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Parables and the Ark

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Since when did the blue-print of social, economic and cultural replication end with Noah's 2x2 symmetrical one standard for everyone? What happens if there are individuals who don't conform to the pattern of the parable of talents either? Do we punish those who make their 2 talents go a lot further than reproducing 2 more talents, who might actually make 3 talents? Is it conceivable that the UK might be dragging its heels on this issue?

Liberal economic Capitalism in a political democracy should stimulate old cells and stimulate new ones too. Indeed we live in a post economic Marxist dictat, in a world of a 2 system post Cold War reconstruction in China and corporate Russia. Thank the heavens for that. But we still haven't recognized that Cold War military deterrent gave the world a stable if tense reality, and the preeminent leader of the West has yet to cash-in on the West winning the Cold War. Indeed, the USA didn't go to town by enjoying bragging rights, and we seen the USA somewhat diminished as well because of financial obligations in reconstructing the Eastern bloc. Or not?

Bragging Rights

Donald trump is however the first post Cold War American President who is unapologetic about 'America first' that illustrates the basking in America's lead role globally. But before we all make assumptions about Andy Warhol meets Ronald Reagan meets Dick Chaney, i think the West needs to confront the catharsis of the death of the Cold War and not politely slip it under the political carpet. Americans are never as united as when they trust the distrust for each other in their 2 party system that serves America.

There has been no one quite like the American Idol, Apprentice, and X factor USA that somehow got written into the popularist script in the last USA Presidential Contest - what America got was a mirror that it didn't want to see : Trump offered Triumphalism not just Trumpism. He staged a campaign that a reality TV show under the lights of Twitter , cracking open the earthquake of Democratic dependency on traditional forms of delivering the news. One step ahead, one step away from protecting America's borders with his Hadrian's wall metaphorically 'funded 'by the West tearing down the Iron Curtain that enslaved the Eastern Bloc countries, to prevent America from being invaded by the hordes. But the trouble for this Blogging Painter is that those who don't like Trump in the US, hate him with a loathing that matches its loathing of Ronald Reagan in the 80's, and are therefore wanting to build a media wall around Trump and make its arteries narrow to induce a heart attack.In other words they sound like vicious tyrants that Trump eats for breakfast.

Perhaps Americans all want to get on the train of progress but don't agree with the style of the driver, even though he's on fixed rails, and even if he wants to drive manually or automatic, he still has to go by the same route.

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