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Name your price

Sustainable autonomous class based vision for the 21st century based not upon genteel accord but conversion by mutual deterant. Or inter social class accord without the defects of state manipulation or class subversion.

Name your price you may say, or social constraints and hostility are inevitable? Socialization into social class confrontation however, can be re-wired. How? The collapse of the USSR and its


Communism brought down all the right barriers, and it has enabled us to open -up but not pretend that a classless society in Britain is obtainable. Class is here to stay but not necessarily one of friction or violence.

Social friction and class hatred can't 'wither away' like Marx claimed, in fact social classes in a supposedly 'classless' Soviet society was self-evident even in the Party Cadre and moreover its concealment was counter-productive because it actually legitimized it by denial. In fact it actually meant that the longevity of social class with all its stigma and its dogma was extended, and not abandoned.

Indeed, this lie would actually perpetuate an ideological divide in this country that supposedly reflected the 'upstairs-downstairs' mentality between Tories and Labour respectively. At this stage I think it wise to reflect on 'Psychological' impediments that fueled a social class mutual misunderstanding and economic and political poverty that blighted Britain and that would give rise to the 19th century poison of Marxist doctrine. Indeed just remember that Britain was fighting an industrial revolution domestically and was suffering from severe growing pains as a result.

Class conflict needed Britain's growing pains, so a mature country in the 2!st century must be able to withstand and therefore transcend social class conflict? But how?

I remain convinced that class consciousness doesn't have to be about mutual hatred, and actually can emerge as a

class federation, a class symbiosis that inhales all the qualities of every class. But this is not genteel respect this is a pragmatic response to fierce mutual deterrant by choice. The 'establishment of social passivity' to the status quo could be converted into mutual interest. Like in all conversions from class conflict this must be an agenda of 'contracting in' and the making of a positive and demonstrative choice, and to alter centuries of over stimulation of social class hatred it must operate on the most basic building block of self-interest. No longer can social class be the only geography of Britain.

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