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New Emergence of issues of 'Connivance'

Russian influence. It is true that only now are some levels of Soviet failings emerging from the decay and the inevitable end of the Cold War. But first is it a break with the past that the very first Marxist Leninist Revolution of Oct 1917 that was pioneered by the Russian people would show that the same DNA by inventing the 'Velvet Revolution' completed by 1991 ? Does the apple ever fall far from the tree? That Mr Soviet, that is the dialectic of the history of the DNA of the Russian loop'. That same dialectic was bankrolled by 1990's international investment, that was also an inevitable dialectic of history bankrolling capitalism! But Russia now trailblazes the resistance to Communism......... but not to Nationalist expansionism that is a gross miscalculation of its capacity to invent and lead the very same international system whose international law has been destroyed by the illegal invasion of Ukraine - territorial expansionism however, isn't only preserve of Putin that defies the international community today !!!!?

Perhaps the failings of Sovietism contribute to the pan-European zeitgeist of ' Policy via manipulation, imposition and the construction of a heresy or mutation in Post Cold War geo-politics ? The concept of the 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat' was a structural failure in Sovietism. 'Victory of the many against the few' can be seen as a homogenisation of Russia to make a minority of the under privileged Russian (this is my working interpretation of the Working classes that may have appalled Sovietism as an anomaly' from pre-Sovietism and therefore dangerously 'linked to western concepts of counter-revolutionary Egalitarianism' ) in towns and villages across the vastness of the Soviet Union. The masses were standardised and the poor and the neglected were seen as a minority that was a residual hangover of Capitalsm! So it is feasible that Dickensian conditions were imposed by a unitary centralised state refusal to countenance that working people could still exist in the 'USSR paradise', but if they did it would be punishable as anti-Soviet!???!

But under the hammer fist of any dictatorship ,lies the ability to massage your adversaries (Western Capitalist ) ideas of dispersing responsibility, spreading the ability to not be 'dead headed' and not potentially subjected to a unitary system that can be exploited by subversives and conspiracies, which the Soviets tried to plagiarise, by departmentalising power . The dictatorship of the Proletariat was subcontracted to the State, that was deferred to the Politburo that in turn functioned with the Party Cadre, that was itself in communication with the KGB , which was then in charge of parts of the security services , which were overseen by the military... the idea being a 'hegemonic permanence', which actually extended the life-span of the USSR but also proved to be a false prophet, making its longevity even more painful for its ultimate meltdown ! But the West still thrives because of its power-diversification and flexible balance to adjust to any economic, military or political crisis !

But the Dictatorship of the Proletariat was meant to consolidate Soviet power, but required a militarising of all of society who were tasked with the patrolling of Sovietism being the unofficial police, to guard and punish and betray those who were under suspicion of 'Western Bourgeois counter-revolutionaries ,' who don't conform or who 'over-conform' etc, a policy of paranoia and belief that the USSR was being undermined and threatened by foreign extremists etc This was the first CCTV society by totalitarianism ! It both empowered people and dehumanised them, but was the ticket to entitlement and self-advancement by maintaining the party 'discipline'!

The increasing terror campaigns were in direct contrast to the dwindling of the original Soviet raison detre - Global Capitalism based upon the misery of its global Imperialism ! By the 1980's Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland. Belgium,Italy, Germany,etc had all but retreated from the destruction af Western Imperialism, except the Soviet Union !!??!! No wonder the Eastern bloc, the Warsaw Pact countries have left Russian influence behind , and small wonder that Russia still clings-onto territory that was once part of the Soviet Union under a military memory of the Warsaw Pact that is clearly unsustainable and insulting, because it is based on a faux reality, a fake of Soviet inevitability, guarded by a huge Red Army !

Soviet entrenchment wasn't a consolidation but a fear of being out of touch,technologically backward, miliarily neglected and flat broke ! It also knew that the 1920's when Artists were fearless and transforming, but by the 1980's had become factory faceless propaganda machines and the voice of an antiquated 1920's in the 1980's ! The Soviets were obsolete and reforming of the Soviet system would bring the Marxist- Leninist agenda to its knees ! Indeed, what was still powerful was the inverted snobbery of the Eastern bloc mixed with a snobbery of its own variety, as people competed for the best flat, a car, a phone etc by becoming an informant and a party member, to articulate individual entitlement and self-advancement, when the Soviet inheritance of entitlement was the very 19th century philosophy that was on its last legs !?! But it was Glasnost and Perestroika that finished the generations of privileged party cadre members, and not self-awareness of the hypocrisy of Party privilege itself ! The Soviets were right in one regard, any subtle reform would expose apathy and even corruption and leave the Soviet Russian model exposed to meltdown literally (at Chernobyl) and ideologically ultimately by 1991. !


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