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Remembrance of the Holocaust Day

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The Nazi's collectively dehumanized the German people and then formed it into a weapon of mass destruction

The Nazi's were a mongrel ideology misappropriating Stalin's crimes yet not alienating the German aristocracy, provoking the lower-middle classes and de-politicizing the 'Proletariat, whilst de-professionalizing its intellectual and artistic opponents. I will try not to psychologically analyse Nazi belief systems, its propaganda and its excuses for being Holocaust deniers. The Nazi's didn't purify Germany it abused it. Yet its belief system was so ferociously espoused that it hid its cynical contradictions.But mass coercion, racist elitism barely disguising its need for a scapegoat invited the mechanization of the German people who abandoned rational thought and hitched a messianic ride with Hitler.How could this happen? How could Europe let it happen? Germany was punch drunk with economic and social relief as Germany recovered from hyper inflation of the 20's and 30's, and much of the Western world had their own domestic issues too. But these questions have to asked and asked again, because it led to the evil of the Holocaust. The Nazi's were the first to be deniers over the 1st world war, providing a mechanism for Holocaust denial and more recently the denial of the existence of Israel. It begs the question: Why has God's chosen people had to suffer so? How can such 'sacrifice' on such a scale ever justify the state of Israel? Moreover, surrounded by enemies, to what extent is Holocaust denial being manipulated as a rallying cry for IS and the like? Furthermore, why would Israel trust anyone for its survival?

The Third Reich,

Hitler's 'master race' and need to stigmatize a 'soft target' profiteered from stealing private property belonging to the scapegoat, whilst claiming to be some sort of Robin Hood generously redistributing someone else's wealth, was Hitler's delusion

Why the Jews?

Hitler was looking for low risk high profile targets,needing an angle that would not threaten the German aristocracy. He did not want a scapegoat that could threaten militarily, where he could both add to the Nazi war chest and bribe those that were bribeable He wanted to stir-up inter social conflict and remain a loyal to his self -messianic status that would make him a legend in the 3000 thousand year Third Reich- in short he wanted to defy mortality. Who would provide this demographic? Patrons of Art,literary figures, intellectuals? Who could he humiliate by de professionalizing and de intellectualizing? What vile cynical opportunism. The Holocaust was Hitler's way of covering his tracks as well as being an obscenity. The Jews were being made scapegoats in Europe again but this time the catastrophy of Nazism was beyond the count of grief.Whilst Hitler fantasized about his own mythical destiny he disowned his own humanity He believed he was at the epi-centre of his own Greek tragedy, encompassing its violence, betrayal, revenge, self-delusion, hate, self-pity, honour etc.... How could he be left to be so self obssessively egotistical bound-up with such calamitous evil?


Hitler's legacy involves skinheads of our time and our cities denying and boasting of the Holocaust at the same time! Once again evil simplistic contradictions are deafened by the louder someone shouts over the many. But ironically, the Holocaust created the momentum to establish the state of Israel in its ancestral homeland. As a Christian I find myself struggling to recognize the view that everyone, and I mean everyone has a rightful chance at redemption - this is too hard for me for I certainly cannot forgive the Nazi's. But I suppose if six and a half million Jews can die in squalor for the likes of me, then i do not want their fate to be forgotten because of the human delinquancy of amnesia in in the centuries to come.

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