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"Hunted to Extinction" - Exhibition

This Easter, I wonder if it is a scandal that today, we ignore the hunting of mammalian species to extinction? Yet didn’t humanity want to hunt Jesus and the early Christians to extinction as a ‘sub-species’? The starved trafficked lions may have eaten Christians alive, but it was their depraved human ‘masters’ who relished it as a sport to ‘entertain the masses’ So was Jesus a victim of state sponsored persecution, political manipulation, blackmail and venal financial greed? Are payments for illegal rhino horn and elephant tusk also for recreation by mankind? Perhaps hell is where we are eaten alive for eternity by the very creatures we hunted on earth? Or not? You decide.

My exhibition will run from 31 March to 12 April 2015 at the Oxmarket Centre for the Arts, Chichester.

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