadow day
Burnt in incense
Day hope
Night pray
Undim steadfast 


It's the grit snow freezing

That winter's friends sowed- reak

Ice brakes wheezing

Contagion refuse flowed

Bestows suspect

Corruption reject

Read the implode

Begins iced anger

Plummeting hate

At best i can consider it

Clash moral stakes


is our endowment

Seems like just the job

Guts and christmas

Darks the slide of the mob



Day recline stay

Mist swallow

Alpine gnook


Valley steam


Sealed precipice

Fall land grasp

Clasp current



Weave the 

Sliding sun



Winds Night linger

Autumn lying




Flame claw

Skeleton light

Sinking flesh

Off shadow

Eye tied 

Mouth decay dry

Lips night

Limbs folded

Drops of memory

Seep useless

Futile embered

Draw drowse




Court of sun

Burnt tort

Hands fierce


Rasp vast spin

Rip clear

Infection feet

Blast desert


Daylight Ebbs

Day light ebbs false

Snow's bitten

Bird print 

Paw pine freezed

Blink ice

Harden jaws

Limbless gaunt

Gown trees

Cruel the sepia seeps


Path of snow

Open crack

Skies below



Is undelivered

Junk full mail

Left to rain

Stained paving of stone

Door promise

Verse pounderer

Land the filled


Bull the dead

In comma



Are the wrinkles

Storm and ambition

Great corruptor

Specks time condition

Time is where you run-out of people

The old frayed pyramid steeple

Studied marble

Swallowed gabble



Glisten waves

Paint of rein's light

Explode surface

Blueing blots

Azzure ink of turquoises

Colliding beams

Bubbling sky

Fizz of sun

Break shimmering


Barking shallows

Flights current drift

Emptying sea plug

Horizoned skin

Lick feint paint

Collect my palette shaded

Shadow shell

Crow cracks

Like crustacion fell.4


Unravell island seas

Green winter

Stack timber

Cargo spilt

January in flood

Land tide fever

Mounds rippling

Puddles watery skylights

Pebbled path shadows

Stale ink clouds

Aday that menace

Rain-tipped tuned strum

Rusty the gnarl

Barbed-wire beached dunes

Hang shred storms

Fleshly flailing, strung helpless claw

Rasped by shattered shingle



I listen like showers

Rain window pluck

Rise how rich burning 

Logged flame


Firing the taste

Sun freshly cut

Blood Footsteps



Winters' Sunset

A sun winters lower 

Skeletal weaver

Wince and freezing

Fog dusk 

Rite of flow

Glazed impersonator

Exhausted foe

Sibbling's affray

Shadow's clay


Broken Teeth In City Malls 

Cigarette butts in bins

Bloodied nose in brawls

Polluted minds and body sins

Broken teeth in City malls


The devil is on a bender

Drink- vampire kills

Poisoned bottle vendor

Junkies' dirty swill



Only Snow That Falls Can Melt

Snow churn 

Flake of cloud

Melt wheels

Bleak tarmac

Bleach boxes surburban

Wheel of skies


Crunched foot



Paved -in


The crystal manna 


Longer than the wind

A Moment

The joy and the sorrow 

Singing of the love and anguish

Living high if not tomorrow

The fear comforting wish

The brightness dying dim

The noise like a violent

Emptiness of a glass filled to its brim

Sliced into a moment silent


Like darkness and fog

Jaded fallen and skies

Murk the rain stricken

Waves raking

Dismembering and pebbles

Grating vice 

Pollutant spew

Driftwood times

Cunning ashore

Fog and darked



I see you through the

Eyes of my heart, my soul spirit

Beyond the me that I have

And like the day seasons and sun

I love you more than

Always i love you

There's memory

The nothing of me

But be with me ever

And I live when I am gone

So that I never say goodbye



Share me

your laughter

Remind such joy

taught about love

Face and

Tears furrowing

Glance tears 

I cannot see



In my years

Under oak beams

That cross a ceiling

I have held slate roof

From wind and rain

Slanting hills

Deranged by aching fern 

Moss of years

Days come

Curing night and its shadow

From the neon of my brush



If words describe my face

Not shade nor shadow

But contours hues

Purpled blue

Red yellow and its brown

