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The Brain of the Universe

Stephen Hornsby-Smith
Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The brain of the universe may be controlled or contained by greater exploration of the 'human soul' that could be unlocked if we used more than 20% of our minds.

Carbon matter has evolved into full human consciousness from the Big Bang of 13.7 billion years ago – further self-exploration could contain the universe of faith, religion and knowledge of a higher power. Our D.N.A. could contain a 'visualization' of ultimate power that we have a moral obligation to protect, rear and not stifle where “death has no dominion”! Jesus is a bio-organic manifestation of harmony and balance that is transformative to every generation since, and we have to bond ourselves with the divine by living paradoxically our human potential comprehension (our brains) in a state of faith rather than rely upon scientific information that 20% of our brains shackle us to. We know, 'we should but we don't' is selfish, negligent and irresponsible and utterly fallible, but we can't help ourselves!? We are permanently re-cycling 'the Galapagos Islands' of our soul and not evolving! Faith heals but we remain 'social dinosaurs who economise yet devour each other'.

The double helix of our human D.N.A. maps out the universe of humanity but also provides the code to understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Why wouldn't our brains communicate to the ultimate? Why wouldn't faith be an extra-terrestrial instrument and a guide to the brain of the universe? Doesn't life depend on how we interact with ourselves first? Is there a reason why a self-destructive and mutually suspicious human characteristic refuses to create life other than bio-degradable reproduction and engineer social anxiety and cynicism to resist God? Why do humans defy the 'courageous encounter' by arrogance and over-indulgence? Perhaps we have overcome our inhibitions to 'mind actor' by hallucinogenic rather than expand our inner-horizons? What if carbon is just one state of God and one that human contact can embrace? Imagine if gas, liquid and solids were all spiritual dimensions that we fail and get distracted from rather than open-up to?

Time travel, intelligent robotics will be the social future which re-constitutes the very organic matter of human flesh and bone to a virtual robotic or chemical transference that will be an escape from our planet. But isn't this the scientific explanation of our evolutionary conceptions of the divine? God moves in mysterious ways and he moves in mysterious guises too?!

Why does our 'boundary fetish' to discover the frontiers of the universe when we cannot confront the known and unknown of our 'intelligent soul'? The brain of our planet should endear us to the season's climate, landscape, skyscape and oceonscape and all intelligent self-regulation but it still dwarfs our present understanding of it.

But surely, our British mercantile history should re-locate 'trade' and the pioneering spirit as an opportunity to re-grasp our human soul as well as reverse our human opportunity to re-grasp our human soul as well as reverse our human uncoordination that ruptures our own known place in our potentially multi-dimensional space in relative time? Perhaps not just in cosmic exploration and space travel but under the microscope too? We humans are fixated with our self-importance but all we're achieving is to grapple with a basic understanding of our human gravity! We may have our feet firmly on the ground but we haven't taken any steps to value what we can't see. Ape-man is still governed by survivalism and not by inner communication!

We remain illiterate to our human soul and obsolete and damaged and haunted, and yes, self-indulgent grasping at human status, the human herd-instinct is rooted to a food chain of myopia! We're the dinosaurs and luddites of our epoch. We're economic and social carnivores with a cannibalistic side-dish under a social placebo of anxiety and fear! We're adrenalin junkies devaluing the infinite, the brain-soul of the known and unknown universe. We're fodder for chemical non-organic transference into partial or absolute robotic and virtual evolutionary jump! But that's just an outer-casing, a body around to forget our 'mortal coil' and re-generate rather than explore our self-spiritual transformation.

Why become a missionary into galaxies at the other end of the universe when we have yet to fully understand the human humiliation and crucifixion of a human manifestation of God, who chose to be subjected to the ugly despicable envy and hate without divine protection?

Why would God relegate himself to common execution by crucifixion unless to appeal to every generation, even when humans become part machine? He could have just been 'unplugged' himself without the excessive pain? In a thousand years time I think humanity will be more receptive to Jesus's choice of sacrifice especially as a human bio-organic entity because his 'sacrifice' (and his resurrection) are so horrific and heroic beyond our metallic robotic virtual selves' comprehension. (By the year 3,000 would be my guess).

Evolution may jettison its bio-degradable body for a permanent 'industrial solution' but it may bring to life and human attention the life and death of Christ more than it does today?! But why would it take a new generic, a human part-machine 'cyborg' a thousand years from now to reclaim the image of Christ the man and son of God and re-think our man-made evaluation and comprehension of 'the soul'? Perhaps more than ever, we have to have faith in the future as well as in the past? But why would Christ just resolve faith by knowledge alone? Isn't he asking the past and the future to grasp an 'imponderable' of faith even in ambiguity and ambivalence? Why else would God provide humanity (in the future) with omniscient and omnipotent science of the future but for humanity to still be unable to 'quantify' and comprehend the true consequences of Christ's life and death (and the resurrection). But to elicit trust, faith and hope by being unsure and vulnerable and dependant upon a realization of knowing only 75% of the potential science of the resurrection by guestimation, supposition and albeit a 'calculated probability' ?

Perhaps the human soul can never be extinguished in spite of our 'D.N.A. Changing' future? Scientific nuances may also develop more than just 20% or our brains that can open our souls and hearts to faith and religion!? The future of Christianity may be in good hands and not belittled or rejected?! The God that does work in mysterious ways may become even a larger part of our lives – literally! The currency of human consciousness expanded may offer help not hinderance to faith? Why not? You decide!


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