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Take your pick, are we in 'RED i TORY or REPO TORY Ville ?

Frustrated with the recent by-elections ! Brexit apparently means we are not able to choose our economic policy because the Bank of England is independent!!? Brexit was meant to give us independence ! The Bank of England was meant to help rebuild New Labour's relationship with the Banks in general ! The very public that has subsidised Brown's nationalization of the Banks programme are being subjected to an enforced tug of war between the Sunak government and the Bof E policy has led to unsustainable fallout that has imposed meteoric mortgage rate rises(here's an example : from £1200 to £6000 per month) that are leading to the spectre of professional households having their homes repossessed !!?? And I thought that Thatcher's housing problem of people buying their council houses but then being subjected to 1989 1990 recession and the Repo man was a social class revitalisation of the ancient tradition of class conflict that Thatcher was meant to end ! What do we do PM Sunak if this is tough love for everyone but the rich.....I'm not going to say it, but you know what people will mutter ! Is this levelling-up or levelling down ?

And when were Strikes so popular ?! What if policy is made to 'stop people coming to work because they can't afford the economy ?! What happens if someone is promoted but has to leave for the Australian NHS because the trade-off from promotion and a pay-rise and longer hours doesn't prioritise their family ? So Promotion under such an economy here in Blighty carries a further 'sentence' - 'Your family can't afford your promotion ?? For some obscure reason, I'm reminded of the 1978-79 Labour government, they lost because some of the Strikers voted for the Tories!!! Today, are the middle-classes being forced into not voting Tory because they can't afford to vote on more orthodox social class grounds too ? And here's the final coup de grace, is PM Sunak being encouraged to fall for New Labour's trick of infusing the Tories with their equivalent of New Labour (Red Tory) 'Modern Conservatism' ? Now that would take the biscuit ! Blair's legacy is to stick two fingers up at the Tories ? There is no doubt that Labour have been given their golden ticket that gives them closure on a lot of anti-Blair feeling ! Finally his 'long term investment' has matured ! Thank God people can recognise the difference between Sunak's and Brown's Chancellorship ! Brown Nationalised the Banks by the Taxpayer temporarily whilst Sunak's faith in the British people's bottle to have their futures in a patriotic Lock-in locked-in', whilst under full national lockdown ! He isn't just a pretty face, he's the bloke who'll undo all the disadvantages of our lives in the economy ! Just remember some of us suffered the side effects of New Labour more than others, and Cameron's Government didn't win on a Modern Conservative agenda in 2010 because he was forced into a fudge with the Liberals! That means from 1997 to 2015, Blair overshadowed everything ! So why would we want to return to HER RED IT TORY BLAIR when Labour are no longer troubled by him ?


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