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Rethinking the Past to Removing the carnage of the future

Russian Marxist-Leninism clearly failed or was failed by its linear 'Dialectical Materialism' based upon a 'definitive' interpretation of the future that proved the end of Capitalism by it being replaced by Communism. But what if the end of the Cold War was just a harness to exploit the West's gullibility, obliging largesse to breathe new life into a version of Russia that was actually using the West to rethink its methodology ? What if the West misread the rigor mortis of the Soviet system ? What if the major players of the Politburo deliberately destabilised the Soviet Union in order to induce compliance from the Russian people and mask the 'overshare' from the West by being ready for conversion by Capitalist liberation ?

Didn't the West know? So, who played 'poker-face' without blinking ? Did the West know that the ex Soviets would massage the West whilst the ex Soviets were provoking and programming by surreptitious 'conspiracy-consolidation? Did the ex Soviets not invoke an archetype of Capitalism that would fit the West, and expose Western preoccupation with global trade that Russia was now being introduced to ? So, in part they were right about how Capitalism works by personal experience inside it, but were haplessly wrong about how to defeat it by a sterile 19th century philosophy.. Moreover, isn't this the first time the West had severed Soviet versions of 'History' from the struggle against Capitalism in 20th and now 21st centuries that have peeled the Soviet Onion, peeled it and then dismembered it ? Isn't this dis inheriting Marxist-Leninism from its assumption of the inevitability of Communist supremacy, and its place and status in History? Instead, Marxism is just a tool to analyse 19th century Industrialisation and the sociological study of social classes in the UK in the 19th century ! But didn't Dickens actually exceed and better the accurate study of urban society in the 19th century?

But in enabling ex Soviet Russia Russia may have strengthened not just occupied and not weakened global Capitalism and the free market ! Occupation is everything in law when it comes to ownership of property, and the West figured it out before the ex Soviets could get their feet under the global my hunch anyway ! But if the Soviets actually had been inclined to use confirmation bias during the Cold War why wouldn't they, as a habit, inflict on themselves exactly the same 'scrambling' that would self-inflict further ideological teleology and self-deception after the Cold War ?!

Scrambling and clinging-on should never be the basis of leadership, but it seems that in almost every epoch in history, it is ! And where politics lurks, so does political satire ! So sartires like the 'Life of Brian's People's Popular Front of Judea' (made during the Cold War) and the film 'The Death of Stalin' (which is Post Cold War) have more than symbolic value to the lunacy of 'jockeying for position and stabbing people in the back and the whole political world, retains its critical acclaim and its pertinence today anywhere in the world ! I'm sure the status of Spin today and its predecessor, deconstruction, have thrived because of the wealth of material that can explode after the massive and unique transformation that was the end of the Cold War by the end of the Soviet union and its monopoly over Eastern Europe and its primacy amongst its Soviet Chinese colleague who may have felt betrayed by a European power once again ! But it must have been difficult to fit 2 systems into Chinese Communism especially now that the Soviet Union had been turned ! It needed to build bridges and international currency of cooperation. No doubt that Beijing decided that Globalism and Capitalism could be the right balance to protect the Chinese Marxist-Leninist State and the pivotal role of the Communist party. It left the de-contextualisation and the deconstruction to decapitate the USSR, and the international community were persuaded to draw-out the isolationism of China by a new relationship that implicated the West into a 2 system response to the global economy involving most parts of the world, and a special 2 system response to bind a new relationship with China, whilst the Soviet Union just 'withered away' to become a 'Russian Federation'.

The Cultural Saatchi Empire in which an Art Collector purchased Art self-advertised in a political advert for the Tories in 1978/9 called 'Labour's not working', was probably the Soviet Union's most hated man in Britain ! He was an Art profiteer that used 'Art as War Art' mixed in with a Warholian disconnect and a 'loadsa money' raising a Glasnost or two to Mr Perestroika who was scuttling his ship called the 'USSR Warsaw Pact'! I do not feel pity for the Soviets, and it took both Thatcher , Reagan and Gorbachev to liberate Eastern Europe, which for most, was the first time they'd experienced self-liberation. They'd had Sovietism imposed on them and only October 1917 revolutionaries had briefly experienced liberation by rejecting and rebelling against the Imperial elitist Tsar until the clamp down of Marxist-Leninism that destroyed change for the progressive world imprisoned for 70 years in Russia. But it was largely the Russian people (before World War 2) who had to survive Stalin's reign of terror and then Hitler's Barbarossa ! So, Russian Sovietism was about sustainable survivalism , which is why so many Russians clung to it and extended its longevity!


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