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Odd bedfellows/ Strange or logical?


There does seem to be a change of a sociological nature centered around a Post Thatcherist era and a birth of new hierarchies outside the class based society of Britain since the industrial revolution. Further more we have more in common with each other than we thought. It is also a national change that is particular to Britain where combative, competitive spirit has blossomed in the business and financial sectors as national characteristics as the key to the distribution of shared common ground for upstairs and downstairs of yesteryear. Fake Nostalgia in Downton Abbey is only about a world that no longer exists.

This business agenda this corps d'esprit permeates through Britain today. But don't be fooled, it isn't Old Etonian, or golf- course does deals, ruled by gentlemen who are secretly up-tight and destroying life-long careers by a wave of their wands.Just as today needs a new skill set, innovative ways to make the virtual world work for your business etc, so the nature of business is more an inclusive identity inspiring all Britons. It's time to debunk the myths and cliches of Britain, and business in Britain has never been better placed to lead this change.

I don't need to tell you that business is cut-throat, and the sword of Damacles hovers over all our heads, and every one who sells their Labour for money (in other words everyone) taps into the same fear of being on unemployment death row from top to bottom of society, zero contracts to under performance in the board room, no one is excluded from a checkered work CV. But instead of class based Britain, Thatcher brazen Britain, or benefit Britain, Brexit Britain has emerged. However these all share the common ancestry of business, and Britain is most resourceful when sharing the above with the island of the City of London within the island of Britain. Networking isn't any longer based purely about mutual individual benefit, but about National responsibility and being true to our mercantile traditions and common experience, Even though the class system exerts some residual influence the odd bedfellows of an Artist, a politician and an entrepreneur converge to make Britain that little more sound, and the social and hierarchical cross pollination continues a pace. Or not? You decide

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