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Oxmarket Gallery

Chichester, Oct 2014

In this exhibition, (30th Sept-12th Oct) I’m interested in ‘things not being what they appear to be’.  A zoo, for example, shows the placid acclimatization of lions, yet one wrong move and these domesticated ‘docile animals’ on show for the public will rip your arm off. Even our domestic pets aren’t what they seem to be when they too hunt and kill. So are we humans ignorant or are we unquestioning about reality?


We believe that humans can tame technology and believe so based on human logic and reasoning. I wanted to see how far such an argument has mileage, so I’m putting forward a large but single piece of work to measure how far we humans react or respond to a painting that seems benign and colourful- it might well be or it could be menacing and robotic.


Decide for yourselves. For years I’ve wanted to know how much my painting inspires order or how much it inspires gut feeling. It seems as though at last I might find out.

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