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People 'Playing God' means embracing everything

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Painting is the definition of expressing all that is human and all that is not.

From gargoyle warding off evil spirits to logic and the precise, whether that means a dialogue with all culture or whether it be the narrative of all that is anti-culture, the literal and the abstract fossilization will no longer contain the free frontiers of the frontiersmun ready to paint his /her way out of limitation and conformity. There are rules and virtues that still do not defer to the formulistic visa of Art. Professed and made manifest by the contemporary Painter, liberation from the conceptual fart in culture has already see-off its structuralist/counter structuralist debate that loitered for too long in the eyes of the Art world. Today it is the medium of Painting that can offer new insight ,new imagery and best reworks the tiresome dependency on high tech Art. These are my Painting frontiers of today : the seven deadly sins and the 10 commandments, all the vices and all of the virtues and principles, all of the pride, sloth and spiritual emptiness of the contemporary Smart world aren't forgotten but released from subliminal harm. Life's paradox resonating with the confines of the canvas fulfilled and illustrated by human mortality but liberated by the full blast of heightened senses boiling over inside both the prison and prism of paint. All those human deficits and failings, all the scum of life raised and redeemed by a forgotten medium of Painting to the Art World's blind spot and its top table of academics and its hierarchy of officialdom, met with the enfranchisement of originality and colour. Ring for the changes and make your own boundaries with all the Greek tragedies or Shakespearean comedies of life, and enjoy the collision of Tolstoy's grand spectacle of life with the Dostoevsky's individualizing of psychological vanity. Drop the formalism and you can emancipate yourselves! Instead of fearing people will err, count on it! To me playing God must take the form of realizing your limitations, The brain and heart are both organs of potential often unrealized. Jettison the layers and tiers of anti--hierarchy as well as the hierarchy. If life is a democracy of human rules and customs let cultural representations mark the spot where the human paradox prevails. if Painting is 'only the bullwork of human engineering' and not human spirit then you have missed the point! The Primal and the socialized are indicators of hope and not despair! Painting is our oldest and our youngest means to express our own migration through life - don't cock-it-up! Our DNA and our fingerprint do connect us to a 2 Dimensionality that Giotto in the 12th century added perspective to. Why are we as passive like pre-Giotto Europe? The revolution and counter-revolution are exhausting the past and lost to us in the present! Our human diversity does involve the science of stem cells whether we like it or not! The darkness of Caravaggio and the light of Vermeer are part of our story as expressed by King Lear's seven stages of life, and our human struggle is like Moses leading us into the promised land which he was never able to enjoy. There are no spaces and no places that Painting can not follow! The Broadsheet and the Tabloid, Matisse and Dali have to be experienced and not put in a dark vault where they rot but make a better investment for someone with enough cultural ignorance to satisfy that worst of all nihilistic forms of display. I don't need a megaphone when I have access to Paint and neither do you!

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