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Ideology is a corrupted form of moral Philosophy

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Ideology is a corrupted form of moral Philosophy, and yet it is not worthless. It is the best deterrant against itself yet devised

Ideology, especially moral ideology has a function in society today, I'm just not that clear what it is. It derives from moral philosophy ossified by jargon and paraded by failing and myopic innovation. This familiar 'cult of novelty' is fashion conscious surrounded by gimmicks and historical embroidery and time sensitive to political engineering(spin). It is because that it often jumps onto the bandwagon that it often has a activistic characteristic, making ideology a paltry myth-conception'. It rarely permits anything but self-preservation and corruption. But we never applaud planetary self-preservation (climate change)so why should we counternance political ideology that's failed us by survivalism at all costs!? Ideology has become a polymorphous carnivorous animal that stamps on diversity and rejoices in division! Ideology may save each generation by placating it from total serpentine slop, but as far as I can see, that is the only functional contribution it makes.


Our British binary system of division engenders social class argument and is unproductive and over-regulated. It is disciplined inevitably by dictat and poor execution, where true individual identity is 'acquired' through a servile deference best kept back from mainstream contemporary values; in fact best jettisoned into the 19th century of a Dickensian London and kept there. It offers the very bleak de-humanizing of individual will that enforces radicalization and an end to individual free will, that can often expedite a loner into a 'joiner of a great cause' where the individual is stripped of his/her ability to constructively criticize in a rational manner. Any ex-radicals care to share? Do they need to go to the pseudo self-help groups to clear their minds and then get sucked-in to a ideological prison sentence, with only one outcome? So ideology can be customized too!?

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