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Social class can mean far more than inter class friction and hostility

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Tories have a lot of catching up to do; we can't dodge the existence of society any more and we can't rely on loyal patriotic pride, counter - intuitive expedience and waiting for the Labour to shoot itself electorally in the foot. They always invoke Dickensian ideology, but one day they just might catch- on- but not today. We need to take more ideological risks now that the opposition is weak.If we entrench and augment our power base and add another string to our bow- Why not? But freedom must involve non - complacency, and strategy is equally important when the Intel is right.

Perhaps our starting point must be about the universality of talent resourced to maximize individual contribution to apply our strengths to the 21st Century. Never have so much social deference been cast aside for so much reward! Indeed, Thatcher's free market philosophy derided the idea of society but cardinalized the economy, the individual and the state, yet I believe when she avoided the social stigma of social class she made a mistake. This was done for political reasons, for she didn't want to alienate the very demographic that were all too self-conscious of their lower class status, as was she. Therefore she was blind to the piece of information that was right underneath her nose - it was not society but social class that can bond a fractious and unstable underbelly of Britain and be the very entity that appreciates and resonates in the 21st Century.

This could only be appreciated if certain arguments were to ring true: It wasn't rank that divided Britain but social stasis and under stimulation, it wasn't rank that divided Britain but individual incompetence but it is rank that defines the glass ceilings that business and hard work can shatter - ask Theresa May.

New skill sets and a completely new agenda and demographic can revitalize a social class system that is tribal and an anachronism. This is not society but the conduit to progress built on a principle of self - improvement, and not submission or unhappy acquiescence, where the erstwhile agent of bitter rivalry and conflict is based upon a Socialist principle of false division and 19th Century conspiracies to maintain division at all costs , in spite of its 'ideals'. Privilege and power can be exercised with the constraints of competition and political accountability without the Left's fixation on maintaining its moral 'honour' as an authority on not the British people. Freedom is an act of choice to acquire self-determination but it is also recognizing the strengths and character building of separate but not exclusively autonomous qualities of social class. It isn't that class identity divides us it's that we are not using all our assets to ennoble our idiosyncratic place in the 21st Century.

Can I suggest that whereas social class offends the egalitarian's that it is social class that makes Britain in the 21st Century unique. Here today popularism and national pride must be our advisers that can reinvent and innovate our social, political, economic and existential areas of our lives, where to triumph over the tribalistic society governed by ancient but well - concealed structures are an anachronism that needs to liberate itself from itself. Only in Britain can we find such an opportunity today.

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