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We are going to have to wait before we open our eyes

I suppose we are going to have to wait for inflation and mortgage rates to go down before we open our eyes - pay over the recommended increase in wages for all the staff except those in the higher echelons, but not just above inflation rates but also above independent recommendations ' for a stipulated pay rise in your first term to induce the very top of the surgical profession who are working as vocational in the NHS, to feel encouraged and rewarded by the bounce that their staff get from a new chapter of wages and services in the NHS. If however, services are being cut, award all the NHS staff at the beginning of winter with even better wages !

Strikes are seen by many as negative, and sceptics don't realise that strikers don't get paid when on strike (normally about wages and conditions) , but why lose wages? Why not expand your influence by 'demonstrating by service', by a union's members actually doing the reverse of Striking, by adding a shift or just an hour , and so actually get the public on your side by showing good will by both levers open to public recognition valuing your service ? Doesn't a union get to play hard cop and good cop ?

Here is one demographic switch that is unusual. Whilst there's no advantage in being homeless except the irony of not having to pay for mortgage rate hikes today that are unsustainable ! All those who are coming to the end of their fixed rate mortgage are being confronted with the reality of repossession of their house ! This is not like the 1980's when many who had bought their own council house had their house repossessed, but a 21st century professional class Repo job ! Now for those who choose to stay in the UK they aren't exiles from bolt and braces roll up the sleeves British mentality who will stick it out and reap the rewards tomorrow etc Here's a reworking of a Biblical parable : 5 talents were given to the rich and negative equity and unsustainable mortgage rate rises were given to the poor ! Whilst the 5 talents abandoned their post, the others got stuck-in, didn't get to jump-ship because we all have inherited the same bulldog spirit that is the British way ! But that is the Brexit way too !Stand your ground Britons ! Who would have thought that £1200 a month that has mutated into £ 6000 a month ? ! Working people often suffer most in a recession but now Professional classes are joining them !?! s The ground you stand on is your ground , protect your property if it is private or publicly owned and work the problem ! You are the Brits who fill the urban and rural communities, and you paid in your taxes for the Banks to survive during the credit crunch, so now it's pay back time !

Who is the priority ? The homeless or the Immigrants ? Rwanda or in every City and town in Blighty ? How much do we spend on B and B's for the temporary and the long term ? Why haven't we been building council houses for both the increasing numbers of the 'homeless' and our increasing population that hasn't necessarily been from those granted asylum ? Isn't the problem more that we have an issue that is unresolved about our population increasing in an unsustainable way ? Malthus was partially right ! We may be a nation of polyglots because of immigration, that allows us to put every finger in every pie globally, but that nature and nurture are both working in our favour here in the UK ! We are more of a 'multinational' nation of inclusivity than anywhere else because our people of our 'multinational' speak in dozens of languages and cultural levels than anywhere else ! We are the destin(ed)ation because once you're here, all you have to avoid is those who got here first ! Like many ancient Aristocratic families in Europe, their original Baron or Lord got the title and estate by cloak and dagger or by stealing or lying for a bigger fish ! ? Ambition and 'getting the means' has hardly changed: Get rich or die trying!'

Here's a story about violent male criminals who had unashamedly hateful ideas and vile crimes committed, but had been punished by compulsory massive female hormonal treatment and, were surgically given a surrogate womb, and made pregnant with 15 month long pregnancies unable to pee for more than 4 times a day. Perhaps if they'd been resistant they'd have their babies in their womb doubled, and unable to bond with their siblings when born!!?? A problem child from an unnatural 'Clockwork Orange' birth? A bit like the sequel to 'Blade Runner' - a miracle baby ' that would take pleasure by becoming their enemy as a hated prison guard!?! Only it would only half kill the misogynist criminal, enough to scare and be controlled and threatened by a further series of multiple pregnancies for bad behaviour! Would men assault women if they were threatened with stigma, humiliation torture by the very women that they'd assaulted, who could come and pay a visit as a matter of closure ! Imagine if this was the flip side of a backstreet abortion !? Would it have a self-regulating social contribution to make society safer ?


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