Then in words I hear

Then in words I speak

I can see that

Words are free like the 

Black creases of my hand

Firm amidst my lighter palms

Shaking the hands of words

That hold us

That craft African coal 

The us

Of mold gold-black hands

the psalm of found memory 

And sound of verse



Day remember

Begin in the Spring sun

Swaying lush the green fields

Weaving clouds to time

That deepen indigo skies

Dat remember

Fill buds

Blossom shape

Dance sun as westward 

Far before whirls

Fall of might




 I love painful

Like memory of suffering it

For suffering shows muster

You can

More than suffering any pain

But I cannot love again

For I am still



Years and Days

Here nine lived stooping under

Oak beams and doors Huddle

Close to wood burning

That still of feet and hands

From a sister's wedding

We have covered garden bank

From mud and bindweed to peach

Roses and goldenrod of overhanging

Plums wild with strawberries

In summer lanes devils finger

Hawthorn and hazelnut enclose

Where once they embraced

Now turn and each season toward

Time that remembers cattle feed

The unpunctual crowing of cock

And lambs the amble of days

While careless of years

For there is a yew tree

Grown to shield

Like the day shelters in


Valleys fields

Church Craven

The arms white housed Roast the Sunday

Of each Clungunford day

Weather beating Garden

Tears leave

Youth of days and years.



Above beams of night

Chiselled ceilings of stone

On tiled roof

Rain waters proof

Plunge down

Torrents on 

Slates centuries

Like skin of wind-winters

Plough valleys

Or raise hills

Marches every season of Spring

An age



If by daylight toil

Lit by the vine 

Sun be the tongue

Then its merriment Are the eyes of stars

Squinting moon

Unsteady gape

Befallen sturdier

light to the season



For a heart is

pounded by offence

But these diseases 

Are more sense

For in not having learnt

The shape of pain

Stolen are the unlearnt

Of pleasures gain



Given memories are our lost

To those reminding

In every reason there is a teacher

Where there be solidarity

Before such humour

Is in between love where she remembers

As I in between she remembers love

So am I worn youth all its measure

Heat and skies

Late country

Pathway shimmer

Embedded yield

Heat listless in



Constant immobilizing

Near as darken lash

Thrash deep

Thunder wrench

Close too


Without drench




Ceiled- in

Envelope of Cloud 


Rudder skies

Wrap night wings

Crossed scars

Star path 

Peril pleasure

Sail life and disease




Dumb like hidden

A secret

Daubed drum lurid

Towering roar

Fling winds

Shake bare

The spill of birdless



Glued in rain



The Hollies

Mauve, still, silent

Moments of green leaf

Spring rain 


Close trees elastic

Breathing the skeletal

Lightning quake a thunder

Dust severed


submerge the burden

Meadows of

Join rain


Oil of deaf stampede

Running like road grass 

Acres wheat

Orchard of calm

Storm with June




Off the Grog

Holding down a job

I'm off the grog

And now I feel better for I

making my bob

Got a grip of my gob

Clean- off no lie




Blurred wind

Tentacles of rain

Nip gloveless hands

Stuck like gutterings

Trail of memories

Winters shut.


Mountains of cloud

Burnt mountains 

Perilous wring

Rest shelter

Swallowed in silence

Left silhouettes wrestling

Drunken wrinkles

Deepen stump the

Emerald turquoise


The blemishes of light

Moon pressed

Guiding the unfamiliar 

Currents of nightfall





Indian Summer in Cornwall

Yellow blinks skies 

Blue lit in valleys

Swooping between

Lanes and hedges of hawthorn

Carve late shimmering the fields

Freedom roams fertile in skies

Aerobatic harvest


How do mirrors of heaven languish in these

Canopies of day?...

...evening, the scorched horizons of 

Tomorrow console breezes 

Caress over-hanging trees parched

Where grass is brown by hushed wheazes


When do its branches fall towards

Oceans and porous shadow?....

