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December 2009 exhibition in Merrow Hall St Pius)

I am a Painter.....

Modern painting doesn't just tell us about mountains, trees, oceans and skies, but about what's inside our heads and hearts and in our souls.This vast expanse of emotions and thoughts remain relatively uncharted territory. What more do you want to be inspired by? Indeed Painting as a medium is just as relevant and original as those Art Historians weren't when consigned Painting to the Artistic dust-bin in the 1980s.

I have been Painting for 23 years but these new paintings are a departure in the use of both acrylic and oil, and are meant to reflect colour simplicity and gentle reasoning, that I hope is optimistic and reminds us that life is in colour. For this reason, I've accompanied these paintings with a poem that is about next summer, sunny-side-up .


Stephen Hornsby-Smith

Blue -lit valleys bare yellow skies

that flight the swooping dawn

between lanes hedged by hawthorn

pressing the warming sun.

On shimmering waves wheat plaits

spray sound harmonizing with the

Ochre that wind pageants of cloud

like a sun is roaming freedom

This emblazoned barley woven

Consoles the breeze soft in caressing

trees, parched in the grazing of

heavens scorch


languishing in the canopy of day

hastened by the vineyard of horizons

like shorelines falling into the porous shallow of ocean.

For waves tickle on sand grains of dusk

in rock pools last turquoise.....

glitter moon sea

tide of skies

footprints the waters edge.....

....Lone inner stars dance

shaping wilderness

ploughing its waves.

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