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Roll with the punches

S- So that's it is it? R- That's a yes!? S- No I mean that is your pitch? S- No rock and roller smack parties and resistance fighters? R- Or no high teas with cucumber sandwich brigade ! R- Do you even know which part I'm auditioning for??!! S- So you want me to guess.. R- .........................................No! That was rhetorical ! S- But you've got the part of 'Misses average' ? R- How does that brain get away without any usage for so long without you realizing?? S- Tantalize me no more! I can't take it any longer!! R- .......yeah,right! R- I'm auditioning for the part of my mother's daughter! S- Do you think I'm, no ,no, NO! R- Flesh and blood? Too thick to be kicked out? S- What mother would put up for tender her daughter's role in a.....Who am I actually dealing with here? ....You can see..this is new for me.. R- Have I tantalized you yet? S- Strewth ! Thank God you're kidding !!! R- No, I'm not kidding!! Trust me, I'm not happy with it either! I mean, who else as a professional would want to be Pope mother's mafiosi's daughter??? Can you not see it? I don't want to be type-cast!! S- Oh yes, I can see that your career as an actress comes before your blood-line! R- Oh that's why the over-reaction ! Now it makes sense! Let me reassure you that my daughter will be looked after by her grand mother very well !! R- Oh yes, you'll be given updates about the family as you are going to join them. S-Shut the fuck-up Randall !!.......OK, in what capacity? R- The money is right Painter S- I can adapt to most S- And I won't be telling anybody,ziltch, nada, never.. R- I don't have time for excuses anonymous !! Ok , I'll have to I suppose...Hush now Painter, don't explain.. S- And my first order is to be made to pike.. R- Now let's be clear, your last order will be to puke-up with all you know but without uttering a single allowed some puking sounds though... S- Much obliged ! But I still think you've got to work on your rehearsing for you big audition.. R- That was not a rehearsal, it was the audition !! S- Stage-fright? Was R- Thanks for the vote of no confidence!! S- It was the least I could do...for an actress who deliberately screwed-up her audition !! R- There's always something with you !! S- I've got your back Randall R- Just do your job ! S- From a veritable veteran of 'doing her job'!!! R- Nobody passes their first or last audition; you didn't S- You what?? R- Why are you looking at all the exits ? Does Mum frighten you? S- When did I walk into this deal ? Exactly? R- You have a lifetime ahead of you to fret or relax about it !! S- Good to know !! R- Now can we get some bread and that shampoo,, not that one,..that one.! S- Why am I the last to know already? R- The last to know means you'll be the first to grow !! S- Why don't you just spell it out? R- You have a lifetime ahead of... S-..................................................Do you think I'm a moron??..No, don't answer that... R- Please Sir, please Sir, i know the answer... S- ...................................................................and i don't ? R- I've always liked you Stephen, but you like yourself better !! Why would you want to prove that you're so unreliable,anxious, frustrated and a failure ?? It comes to you so naturally!!?? S- Doesn't it just!!?? R- There is no room for 'just' in my,sorry,..... your family. And it'll take you awhile to attune yourself to it, but they all hate you because you're good dependable material ! S- And being hated by your , sorry, someone else's family is a good thing? R- Roll with the punches and if you can, stab them in the back! S- That's bloody great advice that is!!! On my first day as well... R- No, I said roll with the punches not roll over with the punches !!!

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