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Law and Border

Breakdown of law and order, infrastructure and society often spells trouble for a breakdown of civilization and temperate social behaviour. War is the very definition of humanity failing, where catastrophic individualization of agony that collectivizes hate. The Gaza/Israel conflict has taken society and consensus captive and mutual conflict its partner in all war crime ! Let me be quite clear, I'm sure there is a concept of a 'just war' but war is a dinosaur T-Rex armed with 22nd century missiles and rockets , that enfeebles democracy by making no common ground and hope for reconciliation impossible, and western democracy becomes the achilles heel that mutates into an adjunct to aggressive continuation of hostilities ! I for one do not recognise the authority or jurisdiction of violence against non combatants, that ironocally has encouraged bitter revulsion of both armed sides to do some more killing !!? A 'legalization of Guernica' is a heresy of terror that deprives 'non-political people' of the social leverage of society as an asset and all our self validation !

The West may always be referred to as 'Do Gooders that sits on its hands', but it will be largely its responsibility to watch tyranny of war finally exhaust itself before it can manifest peace amidst the rubble and concrete of Gaza/Israel without recriminations, just as it succeeded to not exploit the spoils of winning the Cold War, just as The Truth and reconciliation committee poured cool water over the Terrors of demands for pay back time after Apartheid was abandoned ! But until the warring parties end continuing to torture each other by the cold anonymity of faceless bombing and indiscriminate firing of rockets that has subcontracted and distilled blind ignorance and mutual polar isation, the West will be left on the sidelines ! We live in a 'logistics lunacy of nihilism' when civilians are collateral damage for ideological extremes ! Hasn't the world learnt anything from the illegal invasion of Ukraine ? Why is humanity walking blinkered into a guerilla urban street by street war, where the innocent dead and the walking dead of non combatants are living in the wreckage of their livelihoods and social habitats of rotting corpses of civilian life as neighbours ? Why are sides competing in a macabre rivalry as to the damage to mutual society and normality it has caused ??!! What will happen to the Palestinians and the Israeli's for whom generations of mistrust has been percolating before this eruption of this conflict, and are now at their lowest ebb since the 1960's ?

It seems that the mutual declaration of causas belli can never be taken back and rescinded but will always fester.........but perhaps this is an opportunity to admit that there is no reconciliation by mutual guilt, but there maybe 'Law and Border' that reconstitutes a 2 state position of a deal that reflects mutual opposition and that guarantees mutual societies of functional scepticism and suspicion and clarifies the deep wound that started with October 7th 2023 and ends with exhaustion and when it reaches the point where there's too big a price of mountain s of civilian casualties to pay ! That dubious but basic outcome will still be operating in 'a land of the permanent scar' !


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