Waves lap sand grains 

Twilight sun last glitter

For moon seas currents

Spray are tides sun sink

A waters edge..

..For we leave footprints of our day

To dance in star shadow

Shaping winds like the trawling oceans 

Bleached in dismay.


Night jagged splitsof light

skies splinters

Moon's teeth gnaw at gulls

Cannibalizing ocean

Gore evolution

Rips sea's flesh like festering spill

Brutal calculates

Stasis of the tides

That scalp the beach

For cold waves' asthmatic

relentless ships the disease

Slick of night

ghost of the sky

Drowning a day

Taken away



I breathe gliding

Fractions of light

Along inside between

Briddle ways and blackberries

Fed to horses

A blink a gratitude

climbing Chantries terra cotta

That freeze

Blanched in forests

Cleared of pathways

Green grip 

Bare flint walls

Encircling church beacon

the mirrors of Spring

Bluebells bud


Rain 2

From a fissure lightening

Tear skies

Break summer's hot earth

Like vapour streams of humidity

That thunder, rebounding

Horizons base octave bursting.

Planted me

Growing branches

The roots ofsky and ground

Quench the draping of its vegetation

Feeded scaling heights

I fall like autumn or freeze

Like ice tentacles upon winter

To the sun whose shine I polish

I can be a softened beat

That hugs, warms body or wing 

Flies drunk free above

Glistening in all the seasons

In my name.

Nocturnal Flight

Nocturnal web fold

The moonlight

Like mist of stars

Hanging from night

chase the wind

Shaking of its trees

Silver fade

Leaves alight 

Dawn field

insight day

Just being born

Like Snow, too late for November

Time darts
The pixellated fog blzzarded
Down across, it wrestles
Wintering spires of branch
Wrenched, beech hills
Steep encircle,
time- like
Ice gusts crystal
Diamond of snow
Sharpens froze
Stubbled concrete-flaw
Darkened season
Blinds distance face
bleak stare storm

Worn by memories

When clouds freeze
Yew tree of rain
Holly spikes
catch hawthorn
Storks of privet
Hacked back
Tortured in winds
Ice-scarred lanes
Bare the fields of footprint
Worn under memories
In relentless
Lost shadow
Clunbury hilled.

Night Seas

Night ooverlap the seas

languages dialect the winter

Foreigned opposites lands

Their shadows 

Fallen in dreams

Moon that rolled into darkness

Have run out of sky




Wheels lock a pitted road

Writhing through

Human smog

Mind screams like brakes of judder

body on skid sideways

Film lash and fall......

....a fear rush of dead

Twisted like impact

Pain searing agony with limbs

...seconds of

blood sweat


Of darkness invades....

....these of my shadows..




I throw myself a stone

Across a river


Ricochet emitting

Audible river gasps

That stroke

That molds my form

flying skies


With each touch

Tire like the sun

Below in the evening

Like flint

It flashes sparks

Darting surface

claws and grazed friction

Swallowed rising

Bubbling the surface bank

Besides opened river




Pure pyre forbode trance

Reap stoke pain

Teeth gitter chant


Raw fire explode chance

Deeps chokes stain

Flicker glance


snow pyre tall slant

Steep smoke flame

Winters' aglance




Unforgiving hands

Prowl shame

Loss of once 

Ably rootless grain


All that growls

Rack dark fame

Untracked, dis-able

Beyond damage

To blame





Days that wilt in short humid breath

Or night like asthma boil in

desert Summer

Squander raw

Solar punishment


Flames the temperature insun

Addiction to the

Frailty of man

gagged humanities.

Like Snow, Too Late for November

Time darts between the
pixillated fog a blizzard whipped
down cross wrestles
the sharpens frozen
on stubbled floor
dark in season
blinds time the
face of it's bleak storm.


Is it the curve the flower of my nose

The scent dream of eyes

Where dusk goldsilk flows

The flight between laughter and repose

When glistening stream shaft and spies

Why where you plant where stealth survives

Am I too much the son of the toil

How hungerhate the sun and the foil.


