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Just like emotional extremes, the bi-polar opposite of representational or abstract painting, have been in a log-jam of ‘passé’, sedentary, or the ‘new kid on the block’ who is à la mode for one or two seasons only. Trivialised or not, this era of painting seems to be most sidelined. We are more or less subjected to comparing the genius of Greek tragedy with Jeeves and Wooster - the past with the present.

Perhaps some believe that naive painting entailing a reduction of technique with the bruising and brash colour palette and form, might render the derailment or ‘stuckism’ of painting in question. But I think the weight that people put on the titling of a painting can also make or break a painting these days. Imagine how people could take liberties with what appears to be a benign innocuous piece of work being transformed by a controversial title. If so, that concept would degrade painting rather than rate it. So how can one disinfect painting from conceptual perspectives? I would like to find out, but do you trust me enough to give it a go??

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