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Visual documentary and drama, abstract by naturalism of the cosmos

We live in visually exciting times where our hitherto restrictions of the 'framed argument' in a prison of the canvas is over ! We have stopped looking at ourselves from our 1960's satellites above our atmosphere and we have stopped defining the most uniquely small image of what makes human anatomy and our lives work in our social compass ! Coexistence and symbiosis,'relativism's' structural and post structural hypotheses, corroboration and collaboration, paradox and contradiction, post truth and an alternative agenda,cohabitation and mutual alienation, repulsion and attraction etc (I could go on, but I think I've made my point), have all internalised our struggle for meaning and raison d'etre and attempt at collective modus operandi !!!!?!! Stop looking at ourselves and look out at the natural evolving Universe in the stars ! This new visual drama and documentary have at the same time opened our minds beyond feeling tiny amidst the Universe ! All the above are not separate and conflicting but are just part of a wider picture where the individual can access on the internet to try to augment a completely different genre of human experience ! We are the post Cold War generation who can quantum leap our limitations! But when natural events are happening in a part of the Universe we witness representational images that are both past, future and present -we can time travel and we can Paint unique never to be exactly the same natural phenomenon, just like the human eye and fingerprint is unique in the Universe ! Just bond together, connect, and we have space travel at our fingertips ! We have new horizons,new invisibility points, new dimensionality that by cosmic energy bounce and collide with each other and we get to inspire ourselves beyond our literal window and through our port hole to the Universe's wonder!

But when we talk of paradox and collision etc we have to remember that our social media medium also confronts the new definition of a society (mass social media) and our new 'workforce' as those who blog or podcast etc But we also live in a time of woke and anti-woke, mutual resentment that I actually believe are working in tandem ! This is our creation of a monster in which both woke and anti woke are creationist developments that are suspicious and untenable on their own, but actually make up our 21st century's expansion of ideas beyond our previous short-sightedness, just not for the social benevolence that's all, and not for all too !

How does this new construct work ? Coexistence in politics is not cooperating with the new woke/anti woke agenda. How? The Tories are riding high on the diversity of Labour's support by manipulating the white working-class largely Northern voters who voted for Brexit, and then contrasting it with Labour's relying upon a large chunk of the professional classes throughout the UK ! The Tories have dissected woke and anti woke and are applying its gut reaction to destabilise the Labour vote ! But the Tories have a more traditional homogenous voting demographic, so won't try to micromanage every detail but put their opponents under the microscope and watch Labour fight-off Woke and anti woke in its voters! nasty !?

So, the last thing Labour want is to have to see their only favourable major Tabloid (The Mirror) come under scrutiny by Prince Harry,who actually just wants to protect his family from hackers and lies from all the Tabloids ! Indeed, perhaps there are too many powerful 'Grandees' connected with the 'Daily Mail and the Daily Express' to bring the Tabloids into the 21st century without them hacking into people's privacy ! But will Labour be able to protect 'The Guardian and The Observer from the fallout from Prince Harry's taking the Mirror to court ?Let's face it, the Royal Family are constantly in the public gaze, and it must be like being permanently on the witness stand for most of their day...impossible ! But the King is philanthropic and hard working, and Prince William, Princess Katherine and the 3 children are keeping the ship steady as she goes without being caught-up in any dramas , so they have a lot of craft and a lifetime of experience to put any 'mistake' into both context and to transcend those angels and demons of the Tabloids too ! But it is ironically Prince Harry's intervention that may well put such a marker down and a drawing of a line in the sand that will protect all the Royals in the future, even if there's a bit of understandable tension floating around. It won't be the last time Harry will do a service for all of us and not just the Royal family ! I personally think he should write a regular column in say the New York Times as an ex-soldier,husband, father and Royal living through changes in the USA and in a unique position to view changes in the UK too ! I'm sure we could have done with the once Prince Charles being given the same role and outlet as a younger man and perhaps his Kingship may provide a British public the benefit of understanding his opinions on a range of issues and constitutional matters and values, observations, and accepting the dialogue his public would delight in, that no doubt would be a trailblazer free of both woke and anti woke creationist prejudice !


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