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Democracies and Capitalistic tendencies

Democratic and free market economies may emerge from institutions and cultural road maps that may err on the more 'untried and new' algorithms, but British Capitalism will remain the first country to industrialize via Capitalism but has proved that Marx's dialectical materialism of 'dictatorship of the Proletariat' never succeeded, and could only precede and also be succeeded by Capitalism, and not the gateway to Communism. Furthermore, Butskellism in the 1950's/60's also provided for both social mobility within a welfare state, and in doing so, distinguished between a welfarist society, in which the economy was introduced to fit around it (more like a Scandinavian system), and a welfare state that provided a safety-net to protect residual unemployment and underemployment. But both Chancellor Brown and Chancellor Sunak both reviewed the occasional need to re-balance by both the need for a welfare state and welfare society by nationalization of Banks (the former), and Furlough during Covid lockdown (the latter). Any further incursion by such methods is unlikely in the foreseeable future, unless there is another Pandemic on the same scale as Covid, where Brown's and Sunak's Chancellorship's may prove a publicly acceptable precedent. But can we afford them is a matter for further consideration?

Malthusian nightmares and the onset of AGI will impact millions of jobs by automation, that will have a critical impact on attempting 'small government' as well as being catastrophic for social security, healthcare etc. The population is getting older or already retired and therefore not taxable? Can we afford to have a low wage but high tax economy? Will we have to strip private property home ownership from the many to afford a welfare state let alone a welfare society and succeed in the ruthlessly competitive global economy? Surely the dream of owning your own home could be too easily tossed aside just to pool family income to pay for 'throwing money at the Treasury'? Ironically this sounds too similar to Tory omnipresent criticism's of Labour?! What a switch!! What a stretch too far ! What a loop! So, only the 'British oligarchs' could both afford to pay more taxes and have the resources to retreat to their own mansion's and own other properties to rent out to everyone else, in the knowledge that all the Professional classes will not be 'eligible' (on what set of criteria would be used to evaluate that?) to own 'their own home'. Or perhaps only the billionaire's would be free from any taxation to enforce 'discipline in imposing a no tax/high tax economy?

This is no 'hidden in plain sight agenda', but a rumination on how other less private home ownership centric economies may prefer to be without mortgages but with more freedom to define their own flexible mobility! Let Billionaire's over commit themselves to monopoly ownership whilst everybody else can avoid such a fate that requires too much time, too much stress and devalues all the fun of all the human experience that the individual can autobiographically enjoy hassle-free!


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