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When can private property transcend commerce?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

As a Painter I feel elevated by the experience and the attempts at originality, yet I find it difficult to lend-out or permanently let go of my Paintings. I believe that I share the same concerns of any small businessman selling his baby that he's worked so hard to build from its very foundations. I am propertarian towards my work rather than having some aesthetic casting of a suspicious eye from the confines of my Ivory tower. But when you buy a Painting you buy the value of it and the pounds shillings and pence of the severance that isn't just personal or propertarian but the loss to ones portfolio literally and metaphorically that can't ever be replaced. Who'd be a Painter? Remember the Painter is the means of production, the product and the Patent holder, who is risking his/her reputation both present ,past and future, whilst being at the mercy of Public galleries and private collectors, And then there is the market. But to be honest although I would have done a lot of things differently, I Paint to be my own master and no one else's, and perhaps that's my niche that I like to think I share with all the Art community, past present and future. This is my way of putting into perspective the Painter's black hole of the anonymity.

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