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Faulty Ivory Towers

Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Is it possible to make-up a Conceptual Art piece of Art work, be incandescent with rage and contempt for it even if I disingenuously just made-up the piece of work itself and the Art work in question never actually existed? Why lie about a piece of Conceptual Art to further ones own agenda? Isn't there something unsavory about deliberately misrepresenting a medium of Art like that? Nothing underhand? Don't conspiracy theorist's actually need to 'extend the truth', or is that a conspiracy theory? Welcome to the fraudulent times of Faulty Ivory Towers !

So lets imagine a Berlin Art work made up of cement and mixed with human bone tissue taken (preferably for the Artists eventual bank balance)from some of the victims trying to escape the DDR, murdered by DDR guns and mines facing their side of Check-point Charlie. Imagine such a tasteless collapse of moral and Aesthetic standards being warmly vindicated by the same Art self-supporting eco-system, a community enjoying their Triumph over respectability and the much hated 'magnolias'? But you would have thought that Ivory Art work would take centre stage and not the narcissistic ego of the Artists?But could the Artist's claim they'd started a firing pistol of a much wider undiscovered landscape made up of a process and not an object.?

But imagine if the Berlin people turned round and destroyed the work piece by piece , by their bare hands if they had to, just like their fathers and mothers did to the 'original' ? What if the CA's then bragged that they'd deliberately staged the Ivory Tower monument to be destroyed by a new generation in a staged but 'totally spontaneous public act of Art Performance?' Whether they did or not isn't their problem anymore!! They'd completely manipulated and controlled the outcome!??

Shock-treatment by tastelessness in the Art-works, designer taboo breaking staged to be both unpredictable and predictable? A 'Visit' from Mr Warhol and his interest in Art and money being inseparable, and all we can do is watch the spectacle of a parade of false Gods floating away with our hopes and need to express more than be run down or colliding with the 'CA Impuriant Express'

So why are they so in demand today? Because they represent the ancient industry of 'Rubber-neck' ville'. We get into fast expensive cars just to slow down and gaup at the remnants of a car crash and its dying victims splattered on the pavements that 'pedestrians' like us blithely walk over.It is a human universal instinct to be voyeurs witnessing death, destruction and far worse- losing of ones own humanity. Humans are capable of extremes but it is each one of us who must manage our full recognition of it in ourselves. Indeed, the clear air of freedom flies in the face of CA's wanting to unravel the precious but thin atmosphere encircling our humanity which allows us to breath the oxygen of insight and not panic if we breathe-in the high altitudes of experience.

Let's just remember that lunging at Art to make new Art can't be bankrolled by scandal/confessional pendulemic swings or offensive non-spoken Art language without their being a true 'Rubber-neck' society. It is us, the public who ingests their addiction and impulse for 'moral carnage' that they or a 'friend ' they can visit and cleanse themselves fit to return back to the fold of mainstream. Welcome to Art on a string but with a huge budget ! Welcome to Art's Westworld', where Art reflects a life that we're in denial of! My sense is that violence or degradation is just the fix that the worst of life's opportunists (Artists) want to manipulate and scavenge as trophy hunters to drop us all right in it !! They pose as 'The Fockers' whilst they answer to Alphonso Capone metaphorically !! The 'Ivory Tower is faulty', in bad taste and degenerate, and a project of vast lacking in wisdom and is built on a desperate and terrifying 'haunted' and cursed ground and it built to only be knocked down as a pastiche or ironic not iconic status symbol of extremism.


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