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Are Labour homeless or will self-destruct win Corbyn the political pools one day?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Does the Labour party not deal with ideology when it keeps pretending it has has a total makeover? Will Corbyn do Old labour,new labour ,young labour, brand labour, PR labour,red labour ,blue labour...... The labour party seems to be not a broad umbrella but a flaming canopy of everything?

Look at the treatment of all its leaders - "sell-outs, traitors, villains, criminals....."

It seems to be battling with its view of history every time it's either in power or out of power. Is there any difference for Labour? It believes that Blair got us involved with an illegal war - isn't virtually any war to some extent below the belt? Blair wasn't really the leader of New labour but a desperate replacement (long term)for the Kinnock, Mr unelectable. Why did Kinnock wait until Blair resigned to air his criticisms? The only use for a Kinnock for the labour is the son of, who married a Royal. Does Labour want to wait for our Royals Prince William or Prince Harry to suddenly become 'enlightened?' (I think they have their own form of enlightenment thank you).Or will the labour stop trying to trump every PR stunt that it can to show us all how today really is? Let's face it could the labour really get its own house in order first? No, unless you're a Tory female MP, you haven't got a chance to get to the top if you are a labour MP. Labour is policy, philosophy espionage at the moment. When your political values swing or you become part of a political soap opera, it's time to get out.

Could you imagine that an ex-homeless man could have more impact on housing issues than the might and the resources of labour? John BigBird grasped new labour not just before Labour, but still remains the only possible alternative to the status quo. Could the birdman have set the pace for others to follow his logic without labour recognition? Could the labour conceive of a lottery each week only for vendors of the Big Issue, where a vendor would receive direct action from their local council, on demand for where ever he/she is located with immediate effect? Sounds as though the homeless issue would get the sort of prioritization it should get in the first place. But that is just extending the logic of the Birdman. But what are labour up to? Still fighting bigotry in its own back yard by lack of reassurance and action to eradicate racism. It's not the Tories in power it is the labour out of power but in self-destructive mode that this country has got used to. Even if Blair was press ganged to join the Tories by labour zealots, he probably has more labour in him( because it has been put to the test already) than those who seem to prefer white van man than their fellow senior MPs.

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