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Why do I Paint?


Why do I Paint? The struggle and the hassle? Or because when I was awoken by 3 elephants nudging the bamboo hut we were staying in and a week later, treading on a snake, had anything to do with it? Perhaps a coincidence that messaged to me that 'You need to study mankind and other wildlife, their habitats, to record, discover and share the experiences!' This taught me about authenticity, self-ownership and gave me amantra that I recognise but barely acknowledge is one of my own: follow your own footprint by leaving the only medium of Art for me to value my own fingerprint.

Authenticity From paint to brush to human hand we leave our fingerprint on our idiosyncratic work.

Pricing Policy This is based upon levels of how much I was involved in the production of the final image on a canvas print. The absence of means that I have contrasted it with originals that are on my website, and pricing policy reflects that. In short , from £2,000 - £150. I believe that the fingerprint on a Painting can maximize its aesthetic value in contrast to a 'production line (even a limited edition of 500 like these in this exhibition) where although the original image is of mine I have not had 'personal contact' with it to authenticate it free of 'mechanized intervention'

The mixed Blessing of the 3D Printer Thank God for The University of Rome's timely intervention to restore (by 3D printers)the Palmyra Assyrian ancient and priceless statues that were so terrifyingly destroyed by ISIS forces. Like any culture criminals ISIS wanted to extinguish a history of cosmopolitanism that had been defying the elements for eons. Anything that multi-culturalism, trade or sanctuary on a commercial route between the East and West that exposed ISIS need to destroy is their target. They prefer destruction of value and valuables to be under the noses of those 'infidels' from the west mediterranian and beyond to the moderates who share Islam and not steel from it.

However, a cautionary note must be struck here, because the invention of a 3D Printer could conceivably mark the end of unique sculpture by degrading it , or what could be worse, by upgrading it to more than 'rival' the original. Fake nostalgia and other fake production infects the originality of both mediums of Painting and sculpture that coalesce in a timely moment to reveal that Sculpture and Painting are not intimidated. Redundancy is not something that any artist should treat with light-hearted disdain, so is it any surprise that I've turned to 3D objects to enhance a 2D Painter? Let's fight this out together? Let's not go overboard!

Let us see how the public react to my work of sculpture/assemblage called without irony, 'Pretentious bullshit!' fares?

No doubt some nob will say it is the 'best and only' work they'll appreciate in the exhibition, but that should tell you more about him that anything else!

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