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Justify Democracy and Capitalism by human evolution

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Any attempt to justify Democracy and Capitalism by human evolution through the pendulemic but permanent influence of 'society' must recognise that it's 'society' that crystalizes the human condition that demands mutation for evolution to move forward. Why? We can control most of life with the one notable exception of the unpredictable fecundity of society in spite of whether it is de rigeur or stigmatised! Society is pivotal to the swing of this elusive 'society' that transcends institutional corporeal establishments of state, the economy, justice system, our very constitutional monarchy, parliament and the individual. Toleration of this tennis court of 'to and fro' of popularity/unpopularity requires far sightedness and optimism where 'life rallies' rallies us together to find solutions. And the British are a nation of inventors who are finding these very solutions to engage all of us ! Dictat, abuse of power, terror and indoctrination remain stubbornly but valuably subordinate to the 'solution of society!' 'When 2 or 3 are gathered' we have the nucleus of society, in spite of persecution and perhaps decades of being denounced, even centuries. Society will always upgrade of downgrade but will always re-charge the batteries and fuel change - it is inescapable and is the prerogative of social existence where these very pendulemic swings will intuit and reinforce the very social vertebrae of our lives today, yesterday and tomorrow ! Welcome to the erratic but unavoidable.

How is society debated? Let me explore the mutually suspicious enmity that sells itself as porcelain but is actually concrete, sells itself as altruism but is acting at a distance obscuring self-serving self-interest . Is it a modern sin to neglect or avoid responsibility and decision-making so as to not pollute or corrupt 'one's inner sanctum'? Or is it the boastful risk-averse who betray the 'intolerable sharing' of moral relativism because they have 'an agenda' that enables them to blame others by any false incrimination whilst promoting self-exemption where ever possible ! Perhaps we need real 'moral redistribution' and acknowledge the mutual fallibility by morally conflicted moral relativism of 21st century life? So, who would want to have to take invidious decisions that are steeped in moral conflict ? By avoidance and self-extraction from 'difficult contexts' one can defer 'difficulties' and compromising situations to someone else who can then be open to critical hostility and denunciation ! Now we have reached the world of the dark Arts that sounds like a different time in a terrifying era to me .

So, how are most insulated and most robust ? That's it ! But if family is dysfunctional but is the backbone of society how do we reconcile 'blood more than faction' ? Or does moral relativism transcend yet gets absorbed into the family unit because of its crucial role as the building block of society, the society that is our life-blood of evolving past prejudice ? But isn't that killing Peter to pay Paul ? So even the basic rudimentaries of society are designed to blood-let by evolution ! Right, I'd prefer to keep my family from that semi-dystopian feud that may or may not move the process on, thank you very much ! Enough of families, let's concentrate on moral relativism and the disempowering effect when it over-heats and begins to duplicate and reproduce beyond its original remit. This power and the concealment of power is the hypocrisy of our day. Avoidance of it or neglecting its dangerous properties are our hypocrisy. Of course one can also avoid the temptation of this our 'modern sin' to restrict exposure to it, but why should we wear a face mask if everybody else isn't ? You could be preventing others from infection but others may not giving you the same courtesy.?! This could be the very breeding ground of passing on the very DNA of infection, this very corruption and selfishness that could do society great harm ! Didn't Oedipus put out his eyes when he discovered his 'sin' ? Freud would have loved this but aren't we all Oedipus's who don't cut-out their own corruption and 'sin' ? Let me put this in a modern context :perhaps it is inevitable that we' look the other way' that degenerates into 'not in my back-yard, which in itself degenerates into 'stick the boot in when no ones looking', which becomes the final nail in the coffin, you have to get away with anything' and anything goes' ! ? Oh dear, aren't we all capable of trying to conceal our 'hypocrisy so much that we keep sinning to conceal the first sin; it's called digging an even bigger hole for yourself, no? Perhaps we should say to all of us, 'Stop digging!', you don't need to dig any more !'. I think of the very ungrammatical Spanish I knew 35 years ago that explains this, no not 'no passaran' but 'Contra hipocresia es todo(s?). Libertad ou mourir ' has to be liberty against hypocrisy, our integrity that is our non-propertarian property, our non-extremity, our artistic and intellectual property that is often stolen or compromised by the avoidance of temptation but moreover, our avoidance of responsibility ! Shouldn't we be risking perilous shark infested ideological waters to become the noble of 'contra hipocresia es todo' non-superman, without being rendered 'other'? Too many political shibboleths really do spoil the broth !

At this stage I'll write the intro to this blog. What? A bit late? Wrong place? Where's the chronology? Why don't you answer those questions? Let me give you a hint: It's out of sync stupid ! I don't do political conversions or exorcisms, vigilantism isn't me and neither is revolution or counter-revolution ! I do progress by pragmatism under deafening realism! I work with difficult people and I won't back away from responsibility of it. I recognise that everyone is potentially malleable, but my job is to push on through being manipulated to the other side until I see the whites of the eyes of hypocrisy, that lie we tell ourselves that snowballs. I don't do convenience and no doubt I have a list of personal issues that I can't be bothered to address. I have made a series of bad decisions that have got me to the right place ! I don't get held -up by regret and no one is totally fulfilled but everyone is not ordinary!

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