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At some stage

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

At some stage, science will ‘overhaul’ the existence of God and Jesus by being able to replicate the performing of miracles. At some stage, science will be able to replicate the ‘immaculate conception' and be able to time travel to stop Jesus from being crucified, or make the crucifixion even worse. Purely in the fields of biochemistry, the frontiers of our limited knowledge could be being upgraded into a Frankensteinian nightmare, that doesn't just prove how a God could be upgraded, but proves that God isn’t the supreme power in our Universe, but Science is. So science could dictate all in the name of social balance and the continuity of the administration of the day, yet Natural Order would have been completely undermined. Would this technology be open to all or just some? Who else could be 'replaced' from history and get airbrushed out of our collective past? Who would be the arbiter of how rebellious this technology would be? Where will this technology lead us without accountability? What apochrophiies have we already subjected to already?

l, however, argue that it is Jesus' message and the life he lived to deliver that message that makes him unique. I'm sure he'd already taken into account all of humanities' discoveries of the past, present and future. Far from Christ being ‘subjected’ to technology that rendered him obsolete, he made science obsolete? No, he made science an instrument to guide us. He was also not a victim of science, but in many ways, a pre-emptor of it. Far from being a dinosaur, he was its champion. He anticipated that to human eyes, his miracles would be limited by the ‘uneducated’ scientists of millennia upon millennia to come. He forewarned us about the Pharisee's and Barrabuses of his life and every human society for 'eternity’. Wasn’t he aware of the human vice of science preaching ‘False witness' to control society rather than free it?

He knew more than anyone what social scientific evidence or ‘false witness’ was. I have no doubt that he addressed the Pharisee's of his time, the past and the future. Indeed what if scientists today thought that death of Jesus could be quite a vote winner as well as a bankable investment and ‘opiate’ of the people for millennia upon millennia because they are the Pharisees of today and tomorrow. But what if Jesus himself was a leader that the future sent back in time, could he have reprogrammed himself to do Gods will? What if Christ overrode science to change humanity that the future of science still could not have controlled? What if we wash our hands of the future like Pontius Pilotte did? What if we wash our hands today? Theological extrapolations argue that Christ was victimised as the ‘Lamb of God', but what if Christ challenged every epoch to not wash our hands as well as not to side with manipulation, cynicism as well as with evil? Peter cut off one of hi soldiers ears to defend Christ against his arrest, but Christ healed the soldier’s wound. I think all you need to know about Christ is that he didn't demonise his oppressors but showed clemency, understanding and forgiveness - no mortal could have done this.

No ‘hijacking’, no brainwashing could render this response, especially in the context of full knowledge of his horrifying death. Or not? But isn’t that the point? Doesn’t Christ allow you to decide? So why don't you exercise this God given inalienable ‘right’ to decide, or is another social scientist going to manipulate social evidence to deny you this?

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