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Time and Place

Sale of Paintings:  All original paintings on sale for £1000.  Contact me for details. 

“Landscapes are dreams.  In time they will not be replaced”


I spent 4 to 5 years travelling as part of my day job whilst fitting in a degree in the North of England.  At the time it felt as though I’d only dipped my toe into Mediterranean Europe, Scandinavian Europe, America, South East Asia and Northern Africa. 


Time, however, has paradoxically shuffled the pack of memories, but memories that persist are clearer.  I’ve travelled by most forms of transport but I particularly like train journeys.


These days I prefer to walk the Surrey Hills, the Thames Pathway, my own pilgrimage from Winchester to Canterbury, and the southern coastline from Rye to Swanage.  I used to bathe in the host sun – a recent cancer operation put pay to that.  Time and place are painterly recollections of when I was on walkabout, when travel wasn’t so prohibitively expensive, and when youth was simple and time didn’t get in the way.


I’m aware of wanting to physically exercise rather than “be” in a location, pretentiously writing crap poetry, cigarette smoke curling from my ego.  I still paint some seascapes that remind me of the Mediterranean where I spent a year speaking broken Castellano and little Catalan.  I suppose I wanted to see what Central and South America was like.

Waves of Jungle
Wild Cat Habitat
Up Yours and Never Again
Unnatural Habitat
Quick, we have not much time
Indian Habitat for Tiger
East Germany
West Beach
Walking Through Kent
Urban Garden
Travelling Through France
Syria at War with Syria
Returning to Africa
Picture poem
Picking at One's Brain
London Bombings
Mediterranean Coast
Diamond Jubilee on The Thames
Dawn in Las Vegas
The West indies
4th July
Seascape I
Train Towards Siberia
On Thin Ice
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