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Dis-arm or Re-arm?

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Will the anti-gun lobby ever demand a ban on x-box games because of its lifelike war games? Here's a phraze : "Not in my backyard becomes in our living-room on TV!" Welcome to the virtual world of drones that are already operational. Silent killers of the skies but giant killers of conventional invasion. Have we disarmed or rearmed? Or have we got more leverage by way of economic power? Ask the Soviet Union! The Cold War wasn't fought so much on the ground but in the disarm race against the sledgehammer of nuclear arms. But today a new generation of expert gamer's could rule, rob and fake without any checks or balances thanks to virtual reality TV. So who created this banana skin? Not the military but us, the general public of the West! You can expedite your child genius through University (Ivy league Uni's are too obvious) before he or she has learnt to read or write!

New blog: How did we convince the USSR to give-in?

We were able to convince the Eastern bloc countries to yield to the West because we were able to convince them that we were structurally unsound if enduring and survivalistic.

Too many guns, too many game shows, too many with too little health care, too much childhood obesity, too many kids on anti-depressants, over-crowded prisons, race riots and social exclusion, too many killings, too many freedoms, too much individual choice, too much of an open society..etc. So, in my books structurally or not, you have to take Soviet resentment with a pinch of salt. Besides it is our ability to be open and honest and admit our shortcomings that says: we have so many flaws that we have made found a way to thrive on them! We are resolved to improve all of life (including the wildlife of the global climate) but we'll do it in our own way.

So what if a minority choose to live a wasteful or a corrupt life when we can bring wealth to those we may not actually have anything in common with! That is democracy, and we the public are trying to micro-manage by our own 'snoopers charter' of tabloid press and broadsheet news on TV! We willingly consume Media greedy privacy-breaking that can not sustain a life of obscurity even if you want it too!.All the people who read or write this will not be big cheeses, and won't be able to do anything about Cheque-book journalism and mobile phone footage removing our 'modesty' and personal innocence! Instead, society self-cannibalizes at the hands of self-promotional self-advertizing selfish bigots desperate for a scandal or an anti-scandall! Yet, although all of this may be true, even our most extreme or bland opinionators are grateful that our society is flexible, tolerant and able to endure any political or socio-economic hurricanes that are our misfortune to create or be victims of. We are not 'rollerball' or 'the matrix' etc but are advocates of opportunity as well as opportunism, and that survivalism in the face of trouble is actually our bling! It bonds us together yet it is able to separate us at the same time. Diversity and difference is our own break from the past fixation on 19th century indusrialization, and we glorify in it!

Now here's a military spin on matters: 'We're sometimes a fuck-up but we're our fuck-up and proud of it!", means that we have woven an unbreakable web of nuance and technological wizardry, will-power and force of nature to deal with external and internal threat! Despite glaring disparaties we have broken with determinism by enduring past the Communist siege by winning the Cold War by air, land, sea and our greatest but most obvious capability - we are the perfect defense mechanism because we have raised generations of political discontent and other traffic to value the very fact that we aren't perfection in motion but can be counted- on to do our thing! We are never the broken society we just occasionally suffer from political performance anxiety. If that's all we have to worry about then we can obsess about something more important, like 'he didn't deserve to win strictly come dancing', or how to win the lottery and turn your life around!' I know, how did we win the Cold War? By the above stupid!

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