Note to be sung

Today’s oncoming tide

Surfs like the waves swum

flows the beginning

As if tomorrow has been run


Upon which skims sea currents

swirls the sun?

yesterday’s blackest note

plunders the tidemorning sung .


I caress your words


When I conceal in moments

The drops of darkness

I , my torn love

Caress your words

That are wounds of your beauty

That I will open into your heart

to find all my pain

Morning- Day 

Combustion engine hover

Rasp of distance

Stale rush blirts

Metal orb shimmer blues the

Alarm trigger

Nitrogen clocks cracks-open

Morning day steel

Grip tap

Boils triangular

Bag perforated disorder clinging

Slab of mind


Deranged wake-sleep


Breakfast chimes-on

Mobiled sloan

Cackling chrome mouth

Fuel-biting crackle

Thirst chewed verbiage

Shredded through with letterbox

Bills crapping

Refuse doormat

Razor fights chin

Nips cuts buried underfrown

Tepid water seals

Cast of refraction

Greying mirror

Toothpastes of

Stains dents

Vents of yellow dentistry


Just swallow lurk fumes

Coffee cigarette


Cross tables

Quivering spoons sift

Lumps the blunt bread

Soaked strands peel

Light viced in slatted


Keys dig into door

Twisting like middle-age

Dropped clumsily

Scratch car sketches screech

Road of markings

Drawn fluorescent bus

Painted adverts curb crawl

Packed glum of closed faces

Boarding shift

Morning slams shut

Ransom carnage


Longings bled-out

Trail dark dreams

Unfiltering schemes

Exhaust the phlegm

Poisoned in rust

Choking remorseless recoil

Bullets boiling sepia rage

Churn gas-tyranny of road

Morning-collect eyes

Bulging dashboard note

Stolen grained hands still 

Grip wheel hose-pipe

Severed bleedings

Petrol on lap

Anonymous lay-by

Towed away

Tomorrow sorrow

Goad the day


Today's the Day

Don't have a chip

Shoulders are equipped

Not belligerent

No excuse for ignorant

So I'm saying

How I'm paying

To get ahead

Get out of bed

Like I'm through

Don't tell me I'm new

Fighting the glue

On my reputation 

Trainless on the station

Get's you where

Brown eyed flair

There is no function

Times like a junction

You take it

Or make it

Like I'm not terribly so

I'm not going with the flow

I'm different

But not indifferent

Fault like I don't baulk

At the talk

That someone should walk

Don't take the pinch of salt

When the suits

Of average repute

Stopping the astute

In finding their route

So stop electing

Stop protecting

The infecting

Of the mind

Because you'll find

Pockets are lined

With ideology of a kind

That fails you

That assails you

So you want peace

Get rid of the lease

Of the beast

Who'll feast

Or be fleeced 

For today's the day

You go your own way

Of understanding

Not reprimanding

No guise

No surprise

Don't tell me it terrifies

When there's a chance

To enhance

Who you can be

And make your own

Without being prone

Doubts are for louts

They are your enemy

Break that ceiling

Is what I'm appealing

Today's the day

That you're on your way

Sky, sun wrinkle

Sky the sun wrinkle
Soft vengeance
Hush blackbird
Flush in swept
Deepened and stun
Seize mosaic
Coarse emerald turquoise
Debris the 
Blemish light
Gorse cut

