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These are Conspiracies that have actually very little truth in them

-Lehman Brothers 'were not sacrificed' at the high altar of the global economy to see if it could on its own, prevent the credit crunch of 2007/8 by sheer bravado and bravura and attest to a major player in the American economy being so powerful even more powerful than the global economy to be able to trump it !

- Liz Truss' economic barnstorming was another test to see if the global big players would back her initiative to enforce by quantum leap low taxes, high wage economies, low inflation, low mortgages, small government and deregulation - of course she wanted her economics to run like domino theory, but the UK voted Brexit, and we were sure going to be reminded of it , as her policies were ridiculed almost universally !

- Did Trump try to win the last Presidential election by campaigning that he would lose somehow?

- Did Boris know all too well that he broke ministerial guidelines in the middle of Covid in order to 'brazen it out' so he could behave with impunity and waive aside rules because of such bravado that he thought his charisma would carry him through? In other words, was he testing our public resolve ? Was he trying to divide the country but carry the day? But is his punishment by flabbergasted Tories to be reduced to a political Lawrence Llellen -Bowen trapped on page 9 of the Daily Mail ?

- Is Rishi Sunak experimenting with 'posh-up' or posh-down', glasses or no glasses, repetition, repetition, repetition' whilst Keir Starmer is 'Fuel for thought but not from the North sea' ?

- Are both Labour and the Conservatives going to resign themselves to at least 5 more years of male leader rule?

-Is it easier to have a posh accent in Comprehensive schools or easier to not have a posh accent in Public schools ?

- Does society want both woke and anti-woke and both at the same time to properly function ? Does that affect our concept of society and mass social media ? What would Plato say about this distortion of complementary but distinct dual advocacy into trolls and hackers with malice on their minds or can we avoid mass social seduction into a 'Lord of the flies' situation ?

Or, should we permit mass social lynching without a hand being raised ? How about selective lynching ? Okay, how about lynching on your birthday? OK, how about lynching once a decade ? Alright, how about 'light-hearted lynching'? Now, lets say lynching every century...Right , no lynchings at all -...not even..? How about 'self-lynching' ? So, let's find a useful rubric ...Saint Thomas a Beckitt being murdered by 4 knights on the basis of William the Conqueror over-reaction to clerical morality but, lets call it 'suicide' not murder ? Not even a little bit lynching is out of order ? What ? How about a bit of public contempt? Well, I suppose that's what we do already! Hardly groundbreaking ! Hardly imaginative ! Same ol trolls then?

Yup, same old virtual lynching ! Mass social virtual lynching remains unregulated and unfiltered where add a bit more hate to virtual torture and virtual bone-breaking by 'have a good crack at stigmatising' probably isn't very fair-play honourable England' is it? Unilateral sublimated violence perpetuated by the herd does blind bigotry ! Disrespecting someone isn't a Katerine Tate sketch like her satire of Gingerism? My brother has a redheaded son and my cousin has a redheaded daughter and although I come from the generation that was terrorised by 1970's football hooliganism that I thought was over, why are we encouraging what may have started as 'banter' on line may degenerate into extremism ? I'm sure I was no saint, but today's unfiltered troll hackery in any form that reminds me of the invasion of Wembley and the breaking of the goal posts by a bunch of villains! How do you con -troll the trolls who traumatise English male and female footballers? Kick discrimination out ? Is it working ?

So today's threat is both invading Ukraine and antipathetic to the West and NATO -who could that be? There was talk about Russian influencers getting at the EU by backing Brexit, and now Russia's Putin is kicking the crap out of an EU leaning Ukraine ! Do you really think his influencers have not taken part in Terror troll Britain ? I think we can all say 'let's kick Putin out !' here and in Ukraine.But the issue is now at our front door of our cyber security too ! But how can we meet our national and international responsibilities when we still need to open our eyes to it when we prefer to be blind or and wearing blinkers? Why devote ourselves to trending and the fashionable cliche ? But something also happened in the 1970's that wasn't just 'the hooligan nightmare !'?

Overheated 1970's also gave us the end of flower power and 'hippy love' and the emergence of Punk ! Hippy love was history and a more realistic if angry, asked its generation to take control of your individuality and independence by rejecting the mercenary popular herd ! Mantras were 'Don't join the herd but make it transparent by visceral (if needed) means possible and then you can make it accountable ! So the retro interest in the 60's turned into a sigh of relief when Punk gave life to 'get out of my face and back the f'.... up ! It turned into a short lived eruption, but it instilled a valuable lesson that trolls and hackers who indulge in all the sins of our day (prejudice against minorities etc) will be called to account for its rubber-stamping of bigotry !

So this was never a disconnect between Hippy love and Punk, because Punk inherited the same genepool of suspicion and rebelliousness but augmented it too! What? But I thought Rick hated Neal ? Punks asked 'why spread the love when you can't stop the hate, ignorance and betrayal? ! ? So accuse by resistance to abuse and not resist accusations of hate crime ! That is our legacy if we persist online abuse of football pundits, footballers etc

Why is this online abuse taking place? Because someone or something can't wait to enforce draconian regulation that will kill the free spirit of the internet in general ! So, here's a message to us : You ,Joe public are not just feeding a feeding frenzy, you are the feeding frenzy ! Stop the hate that can and does go viral ! It's a construct of social pollution that originated on teenage hate sites, where toing and froing of barely concealed hate has been influencing their parents generation and their grandparents generation to the point where the CIA has had to employ hackers to see how the CIA could be hacked and then alert the CIA to the weaknesses discovered ! Punk wasn't just about wearing angry clothes and listening to distorted music, it was about knowing its short shelf-life but leaving a legacy of 'resist being manipulated and controlled', which is a crucial to us today to stop virtual hate crime not just for humanity's sake but also to stop over-regulation and imprisonment of the freedoms of social media that all should enjoy at no else's expense !


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