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We needed an exit strategy from our domestic Cold War politics that had become irrelevant

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

The air was still thick with the smog of Thatcher versus Scargill, and Britons needed a change of atmosphere far from the madding crowd of 'yesterdays ways - the market chose Tony Blair to say goodbye to Eric Blair. That was Britain's exit strategy from the domestic Cold War. Instead, pre-Brexit Briton's wanted Britain to become the new Palmyra, a popular nexus for the new 'melting pot' of Anglo-Saxon,Celtic, Asian, Arab, Jewish, African fusion, opening its doors to the new Classical Britain, not withstanding Roman and Greek influence already deeply embedded in the patchwork of ethnicity that has defined British interests for 2 millenia. Only through re-invoking British potential and leadership could we enable and liberate an ex-class ridden society from top to bottom. Was this the ultimate prize for post cold war Britons? No, instead it fell to the traditional antagonists of the very class system to reinvent class politics by the election of a 'Dickensian-like innocent' New Labour leader whose privileged background 'out-pointed his opponent' whilst claiming he had the answers for new re-distributive policies and more ideas of improving the existing Welfare state established already. I'm sure that many Tories privately felt that Tories out of power had never had it so good! Indeed, there is an argument that some Tories actually encouraged Blair to beat 'their man', and embattled Major was beaten. I guess that some Tories preferred Toff Labour not Tough Labour! I'm also sure that many from the Left secretted a smirk as New labour actually played their ace card of a man of 'class privilege being turned', whist encouraging the Thatcherite 'new guard' (those new to Tories who had become MP's because of their Thatcherite credentials after Thatcher had been deposed) against the 'subaltern Tory John Major from Brixton'! This double-dealing was nothing short of betrayal, and to think that many from the Left who were campaigning against 'Sleeze', were actually myred in it! In a world that put such great store on PR and appearances and presentation, why did the Tories vote for William Hague to succeed Major? Hague remains hugely influential but Britons voted him out of office as well as voting in Sony or was that Samsung corporate Labour in 2001.

What was the Left's cover-story? Blair!

The 'bambi' tag would come to haunt those from the Tories who thought that Blair was easy pickings, a tentative apologist, an 'out of his depth skinny telly-tubby!' A perfect front man was weaponized by Spin Dr's Campbell and Mandelson to make 'Park the Mourinho-bus' when necessary, or to trumpet epoch making 'changes'. The old jibe of 'sick-man of Europe' had become the exact opposite. Britain wasn't just ahead of the game it was the game! Blair was offering the British California, a sunshine state of economic paradise of dreamtime! Laissez-faire for lower taxes was the dream ticket for the City too. Everyone wasn't just a winner but this non-Thatcherite miracle was 'being enjoyed by everyone.''Nothing to get upset about one Speed' economics was original in times of flexible bull markets but 'Brown's 2 speed believe in backwards' in times of recession exposed the market to Keynesianism. Schizophrenic economics does nothing but destabilize the country.

Blair's best friend in the USA wasn't the President but was the economic equivalent to Hurricane Katrina. Man down was actually rolled out as an economic reality for global recession and banker nightmare. So Blair the privileged anti-privileged, became Blair "the invader, the liar, the egotist and the class traitor of all working people!". Suddenly that window of opportunity for 'free-market and classless politics in a multi layered and diverse community, that would properly fund an NHS that would be defended by transparency and optimism, was over"! But it had been betrayed by those who are meant to be NHS friendly and egalitarian!?!

Finally, Scargill got what he wanted - a class based economy and society whether it be Left-wing or Right-wing! People like Scargill had become too comfortable in his cold flaw Cold War mentality, and even young festival goers (the demographic most convinced by Corbyn) are beginning to think that Corbyn might be cut from the same cloth of before they were born and before they can identify and before they can appreciate, and before they can be bothered! Mention Brexit to many in the Labour and their blood runs cold to its core but their leader remains absent without any lead. Going AWL in politics is like having 10 double expresso's at once and then trying to go to sleep immediately afterwards. It's not going to happen on any planet in the universe let alone the multiverse of politics! 'Answer the Brexit question' could become the Jeremy Paxman knife in Labour's fortunes and his personal political obituary. Don't worry Labour, you've indulged in 'knock Blair United' well after he was 'retired', and even if you change your leader now, people like you but in completely different jobs in society will now quote you and your invective towards Blair as a precedent on how to destroy a Labour politician well beyond the limits of decency. Thanks a million!

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