If moon pressed

Skies west

Cloud race

Wind host

Frowning shadows

Unsure pours

Pursue heaven's guides

Along unfamiliar 

Currents of nightfall


Such crowding

Too close twilight

Where nights razor

Flays echoes

Punish beaten skies

Bruised by edges

Snows raiding clouds

And sharpened dark


Freeze age breath

River the banks

Still lined

Swollen towpath

Colourless puddles of 

Shrinking time fist

Croak chorus wake 

Spirits turn

Servile masters 



Among Cloud

Cloud drive

Last wings

Burn feathers shaped

Tuned hovel spanning


Steep winds

Dive rip silence

ragged brutal beauty kills

Feeds hunt


Shrouded mercy

Gasp its

Meadow bloodied

Scavenger mountain



Bitten Skies heave

Endless croak

Sore batter


Ravage trap

Spiked phlegm

Dead of sap


Summer's name

From fissure lightening

Tear through pride rip

Break on Summer

Heat knife

Torn by earth vapoured

Streams humidity

Windless thunder

Bound bass down

Grow root

Half hold pound

Quench drapings green

Feed height fall

Drink drowned sun

Of warm silent

Moon ashrines

Softed beat

Heat heart

Wing body

Rain breathe



Teme Valley, downstream

Emptied fields


Winds tree that

Listen quiver



cascade twist

Fallen on 

Ice wax flint

Lower the valley's

In land skinned

Stain furrows

Slain flow






Where rivers

Mind clear seas

Crescent sand night

Share loins daybreak

Laden sun

Filled cloudless



Ate what he could

did notlike the dole

gave-up work

saving parole

spoke of tolerance

waived dormats

listened virtue

chewed the fat

liked honest

didn't smell a rat

knew who he was

had seen to that

only him

welcome chat

gave a damn

where he sat

fasts and travels

shores light and packed

peace full wherever

unburdened uncracked



Tides rebound inspired

Spell moon

Treads on wet sand

That sinks and

Dries its path halloes

Feet off

Tempting sensual seas....



Ridden oceans

trail illuminations...


Retreat man-

Shore ashore

Penned spies




Slice the fall

Spitting Autumn hapless


Beyond the sun beneath the

Or too clothes of man....


...tides inlet hazard



Cold waterers

Floundering currents

A depth too shallow 





Waves can be warm

With spray falling

Like freckles on swept faces

Its burning winds

Can drag its salt and sand

Across skin scarring silently

Seas in

Complexion transparent

Pebbled cavernous

Echoed reflection

A mottled preen

Lapping tides

Climb of

Chiselled surface

Maraud deep

Currents in deception.


Night dim end

Rootless thumb

Gardens stars

Hollow in  distant


Silences stillness

Song to coil moon

Round cloud


Dawn to put it out



Aged faced

Long Mynd

Quarried of snow

Colourless of 


Shrinking time

Sheened ray



Filter fields

Chasing light


Darkened aged

Thorn of thaw




Window drips tapping

Contours ground

Sibilant mapping

Rain tributaries

Hiding animals of sound

Filling drains and 

Drowned gutter

Flooded rising

Gushing load

Rain-paint on face

And frozen mutter

Wheel spraying

Tarmac goad

Hurried feet


Grass upend 

Soil pound

Choke gowned

Black asunder

Maimed skies

Punctured felled



Too dark for shadows

Shadows of rain

Canopies fumed dust

Press windows flat

Smudge of lying

Dressed- in 

Face off





Scour sun



Skies sunk in tears




Tranced skies




Western tails

Cloud smoke



A sea of waves

Sweat Wittering

In beach 

Hoarse night

Print of morning



No memory is silent

From a silence not a memory

Like each mortal inhaling

Stingingly and hidden

To quiet a moment-mind

Suspicious to words




Eyes blinking

I see seagulls' wings

Rock find

Spray and light


Face of some wrinkling

I see here all storms din

Sheltered blind

Winds on shore blight

Lips bitten talk


I see winter in Spring

Tides loose time

Waves to a height






A cold a freeze

A wind that tightens

Skin scars

Ice arthritic

Clasp gathering sin

Pen slip


Bite thaw

Written bin


Man of tin


Words I have 



Biting its pulse

Choke its arteries

Atonal flesh


fractured mirror


Gore its page 


Poplars steeper closer heavens
Stars silence cascade
Skies above
Clears and dispells
Night doubt
Steams of the universe
Upon hours of breath
Rebounding moons
Its forest path ahead
Of the cloth of South Downs'..... no endless lot
No freeze begot
All night crept day
No Winter's knot..
Dawn pollinator sun of
Silken layers 
Gathering frayed cloud night
West wards .....

The March Easter Sun

A sun

Once magnet to winter

now light emptying heavens

Of cloud that no longer scrapes its trail

It's metallic formedice-winds

Now. like gentle water ri[pples that skim

Blues skies

The span of

Sun's goldening wing

Hover  sail above the echo doved

Breath blossom Easter hill

Springing the rise peel

Tender sun

Above manicured

Moon hidden by a universe of Winter.


