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Dare we?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Dare we eat the peach? Picking mix? Run for the hills? Seal The metaphorical channel tunnel? Save or gain or independence? Swing their hook? Are both sides Churchillian? Which is fight them on the beaches, yes or no? Has Cameron got the Versailles treaty that asks too much? Or is Cameron waving the piece of paper promising peace in our time? What do the Yanks want from us? Should that matter? Is yank/hulk happy or sad with a yes or no vote? Or was this referendum their idea, once and for all, an issue settled, stable and resolved? A pumping station in Britain, pumping crude influence to 2 continents? Wouldn't chamberlain have battened down the hatches, put his finger in to plug the Dyke ? Why give up Europe or why give into Europe? This issue is the dominant issue of our time, and always takes the shine off successful leadership of the Of the economy. Corbyn must be thanking his lucky stars, whilst Cameron and Osborne must be furious. Yet this issue has outed Boris Johnson is PM ambitions so a egregiously that finally Cameron can politically wound him.

In conclusion, we must vote for: do not go gentle into the good night… Rage, rage against the dying of the light. In other words, be passionate, considered and vote knowing that this issue Will not go away, but can be legislated for. This is also about the first time English, Welsh, and Northern Irish voters can reflect on Scottish Nationalism and its demands, through the filter of this UK wide vote on European membership. A yes vote in the UK would provide a platform for independence for Scotland-yet who is to say that the SNP wouldn't demand this for a no vote anyway?

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