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Calm and tranquillity are sanctuaries for all non-believers and all believers.  The architecture and the peaceful reverence of church, always liked.  Faith can be freedom or it can be a ball and chain.


Kierkegaard agreed.  We should all account for one life oneself.  On many levels, 21st century laws of science and nature explain God to me!  The laws of infinity, the law of gravity, the Big Bang (before, during and afterwards) and the ‘thrown out of the Garden of Eden’ brutality of evolution.  


We’re, furthermore, acquiring new knowledge of the universe by Voyager I and Voyager II as well as seeing into the soul of planetary and solar life and death in the Universe.


We can now trace our ancestry, not just to apes, but to the clusters of rock debris from the aftermath of the Big Bang.   We are the most evolved species with the rapid development of the human brain in our solar system.  We live in an almost unique and protective atmosphere, with no extreme heat and cold, on an oxygenated globe with plenty of fresh water.  


Da Vinci mapped out anatomical complexity of man, scientists today are mapping our hitherto unknown galaxies and stars that support them.  Terrestrial experience, such as the impact of the Northern Lights in Scandinavia from solar winds, are truly ample demonstration of the beauty of the nature and God. 

To me, our view of the universe is at its most awesome from the Hubble telescope. I see the Hubble telescope as instructive as the bible.  In fact, the bible is a form of the Hubble’s telescopic insight into the universe.

From pointalistic dots to mark out the molecular structure of the intensely minute, to the enormous planetary events or supernovas or black holes in the galaxies in the night skies, light received on earth millions of light years later, is humbling.  We are a microscopic piece of carbon in a massive universe, and we, in terms of ancestry, are part of a rock formation of the Big Bang. That makes us 13.7 billion years old with 5 billion years before our sun dies.  Happy Birthday!


However, I can understand the enormous agony of a man humiliated, crucified and tortured 2000 years ago in the middle-east.  A friend once said that ‘Jesus was the hardest but most gentle man of all hardnuts’.  A secret role model?  Or a great leader?  Or the son of God?  You decide.

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