Wish that poem

To be understand not to be understood

Blurred words are lost not to an echo

But to the silence inside a poem

Left, useless, without

We 'chase the air'

We 'brush off the sea'

If we 'run with the waves'

Then tomorrow there will

Be nothing left for

except the left of me


With Paint

Quiet, stroke, unruffled

Charity-beguiling, observing

With each different spirit

Each reflection

Shading tolerance

Brushes of harmony

Likes tones textures,loving..

Learn this when

Painting pierce the pears

In making wounds of night

Days Meander

 Days meander 

the like engine trails scalpel

Sinews of skies

blue flat

Canopy of deafening strips

Glints the sunset scar

Paled behind horizons


Aimless winds shift






Combustion engines hover
Like the distant rush hour
Metal-orb shimmer in the blue skies
Alarm clock cracks-open the morning day
Steel that drips from the tap
Boils triangular bag like
Perforated disorder, clinging
To the slab of minds
Locked-in deranged wake-sleep

Breakfast chimes on mobile phone
Mouth full biting crackle
The first chewed verbiage 
A post-shredded through letterbox
Of bills like refuse crapping on
Razored fights chin
Nips and cuts
Tepid seals
Reflection upon greying mirror
like toothpaste on
Stained dentistry

Just swallow the lurking fumes of
Coffee and cigarette as it
Wastes across table quivering 
Silver marked with spoons sifting through
Lumps of blunt bread soaked
In Stands of light craddling
Industrial levelled

Keys dig into door
Twisting like middle-age
Dropped clumsily embedded
Car sketches road marks
Over the bus fluorescence
With painted adverts that curb-crawl
The packed glum of closed faces
Boarding the shift of day
The Morning slams shut on

Longings that are spewed-out
Trailing in dark dreams
Without filtering
The exhausted
Human spiritless poison
choking remorseless the recoil


Between salt-blistering

Sea currents or

Tides that thirst

Like a wave languishing on beaches

The sun quivers

Like ripples of sand flame

Scorching oceans porous shallows:

Where sun lies drowning,

floundering..... burns like stings

High cloud wincing

Wrinkling unravelling zephyrs

That split silken horizons;

Where sun lies drowning.....


..Sisyphean task sun

chokes its morality

Gasping, flowing,

Fate is not drowned

But floating 

Bloated, limp cadaverous





Sun blisterface of a

Burning horizons and bone

Days wiltin short humid

Wheeze asthma boil desert

Pollutions steam

Solar punishment

jaded man frail 

adulls enflamed


Tear through skies

In fissure of lightning

break on baking earth

and vapour streams

thunder bounding

in base bursting

plant me

grow roots branches

skewer sky and ground sounding

quench the draping green full

of the sun pounding

a silence before rush of night

a softened heat beating

in a heart of a wing


a ripple



Grieving in a Winter

Grieving inside a Winter

Like raining dark no

Longer guides us along

Familiar currents of nightfall

Jagged river banks

Scythe the frowning shadows

As glassed puddles weep colourless

The loneliness of shrinking time

A light never permits

Centuries of skies to master

Or Blizzards’ crowd

The twilight and sickens

Razored frosts scream too

Flayed the echoes of wind

Fumbling at our reeds encrypted

An oxygenated punishment

By beaten skies

Poisoned by our tow paths

Lugging the broken land.


....Windows of the fading moon

From which he looked at day

He smoked his cigarettes

Reducing his time

He poured himself

Empty crystal dawn

Hollow in a glass

Of fragments atoms of



His room blotted paper

Walls drained

The stained ink of twilight.

There was the body that was

Folded in his

Bruised bed that beckoned

The day to leave

Like a glaring silhouette

He was resolving....

Broken Teeth in City Malls

Cigarette butts in bins

Bloodied nose in brawls

Polluted minds and body sins

Broken teeth in city malls


Spare me the bones

Of vodkawhiskey and its effect

For the devil is the drinker

His rancid master elect

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