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The people's greatest ally is protest!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Even when corrupt leaders disrupt, the people's greatest ally is protest! It's the Ukraine's greatest ally and the West's greatest possession, where we toil under the sun and not under the toil of Oppression! The plurality of mutual trust is, however, our greatest test, risk, and are most prized asset in play! But it does require our neighbours to preserve and protect when we're at our most troubled and when experiencing turbulence. True democracy is respecting and entrusting our mutual unwritten risk by consent to hope and rely upon each other. Humans have evolved over millions of years whereas Democracy first appeared during ancient Greece....but is still in its relative infancy! Just as we're a grain of dust or a stitch in time, our most advanced concept is our fidelity to inheriting truth and dignity by being stewards of time and brief but ardent supporters of our limited mortal coil. If our collective memory is so short, how far and how soon should we forget that those still in living memory who fought as Ukrainian partisans against Nazi invasion have still been so betrayed by being themselves accused of 'Fascism' by today's Russian military? Those who were survivors of the Nazi's in Ukraine who probably will be the last generation who can testify first-hand of resistance, struggle and great sacrifice but will be the first generation today to pick-up a gun and fight against another invading army of whom are guilty of war crimes of lies that dishonours today's and yesteryears servicemen in the Red army. Today these gents may feel at a military disadvantage (just like the partisans who still kicked-out the Nazi's) but are up to kick-out the 'fascist accusers’! To me the crime of fabricating evidence is beyond 'low-down' and is an evil of opportunism by subjugating truth for distortion! But it will backfire if and when Ukraine (though may well be vandalized, victimized and overpowered on open battlefields), feel reassured that Ukraine will fight street by street where tanks can't manoeuvre where local knowledge is everything! That'll only bring the EU and the Ukraine together in common cause; no, that is not something that was on Putin's wishlist!' Even Russian Ukrainians are telling the Russians to leave Ukraine to Ukraine!! This invasion of sovereign territory has also united the West and the East and have never been so bonded in the expediting of the further break-up of the 'Warsaw Pact'! I'm convinced that Putin does not want this even though there are rumours to the contrary. Self-fulfilling prophecy?

The East and the West have learnt from previous military engagements that if you extract the obvious object of provocation of a war, which is not putting another armed military presence in a potential warzone', you remove military escalation and yet still can back-channel capacity to bolster, feed, and arm those prepared to usurp the invader! What do you think Western forces were doing in a dozen years in Afghanistan but studying techniques, strategies and tactics for what works in an urban environment or in other formats??!!! But Putin would rather have us offer him a raison d'etre on a plate for him in situ to over-react. Don't just fight, design and plan Ukraine! To Russia today or tomorrow we'll undermine first your military in Ukraine and then your supporters in Russia. It might take days, years to evict you from illegal trespass and desecration of sovereign land that doesn't belong to anyone except the Ukrainian people! But guess what?? There will be many Ukrainians who'll want to prolong your military Russian invasion so as to make your withdrawal more painful for you! And can you blame them??!! Ukrainians would prefer to stalk Russians and to drag-out plummeting Russian morale! And after this conflict? Neighbours will patrol their boundaries but never share friendship that was lost by Putinism, but Putin may conspire against all the EU nations ?!' Do you really want to provoke the establishment of an EU army Mr Putin?

Whilst Putin fears, suspects and makes demands on its neighbours (and not just the Ukraine) Russian 19th century imperialism masquerades as drawing a line in the Warsaw Pact sand that is not his to draw! Has Putin forgotten about previous Soviet history of the ill-fated invasion of Afghanistan, or has he forgotten that Ukrainians last fought invaders as the Soviet Union’s friend against a Nazi foe? Does he know that his highly trained youthful massing of troops invading Ukraine will be fighting against the same elderly Ukrainians of whom have signed-up to prevent (with their children and grandchildren) Western and Eastern armed forces facing each other that would inevitably escalate into all-out nuclear war? Does Putin know that elderly soldiers will fight against any truncation not just of national freedom but to preserve life to be lived by generations who will follow in their footsteps once they have passed-away ?.. These old warriors will ask themselves 'what was it worth, all that struggle against Nazi invasion when an old ally betrays them so today!!?!! Does Putin understand such sacrifices being made by brave Ukraine or does he want to prioritise Russian Covid death count as more significant than a pile of Ukrainian dead corpses of erstwhile friends and comrades who he has so betrayed? Will Putin recover his reputation as a politician but lose it as a military man? Or vice versa? I do know how deeply the Russian public respect their national sacrifice against the Nazi's, and we're talking about heroism on a grand scale, but does this honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice’?


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