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Did '2 systems migrate' to the West?

In the Post Cold War period China adapted the Platonic format to fit a duty for all Chinese to not just invite Capitalism but to make it mandatory! Yes, what a switch! Capitalism by dictat in the late 20th century would redistribute global power, influence and be capable of re-wiring issues of competition to be scrutinised and imposed from the Communist party and from its heart, the new 'global superpower of Beijing'! Marxist Leninism was meant to destroy Capitalism not advance it!!? Furthermore, of course the West had adapted Platonism to refine Capitalism and Democracy for centuries, but the West has evolved this idea beyond all hitherto 2 systems - it has presided over a new generation of variables that make-up a plethora of Democracies and Capitalism's in completely different parts of the world, with different priorities, different historical and cultural contexts and at varying levels of economic development. However, Russia is the exception. Why? Because it has invested its 'oligarchical free enterprise trailblazing' in an illegal invasion of Ukraine. Rather than emerge from the detritus of 19th century Marxist ideology and 19th century imperialism, it has not re-invested in its version of Capitalism and Democracy, and has lost a key means of export - its impressive 'Capitalism overnight' that used to be the envy of the Post Cold War world.

So, what forms 2 systems has Capitalism and Democracy created? Well, I can try to answer this by referring to various conflicting issues or problems made worse or made better by friendly-fire and otherwise: Polarisation, Restoration versus Capitalism, Stuckism versus rash overloading, departure versus reconstruction, assimilation versus anti-integration, the homogenous versus plurality, digressive versus delimitation, the regressive versus the progressive etc. But fundamentally, these issues/paradoxes/problems have largely been a European concern because of the dynamic of the expanding EU, the thorny issue of NATO expansion too whilst parts of the ex-Warsaw Pact countries render a Europe that is still split. No longer will 'spin or split excuses' invest in a post Marxist Leninism when Nationalism is more 'sustainable' .

Today Nationalism has been exported to parts of ex-French Colonies in Africa run by Wagner group, whilst Communist China has invested in a massive economic programme that develops African countries, but at 'China's pace' and at the Chinese say so. Economic consensus is as elusive as ever, and whilst the New Era of spin and invest via new forms of governance agenda is nearing its last few moments in the spotlight in parts of Western Europe, we wait with baited breath to see what narrative Putin has for overloading Democracy and Capitalism with Nationalism, whether short or long term Nationalism. I hope he hasn't backed himself into an ideological cul-de-sac because of an overdeveloped version of Political Stuckism' as a replacement to political spin. Surely his advisors are telling him that dictatorship of the proletariat did not triumph over Capitalism's, but the other way round!? Capitalism's inevitable historical evolution beyond Marxist Orthodoxy, relies on the rigidity of 'science of Marxist analysis' surely isn't going to mutate into a bear-pit of violent Nationalism's again? Surely the end of the Cold War trauma isn't the same breeding ground of the 1930's, run by marginalised fanatics given to paranoia and a thirst for self and public flagellation as the incentives to hate with violence? These days we'd call it hate crimes started by social media and then developed by public demonstrations that can become manipulated into public scapegoating!!


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