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Ashes and Dust - The Human Contact

Literally ashes to ashes, dust to dust we convert to paint that we daub on cloth and canvas etc as our connection to our ancestry in the Big Bang and to our future when in 3.4 billion years’ time the sun absorbs the earth and life on earth ends. The rocks ground down to powder have come along way and are heading in a trajectory that is inevitable, our human cycle of evolution in the powder and sand minerals that make Paint tor us to explore back! But imagine if this cycle was broken by a few nobs who jettisoned that connection in the 1980s discarding new Painting like litter?

Our modernism is a Surrealism of today! How? Why? Because of our shared history where humans emerged from a cave with the walls painted with hand Art and then with the first human exhibition that elevated the status in the narrative of human society and its place in the food chain surrounded by wildlife, both dangerous and yet admired. That echoed through millennia etc., only to find that by the 1980's snobbery, parochialism and political short termism twisted the concept of 'form' to eject the medium of Painting? The sheer hubris of the elite in the Art world is astounding!! Dismissed because of political agendas, a downgrade by central control and cynicism!? Who thought they were entitled to take such vanity projects? Had Art just lost its way, so someone decided on high to substitute radical Art for radical theoretical pronouncements that were meant to shock because Art had failed to do so!!? Colleges just wimped-out? Not even a protest? Aren't they meant to be the gatekeepers of radical adventure and bohemian rebelliousness? Was this sanctioned only from beyond Art or a hegemonic act that wanted to retake control? Or was it a lack of discipline that got out of hand, leaving the Art Colleges now Avant-barred?

Painters make Art for society and society for Art! This is individualism made universal, in a non-perfect world that rejects the copy, the non-authentic and air-brushed! We advocate to all self-radicalise in Art not politics and make an instinctive body language that transfers weight and posture beyond the exact replica by physical momentum, and not on a keyboard or a spread sheet. How do we know that we are still concerning the Art Top Table? Because of the plethora of Copyists and photo-realist artists and photographers sealing-off any trajectory of Art that might threaten an absence of Painting on most Art Colleges curriculum. The Art top table uses the Art Colleges as a measuring-stick to delegate its requirements and its leadership! Or not? You decide!

We share the same origins of most other media but are not blind but unspoken a non-verbal communication that revels in the contradictory, the paradoxical and the anomalous and offers a new context but with new subject matter of the metaphor (modernism for the 21s century), without purely the agonising and the escapism of the 19th century modernism, and the 20th century version to, It neither oversimplifies or imposes over esotericism, it doesn't revert or regress, instead it is not a deviance but a further evolution that thrives in the unpredictable joyous revelation of sequence, dislocation, mutation and dystopian or utopian, naive or cynical ideological imperatives that so divided Soviet Imperialism and Capitalist Imperialism, emanating from originally Europe. But Painters may be inspired today by the 21s centuries high tech multiple universes on their TV's, or on PC's or on their mobile phones etc Every digital device is over full of optics that bruise the mind from sensory overload, albeit consumerism and the digital purchase age instantaneously, with fake news fabricated exaggerations and the world on your mobile phone as you remain mute and passive to social media, whilst the reason for the mobile phone (to make a verbal phone call) is now the last function for many! This is so surreal to witness the transference of information hoarded at every opportunity by the unwritten habit of advert seduction before even breakfast, where dialogue is now based upon an addiction to access your private world of self-interest! This is the largest non-verbal conflict and argument fought on public transport in a disunited Kingdom that does not talk to each other! But what a great resource for all Painters, a surreal act of artificial dialogue under our very noses! It is the common place incident of interjections multi-screen movement on top of a news bulletin travailed by personal messages that are immediately replied in kind from every corner of the world a second later! Why wouldn't Painters want to see all the visual thoughts spread on a2D or 3D surface, elevating the daily routines to re-humanise our mutual value? Why not satirise or dramatize etc Why can't our work be recognised for its human comic moments that layer upon every layer that makes up a Painting?

Indeed, we are low tech but a growing practitioner community of Painters across the UK elevating their self-expression either en-plein-aire or in their own spaces, the enthusiastic anti-professional whose Art College experience or not only spurs them on to start all over to reject their tuition that has only damaged their individual flair. This army of practitioners defy the air-brushed perfect replica that can be repeated thousands of times in a factory and resurrect humanities idiosyncratic metaphor of the ephemeral and the eternal by choice and always the risk of being relegated to either Breton's pro Soviet/Trotskyism or Mussolini's futurism as the polar opposites required to confine Painting of a by gone age! Our unredacted versions attempt to show the discipline and latitude to stretch the canvas with courage and commitment, without all the ideological extremes that self-punish etc The 'divergent Painter of today' only has to be vigilant on the slow pace of their work contrasted by the counterpoint of knowing just a slight touch of the brush on a Painting can devour and ruin a Painting; such a risk is worth taking and the hope of all Painters may be benevolently handed a 'happy-accident' instead! Such tight rope walking unreplicatable which is unlike another ancient Art medium like Sculpture where mould to generate inexhaustible remakes etc. But Painters are the measuring stick of all art media because we too choose between the measuring-stick of Art health and status or we choose to be rebels, even if it requires our expulsion from the Art Community But today, you'll have to expel the biggest and most popular Art medium by an army of Britons self-defining beyond your Art Top Table grip! En masse we will explore our own sense of identity that we may have lost, but we may have defied the losing of it! We choose elevation and isolation! We exclude the white noise of our social experiences and refuse to be join them with all the self-aggrandising and consumer convenience! We are the post Art College Art community of Painters taking permanent exit from the industry of Art!


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